When Should You Replace Your Laptop? 7 Signs to Look

Buying a new laptop can be a large investment. It can be difficult to decide whether it’s time to bite the bullet or wait a little bit longer. So, in this article, I will be telling you when should you replace your laptop?

Let’s get obvious out of the way. The first question you should be asking yourself.

Are you satisfied with the way that your laptop is performing for what you need it?

For as Hardware evolves new software especially games exponentially require more and more resources to run smoothly. Everyone has different needs and wants.

When Should You Replace Your Laptop

At times when the laptop starts to slow down for no obvious reason and definitely due to the age of the hardware. The wear and tear or the specs, or your operating system doesn’t respond properly. Then you should know that you need to replace the laptop.

If you are somebody that requires 144 frames per second for every single game you play.

You are definitely going to have a much shorter window between the laptop that you buy. So, here are some tips you should consider before buying a new one.

Should you upgrade your laptop?

Sometimes, all it takes for your laptop to be running smoothly again is a little bit more RAM(Random Access Memory) to it.

It will account for all those Google Chrome tabs or a little more storage space to account for all those thousands and thousands of files, you have just laying around on your computer.

Thankfully the majority of laptops are user-upgradeable. So, you just take a few screws out and then you can add more storage or more as need be.

But in other situations, the RAM and storage are all soldered to the motherboard because of Guillaume.

But before putting RAM in your laptop. First off, you should find out if your laptop can even handle more RAM.

There are a bunch of online memory configurations or finders that you can use.

Most of them will ask for the type of device or model. And after you input these details. It will be able to tell you how much RAM your device has.

On a serious note opening your laptop even if it is very easy to upgrade can be a little bit daunting. So, take it to an expert. If you don’t have any knowledge about it.

How Often Should You Replace Your Laptop?

In all-around, you can hope to keep a laptop working for three years on moderate with
budget models. More long-lasting, higher-end models can stay up to five years at the
upper ending.

In most circumstances, that’s a bit hard cap. By the moment you hit a whole five years,
the speed of technology will guarantee you are not racing the most delinquent apps or
performance of Windows at decent speeds anymore.

When should you replace Laptop hard drive?

If you have an old, cheap or slightly sluggish laptop that seems better then days. Then, you may want a solid-state drive or SSD.

People have been upgrading their laptops with SSDs for the donkey’s year now. But genuinely it is the best and most cost-effective way of upgrading your old laptop and giving it a new lease of life.

SSDs are cheaper and better than ever and installing one is pretty simple as well.It may mean you don’t have to buy a new expensive laptop for a few more years.

Changing to an SSD is a good way to extend the life of your machine and most importantly protect your data.


PowerSSD consume less power.
HeatLess heat is generated by the SSD.
Size2.5″,1.8″ and 1.0″ are the normal sizes of SSD.

When should you replace Laptop power supply?

You want to replace the power supply because your computer is dead now.

Anyhow, 10 or 12 years is about how long I’d keep a high-end power supply. I mean they are good for a very long time.

Power supplies do not only maintain the computer. But also recapped a replacement when it becomes classic or retro.

Sometimes, the capacitors in the power supply output die down over time and voltage regulation isn’t quite good.

It is because you have chosen a system with an aged motherboard that’s led to an aged power supply.

People mostly change power supplies because they want beefy graphics cards to frag and to shoot and to kill everything that comes on your screen.

But the point here is that changing the power supply is not a permanent solution. It will last about three months or suppose two years. In the end, you have to replace your current laptop.

There are mainly two types of power supplies for a laptop.
⦁ AC(Alternating Current)
⦁ DC(Direct Current )

When should you replace your computer graphic card?

Typically, there is a question that can you upgrade your laptop graphic card?

The answer is no. There are expectations for this.

But in cases where your laptop has Intel HD graphics or Intel iris graphics.Generally that graphics are built into the processor.

So, you have a single chip in the case of the ultra-low voltage ones which also includes the cheapest as well and what’s called the PHC.

PHC: “The place where all your hard drives of peripherals attach and everything is built into it.”

When Is The Best Time To Buy A New Laptop?

The response is when there’s an assassin sale or deal at Amazon obviously. But
the essential may stop that from being an opportunity.

That’s particularly valid if your laptop is for business objectives and has stopped functioning completely.

Remark that you will usually see makers or owners lower the cost on flagship laptop
representatives after a year. If you have the ability to pause, you may obtain the model
you desire at a more reasonable expense.

No doubt, by the period the expense on that unit runs down, more pleasing appliances
will be unrestricted with higher-end specifications for the identical amount. Purchasing
earlier and obtaining the exact qualities you require is often the most profitable path to go.

