Which Statement Is True Of Laptop Motherboards

Here is a question which statement is true of laptop motherboards? But before giving you an answer wish to tell you about the difference between a Laptop motherboard and a desktop motherboard.

Laptop MotherboardDesktop Motherboard
Laptop motherboards are smaller and more complex than desktop motherboards. Desktop motherboards are large and less complex than laptop motherboards. 
Laptop motherboards need less space and can handle such a range of different components.Desktop motherboards need more space compared to laptops motherboard.
Laptop motherboards are typically more expensive than their desktop counterparts.Desktop motherboards are less expensive than laptop motherboards

Additionally, laptop motherboards are more likely to be damaged by physical shocks, such as being dropped.

This can cause serious problems for the laptop, as the motherboard is responsible for connecting all of the different components.

For these reasons, it is important to be careful with a laptop motherboard and avoid any physical damage.

Now, let’s move to the answer to your question.

Select One Answer for Which Statement is True of Laptop Motherboards?

A: Almost all desktop motherboards can be used with them.

B: The standard form factors make them interchangeable.

C: The form factor varies by manufacturer.

D: The majority of them use the ATX form factor

Ans: The form factor varies by manufacturer.


Since laptop computers use proprietary components, they differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Depending on the manufacturer, there are various specifications for motherboards in laptop computers.

The motherboard supports this Central CPU and RAM and other hardware connected to computers. Most laptop motherboards include firmware or the essential input/output software (BIOS), which is responsible for the initialization of the computer. Laptop motherboards typically come in two sizes.

Full-size motherboards are bigger and are able to support many more functions and updates.

Mini motherboards can be used in laptops with smaller capacities, like netbooks.

Laptop motherboards of both types are available in various designs. Therefore it is crucial to refer to the manual for your laptop to identify what kind of motherboard you own.

Once you’ve determined the motherboard you’re using, you can start looking for compatible components and upgrades.


Q# What does a CRU mean in the context of a laptop?

A customer-replaceable unit (CRU) is an item that a person can assemble without advanced skills. Some examples of CRUs are laptop batteries and memory cards.

Q# By pressing outward on clips, which laptop part can be removed?

Ensure the AC adapter and battery are removed first before removing a SODIMM. You can release the memory card from the slot by pressing outward on the clips.

How does the Cru relate to laptops?

Laptops are like the Cru because of their connectivity and productivity. It  allow busy people to take their work with them. Laptops have longer battery lives than smartphones or tablets, allowing you to stay connected when off.

What are the benefits of sodimms for laptops?

Sodimms help laptops. They fit in smaller laptops than ddr2 or ddr3 modules. Sodimm modules drain a laptop’s battery less than larger ones. Sodimm modules are easier to install and remove than conventional ddr modules, making them a good option for frequent laptop memory upgrades.

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