What To Do With Old Computers That Still Work? 9 Great Uses

If you have old computers that are still working, but you have not decided  What To Do With Old Computers That Still Work. It’s not like you can just throw it away; that will be bad for the environment.

How often to replace laptop? Either when it is old or not working properly. Here are several options for what to do with them.

  •  You can sell it or upgrade it.
  •  Donate it to a school or other organization that could use it. 
  •  You may keep it as a backup or spare machine. 
  •  Recycle it. 

These are the best options for you, society, and the environment.

No matter what you decide to do with your old computer, make sure you take care of it properly so that it doesn’t end up. Below are more suggestions based on our personal experience.

9 Practical Things Of What To Do With Old Computers That Still Work.

1: Working With Hardware:

Let’s jump right into it the number one working with the hardware. Old computers are great for learning the basics of disassembly and reassembly. Sure modern parts look a little bit different but they’re still recognizable.

It’s a great way to learn how computers work and how the parts interact with each other without running the risk of damaging something of high value.

If you’ve only ever purchased pre-built computers. It can be a lot of fun taking
a computer apart and putting it back together again you may even be inspired to build your next.

It is one of the cool things to do with an old computer. If you are interested in laptops for DJs consider reading this.

2: Learning how to solder:

Old computers require maintenance. One such task is a process called recapping which is basically replacing capacitors.

This is a great way to practice soldering skills by working on computer components that are not of any particular value.

If you are planning for something advance in your computer repairing skills, you can learn a few hacks as well. Learning to fix a system without soldering can be another level hack for you. It helps to deal with the modern age computers and laptops.

I should preface numbers one and two by saying old computers refers to the Pentium 4 era and forward as some systems that are older.

3: Do Experiment:

Having an old laptop is all about the opportunities for you in experiments. There is no need to be stick to the things that are in routine. You can step out of the boring routine and come up with something new.

It is exciting for you to know that old systems are comfortable in running for Linux and other operating systems.

If you are a lifelong Windows user having an extra computer is the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with


It is all about exploring more options and knowing what is been hidden from you. Remember, Linux is not and out date operating system. It does have some of its own benefits and attractions that you might not know in the first place.

You may even be surprised at how smoothly Linux runs on an old machine the reason is that Linux demands much less processing power. if you want a laptop that can run Linux. Check it.

Alternatively, if you are feeling ambitions. You could try your hand at making a hackintosh.

For those not familiar with the term Hackintosh refers to a computer that runs an apple macintosh operating system on hardware not authorized by apple.

You could even try multi-booting various versions and combinations of windows, Mac, and Linux.

Know about the type of Computer core, which is better. Read it.

4: Turn your old computer into a home server or network-attached storage:

Either way, you go these options allow you to store files and share them on your local network or over the internet.

Sure google probably has all your personal data photos, your resume, every letter you have ever written on your computer etc.

But not all of the data google collects on. you can be accessed for the data you can access.

It’s not always guaranteed or free Google has recently made policy changes capping free storage at 15 gigabytes.
So if you rely heavily on Google services you will be forced to pay for them soon.

Converting your old laptop or system into a serve will help you in creating your own digital space. It will help you in creating repositories and even tracking the stolen laptops or systems.

Massive data is always a lead towards a better problem solving system. Your love for computers of networks will get you the leads for sure.

5: Various Server Roles:

Repurpose your old computer as one of many different types of servers.

Some options include a media server, file server, web server, email server, or dedicated game server.

In the same vein as a home server, you can use your old computer to host your own website email accounts.

Old computers can fill depending on the configuration the server doesn’t need to have a lot of processing power.

6: Set Up An External Firewall:

Traditionally old computers, are either not connected to the internet or separated from the rest of the computers on the network because they pose a security risk.

However, an old computer can be put between the internet and your other systems by assuming the role of a firewall or router.

There are many benefits to doing this some of which include additional security and parental control.

7: Use It For Retro Gaming:

This option seems obvious and self-explanatory. Older PCs can generally handle older games and there are plenty of ports of old titles that work on pc.

You can turn an older pc into a dedicated gaming system steam and you have an excellent selection of older titles.

You can even go the emulation route connect your old computer to tv and set it up for console gaming.