7 Signs where you should replace your current laptop

Do you feel embarrassed to take out your laptop in public because it’s so bulky?

More than half an inch(1.3cm) Anything that is more than half an inch thick is a laptop that’s old, bulkier. Bulkier laptops are also super loud when running.

It feels like dumbbells in your bag. Do you have to wait for an hour for your laptop to go from sleep mode to ready?

1. Extraordinarily slow bootup

Extraordinarily slow bootup and shut down might be a sign that there are too many apps running in the background. But more likely it is the sign that your laptop is nearing the end.

Extremely Slow Working

Another sign your laptop won’t last long is when everything is just generally slow. If it takes about two years to download a PDF.

And you can’t run more than one program at the same time, it means the processor is I’m trouble. Since it’s the brain of your laptop that’s not good news.

Does it feel like a frying pan after two minutes of use?

As your laptop gets older there is more and more dust inside. It foils the fan and they stop working.

Even if you buy a cooling map and your laptop only on a daily and firm surface that’s only a temporary solution.

If you find that good old times, when you can order sushi, write an essay and stream a movie all at the same time, long gone that’s another problem.

It makes weird sounds

Does your laptop sound more like a spaceship then a computer?

When moving aspects such as fans, disk drives, and the like and loosen which will cause your laptop to start making weird sounds.

Remember your fan shouldn’t be louder than your audio system turned up to Mac

Did you memorize the order of letters on your keyboard because you can’t see them properly?

You smash the keys to get the work. And work only appeared on the screen a minute after you have typed. It looks like your next stop is on the screen keyboard and that’s no good.

2. Your battery doesn’t hold a charge

Another sign’s time for a new laptop is the fact that you have to stick close to an outlet because your battery won’t hold a charge. It used to some time you can replace the battery.

But sometimes it integrated into the case. Either way, it’s just the beginning of an overall laptop ageing.

3. It instantly shut down

If your laptop instantly shuts down when you slightly pull the power cord and only charges under a certain angle.

Your laptop is clearly living it’s last days. Putting a new battery into the laptop at all might not help.


Do you have to delete a hundred photos to download?

New work document at the same point. An older laptop’s hard drive gets almost full. That slows down overall performance.

You can replace it. But think twice if it’s worth the money if you often get the hard drive.

Hardware device not detected

Hardware device not detected the messages. It’s time to start looking at other gadgets.

Aspects could be falling one by one your built-in camera or WIFI network adaptor can stop working. You’d suddenly not able to make conference calls or browse the internet. Whatsoever, Not good.

Does it take forever to load any app more complicated than a calculator?

Your old hardware was just not designed for all those applications with fear of cool features.

4. Poor Color reproduction

The same is true for high-end games loaded with graphics and realistic graphics. Effects now you shouldn’t have to squint at the display during the new episodes of your favorite show.

Poor colour reproduction flickering, terrible browsing angles, low resolution, a pixelated display, and hardly any backlighting you deserve. A new laptop can give it to you.

Touchpad problems.

Did the touchpad stop following your commands?

You got to make sure you didn’t accidentally disable it or change its setting. If that or reinstalling the drivers didn’t. It’s a hardware problem you could buy a mouse.

But then again you know what it means for scratches, peeling skin, and dents on your hardware.

Data Loss
Does it randomly crash what happens you could lose all unsaved files?

If it gives you the option to backup your data do it and get the hard drive tested when crashing becomes regular through your gadget is living on borrowed time.

If you have the above-mentioned problem then consider buying the new best laptop.

Rather than your old, sluggish, non-working, and poor laptop. This is when you should replace your current laptop.

Black Screen for No Reason

Occasionally seeing a black screen for no reason. This is another big risk of losing data. If you are not a big fan of using task managers to keep the laptop going somehow.

You have to constantly reboot it. Every reboot sets up one step further on the road.

The USB Port Stop Responding

Did your USB port stop respond?

When your headset printer, flash drive, or whatever you try to the plugin is no longer visible. It’s either a software or a hardware problem.

If restarting your laptop and using a different USB port doesn’t help that could be serious.

5. Uncontrollable Beeping

Did the laptop start uncontrollably beeping?

It’s your motherboard crying for help, it mostly does so. When the RAM gets out of place or you have installed some new hardware the wrong way.

When a laptop doesn’t turn on after those beeps. You can’t do much to help it.

If you have to see the computer doctor more often than you grocery shopping that’s another clue to be worried about.

Constant repairs only make the bill get bigger. Sadly there is no point of return in your laptop’s lifetime and that could be it.

If you bought a new changer, a cooling pad, install the latest operating system, replace most of the hardware and your laptop is still slow and noisy. It probably has just reached its limit in RAM and you can help it.

