What To Do If Laptop Gets Wet? 10 Fast Tips

It is not uncommon for laptops to come into contact with water. Whether it’s a spilled glass of water or a rainstorm, there are various ways What to do if laptop gets wet. There are some steps that you can take to minimize the damage. 

  • First, remove the laptop from the water source as quickly as possible. Then, please turn it off and unplug any external devices.
  • Next, remove the battery if possible. If the laptop is still wet, do not try to turn it on. Instead, please place it in a dry, well-ventilated area and allow it to air dry. 
  • Once it is scorched, you can then attempt to turn it on and see if it works.

Following these steps can help minimize the damage and keep your device working correctly for years to come.

In case of severe damage, Below follow the instructions of our team of experts.

This is a detailed guide about what to do if your computer got wet?

Here I Am Gonna Discuss 10 Immediate Steps to take on wet laptop:

Digital Trends has included different steps to dry out a laptop. Digital Trends steps to save your laptop after a spill includes:

1: Turn It Off Immediately:

I was sitting in my room and enjoying a movie on my laptop. Suddenly a cup of water fell upon my laptop. I was just in panic. My friends told me to turn off the laptop immediately.

He disconnected the battery Immediately after turning it off. So we have saved it from horrible damage. This is the proven method in Digital Trend. to prevent computer water damage.

Try not to find the legitimate ways to turn it off, either-feel free to squeeze that force button until your machine closes down

To do so just hold down the notebook power button. If the liquid touches the circuit of a laptop while they are active. Your laptop will most likely short out.

To disconnect the laptop from a power source simply remove the charger cable from the laptop. It’s commonly on the left or right half of the PC’s lodging.

2: Take out all the components that are easily detachable:

You need to act fast. Because once the water damage computers it is difficult to restore the device.

After shutting it, take out all the components that can be easily separated from your laptop. This includes unplugging your mouse, all cables, removing flash drives and DVDs.

You can even remove the connection jacks such as power jack, audio, or other sockets as well. The core purpose is to secure the panel and every possible thing that you can save at time.

Once you have removed all the detachable components the next step is to look for water in computer.

Open your PC as wide as could be expected and set it face down on the towel contingent upon your PC’s adaptability.

Doing so will result in anything from a tent-shaped laptop to a completely flat one to speed up the process of drying the liquid you can angle a fan to help the liquid evaporate faster.

3: Examine all removed Items:

Examine all removed Items and check for wetness and corrosion. Dry wet ports. If you spilled water on laptop or any other liquors, use a cotton swab with 99 percent isopropyl alcohol to remove gunk without causing damage.

Advanced Trends adds,” Water is the most un-destructive, while sweet and different fluids are the most harmful.Either way, the objective is to relieve their belongings however much as could reasonably be expected by drying the PC right away.”

4: Dry the outside of your computer:

Drying out the exterior of the laptop is equally important as drying the inside.
Otherwise, there will be a chance that water will drip inside the computer again.

Dry the outside of your computer, open your best laptop as far as it goes, hold it upside down, and wipe dry any wet surface with a towel.

Flip around the PC and eliminate the battery if possible.You can normally do this by flipping around your PC.

Sliding a board off of the lower part of the
PC and tenderly pulling on the battery.

This progression is beyond the realm of imagination on a few

Including MacBooks without first
unscrewing the bottom of the laptop from
the rest of the housing.

5: Air-dry:

Permit your wet computer to air-dry for a few days in a warm, dry territory.

Spot a towel on a level surface. This is the place where you’ll put your PC for a few days.

So make sure you choose a warm dry unobtrusive area.

6: Remove the laptop from any residual Liquid:

This will both limit your PC’s openness to more fluid and diminishing the danger of electrical stun.

Wipe up any undeniable fluid spots to wipe incorporate the fronts and backs of the screen.

The laptop’s housing and the keyboard make sure your laptop is still partially facing down.

While you do this so that any excess liquid continues to drain.

7: Ground yourself before touching your computer’s internal:

Grounding yourself will remove any static electricity from your clothing or body.

Static electricity can easily kill circuitry. So performing this step before touching the ram cards or the hard drive is influential. Digital Trends has steps to save your notebook after you spilled water on laptop. They include, turn it off and disconnect the battery, take out all components that are detachable, Check for wetness and dry the

8: Remove any hardware that you can:

If you’re uncomfortable or unfamiliar
with the notion of removing ram
your computer’s hard drive and other
detachable internal components.

Consider taking your laptop into a
professional repair service instead.
You can typically find manuals for your
specific computer that detail hardware

And removal online simply search for
your computer’s make and model number
followed by ram removal or whichever component you need to remove.

For a MacBook, you’ll first have to
unscrew each of the 10 screws holding
the base of the housing together.

9: Pat dry any wet internal components:

You need to be sure that there is no trace of water in the computer. For this, you must dry all the wet computer parts.

To do this you will need a microfiber cloth or an otherwise lint-free rag.