8: Build Your Own Tivo or Slingbox:

Why should we have to pay a monthly fee to record a tv show? We are already paying to watch put your old computer to work by adding a TV tuner.

Setting it up to record tv in place of a dvr you rent from your cable company. You can take that one step further by configuring your old computer to also stream TV.

Traveling on a business trip and not wanting to flip through dozens of channels to find something interesting to stream your favorite shows either live or pre-recorded from your DVR pc.

9: Build Your Own Arcade Machine:

You can build your own arcade machine for use in your home.

The cabinet is a DIY project in and of itself after the effort of assembling your own cabinet why has it only play a single game when you can use an old pc to power.

The arcade machine and allow you to access entire libraries of arcade games.


What can you do with outdated computers?

So what are your choices? You can reuse or give your laptop.Laptop producers, gadgets stores, and different associations have laptop reusing or gift programs.

Look at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Electronics Donation and Recycling page to find out about reusing or giving your laptop.

Is there anything valuable in old computers?

These old laptops can contain important metals like gold, copper, and aluminum. …

A few reports recommend that a more established laptop may contain $30 worth of gold, while more current units would incorporate gold worth $15 to $25. Moreover, it notes, there are still a ton of old laptops away that will at last must be reused.

How do I dispose of my old desktop computer?

The following steps you can follow regarding this matter:

Erase and overwrite delicate documents.
Turn on drive encryption.
Deauthorize your PC.
Erase your perusing history.
Uninstall your projects.
Counsel your boss about information removal approaches.
Wipe your hard drive.

Is it safe to throw away old computers?

At the point when it’s an ideal opportunity to dispose of your old PC, you might be pondering the most ideal approach to do it. The U.S. Natural Protection Agency (EPA) has explicit rules for purchaser PC removal.

Preferably, old PCs ought to be reused or given first, reused straightaway, and afterward discarded if all else fails.

Are old computers worth keeping?

These old laptops can contain important metals like gold, copper, and aluminum. … A few reports propose that a more seasoned laptop may contain $30 worth of gold, while more up to date units would incorporate gold worth $15 to $25. Furthermore, it notes, there are still a great deal of old workstations away that will in the long run must be reused.

What to do with an old gaming PC?

You can likewise transform your old PC into a shoddy Steam Machine by having it run Big Picture Mode, and regardless of whether it’s quite a long while old, it ought to have the option to play a portion of our number one parlor games.

In case you’re assembling another gaming PC, you can likewise set up your old apparatus for Steam In-Home Streaming.

What to do with a spare computer Reddit?

The following are the things you can do with an old PC case and old CPU:

Convert it to a NAS or Home Server.
Give it to a nearby school.
Transform it into a trial box.
Offer it to a family member.
Devote it to ‘Circulated Computing’
Use it as a devoted game worker.
Use it for old-school gaming.

What to do with old laptops that still work?

The following things you can do with an old laptop:

Reuse It. Rather than unloading your PC in the rubbish, search for electronic assortment programs that will assist you with reusing it.
Sell It. On the off chance that your PC is in acceptable condition, you can sell it on Craigslist or eBay.
Exchange It.
Give it away.
Transform It Into A Media Station.

How can I destroy the hard drive of a laptop before recycling?

Hammering, drilling, or poking a screwdriver or nail works. A powerful magnet can damage hard drive data. Last, you can overwrite the drive’s data using the software.

What do I have to clear before selling the laptop?

Remove personal files from USB drives and SD cards before selling your laptop. Resetting a laptop to factory defaults erases personal data and preferences.

What should you do with an old computer that you don’t use anymore?

There are a few things you can do to your old laptop:
Donate it to any local academy or school
Convert it to a NAS or Home Server
Try experimenting the things
Give it to a relative or kid
Operate it as a dedicated game server
Utilize it for old-school gaming


So, you have an old computer that still works fine — What To Do With Old Computers That Still Work?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to put your old hardware to good use. In this article, we’ve explored nine different ways to put your old computer to use.

We hope you find one or two that appeal to you and get started using your old hardware in fun and innovative ways.

Some of these methods require more technical knowledge than others, but all of them are achievable for the average user.

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