What destroys your laptop

Finally, if you are guilty of any of their habits. Putting your laptop in direct sunlight in your car seat by the window, letting your laptop chords twist like a plate of spaghetti or hang in the air when you are not using your computer.

Using your laptop as a dining table and never cleaning the keyboard of crumbs. Cleaning your laptop screen with scented wipes, cloth with water, or a cleaning agent.

Carrying it around without a protective case, leaving it plugged in 24/7 all of these habits are slowly destroying your laptop day by day.

Does your laptop turn into a helpful transformer that does all work around the house and brings you your mail?

It syncs with your mind and plays with. That is great. But if you relate to any of the above-mentioned points then I am sorry you really need to look for a new laptop.

6. Applications Load Slowly.

If your laptop is outdated, it will take longer for applications to load. If you’re running the most recent version of a program, your aging hardware may struggle to keep up. When installing software, make sure it is compatible with your machine.

Minimum component requirements are vital to consider, although the bare minimum may not be sufficient when using other applications on the computer.

7. Poor Storage.

A lack of storage space on your smartphone might mean trouble. Yes, you may be able to install more storage or purchase an external drive, but these are only short-term fixes, and you should consider upgrading sooner rather than later.

Those 64 or 128 GB of storage space may have seemed sufficient a few years ago, but in today’s world, even phones provide more. So, if your laptop’s storage is poor then it’s time to get the new one.

The point where you should replace your current laptop?

Your laptop may not be in the best physical condition. Not every blemish should be a reason to buy a new best laptop

But if, for example, your screen is cracked. The keys are sticking or missing altogether. And it’s constantly warm because of dust buildup. These are some serious red flags.

For me personally, my biggest issue with my laptop was that

its screen would wobble back and forth constantly because the hinge was so loose.

This made everyday use including just typing difficult because the display would rich back and forth every single time I’d hit a key.

For most laptops just tightening the hinge is usually a pretty thing to do. But, in other cases, it is a sign to buy a new best laptop

Age of Laptop.

If your laptop runs harder for a long period of time. Then your laptop is bound to lead to a little bit of degradation of the quality of the components but especially with the cooling.

If you are at the point where you let your laptop on its course without maintenance it’s bound to build up dust. At some point in time, it will become unreliable and crash.

However, if you are going the route of maintenance. It’s pretty easy to just purchase some compressed air and open it up and blow it.

Alternatively there are some cooling stands that you can purchase.

But personally, I would never use these as myself as it kind of takes away the point from a laptop in that you can’t use the laptop on your lap.

Different Use Cases.

As I said in the intro, in most cases buying the best laptop is a long-term investment.

So, chances are the original intentions that you had for using a laptop have evolved since you bought it.

For instance, When you were in high school you may have chosen to purchase
an Alienware laptop to play games on to go. But how you are in college and you don’t want to be having back problems or made fun of for your game reel app top.


What is the most extended lifespan of a laptop?

A laptop lasts five years. This is based on personal and professional laptop lifespans. Proper use and care extend a laptop’s life.

Can I upgrade my laptop?

Yes, you can replace laptop parts. This can involve upgrading the graphics card, hard drive, processor, or memory. Consult a computer expert for advice on laptop upgrades.

How do I know when to replace my laptop?

8 different ways to reveal to you need another PC:

You press the force catch and nothing occurs.
You could sear eggs on your PC skeleton.
The screen isn’t what it used to be.
Your PC is very old.
Console blues.
Level battery.
Movability, please.
Contraption suspicion.

Can a laptop last 10 years?

Indeed, totally. In the event that you take great consideration of a PC, it could keep going for over 10 years. Typically the principal thing that gives out is the battery, which you can normally supplant or utilize your PC connected.

Can a laptop last 20 years?

The normal life expectancy for PCs is 3-5 years. In the event that you deal with it and just use it for straightforward undertakings, it can most recently 10 years or more.

How long can you keep a laptop on?

As a rule, in the event that you spend under $700 on a PC, you can hope to utilize it for 2-4 years. On the off chance that you burn through $700-1000 on your PC and its going with equipment, it should last 3-5 years.


My general recommendation is to buy something that fulfils your needs. All while not making something gimmicky the sole focus of it.

Overall, it can be a little bit of a difficult decision to decide whether it’s time to buy a new best laptop or not?

But if you have the money to buy and you are pretty unhappy with your current laptop. You shouldn’t regret buying something new.

Though keep in mind that it’s usually better to save up for something that you actually really want other than just buying a replacement for what you currently have.

Hope all the information was helpful. But questions are key to knowledge. So, if you have any dorp in the comment section below.

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