If there is excess water in your laptop’s internal areas you first need to drain it extremely gently while doing this.

A pro tip: No matter how tempting it looks don’t you even think about using a hairdryer or direct heat to dry wet computer.

This is not only true for computers but also for any kind of device. It is because using a hairdryer or direct heat can cause static problems. And believe us that’s nothing but calling for a bigger problem for yourself!

10: Remove dry residue

Use a lint-free cloth to buff out any
non-water stains gently.

Or use compressed air to blow away dust
grit and any other non-liquid residue.

If your laptop is up and running
you may have to contend with sticky or
greasy substance left over.

You can remove this residue by gently
You can eliminate the buildup by tenderly polishing the influenced region with a soggy build-up-free fabric as you utilized before.

When drying the laptop finally here are some warnings water and electricity do not mix.

Make sure all plugs and other points of
electrical contacts are completely dry.

Get professional Help!

After doing the initial precaution, if your laptop is still not working or causing problems, take professional help immediately.
Even if your laptop somehow starts to work after the spill, it is best to get it inspected by a professional.
It rules out any possibility or risk of damage.
In case you are going to take professional help, it is advised to claim the warranty of your device if it’s still valid.

If your laptop can’t be taken apart?

What if you have a MacBook or another laptop that you can’t disassemble or even remove the battery from? Because your alternatives are severely limited in this circumstance, you must take it to a repair shop as soon as possible.

What you can do is as follows: Turn your machine upside down and wipe away any visible water with a cloth.

If you can’t find a water damage repair service near you, you should place it on a dry surface and provide as much airflow to your laptop as you can – this won’t help much, but it’s better than nothing while you wait for one.

The problem of getting to a repair shop may at times be a problem. If this is the case, it is critical that you allow your water-damaged laptop to breathe and air dry for at least 48 hours before turning it back on.

Trying to turn on your computer before it is finished will result in problems and inconvenience. I apologise in advance. A short in your system could result in a complete destruction of your laptop if you do this.

Prevent Water Spill On Laptop:

Have you heard the famous phrase that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?

It can’t be truer for the spilled water and liquid damage for computers. Knowing that a laptop, unlike other smart devices, are rarely waterproof, you need to take strict precaution to avoid the damage.

When you get the laptop for adobe creative cloud then it is essential to be careful about its usage. When you are not paying attention to its care eventually, it can end up into a dead crap for you.

Here are four tips that can save you from the spilled water on your laptop:

  • Don’t put liquids near the computer or laptops.
  • Put a lid on the water bottles, coffee mugs, or glass.
  • Don’t put the laptop and liquid bottles in the same backpacks, as many liquid spill accidents happen when you put the two in the same backpack.
  • It is best not to leave the liquid materials unattended near the computer devices.


Can a laptop with water damage be repaired?

You need to leave the water-damaged computers in any event 24 hours prior to attempting to turn it on.

Assuming you can feel that water actually present following 24 hours, PC water harm fix is profoundly troublesome, and better you ought to counsel the expert to manage the circumstance.

Is a laptop ruined if it gets wet?

When your PC gets wet, turn it off right away. This progression is significant on the grounds that as water leaks in, it might annihilate hardware if your PC is as yet getting power.

Remember to unplug everything without the exception that is associated with your PC. This incorporates the charging strings, USB drives, mouse, and so forth.

How long does it take a laptop to dry out?

Cautiously dry the PC with the chill air while still potentially gain off to let the fluid channel. Give unique consideration to the console and the parts you eliminated.

Keep the blow dryer or compacted air moving. The base suggested drying time is 60 minutes, yet leaving the PC to dry for 24 hours is liked.

What will happen if laptop gets wet?

On the off chance that the fluid that spilled onto your PC was something sweet, like pop, juice, or espresso with sugar, it will leave a tacky buildup once it dries. Ideally, this will make your keys stick; the Direst outcome imaginable, it will make your inner parts overheat and fizzle.

Can you put a wet laptop in rice?

Try not to leave the entire laptop in rice—air drying will work better and you will not danger getting grains captured inside the machine. – Let it air dry for in any event 24 hours—the more extended the better.

Is your keyboard not working after water damage?

I was taking my lunch while watching an action movie on my laptop. Suddenly! I just spilled coffee on the laptop. The laptop got wet and wasn’t charging.

I have put the laptop in rice but due to spilled liquid the laptop keyboard not working. If you have also mistakenly submerged your laptop into the water and facing a keyboard or charging issue then you must follow the above 10 steps.


If there is a spillage on your laptop then the motherboard and other components are the most vulnerable. There is a possibility to secure you laptop screen just hope your laptop will not drown in water completely that can damage screen circuits.

After securing the screen successfully, you can use the laptop screen as a display for PS4 in any other laptop obviously.

It is interesting for you to know that laptop screens are recyclable and these can be a productive asset for you in future.

Can you fix a laptop that got wet?

The laptop must be protected from wetness. If it gets wet, it will damage the computer’s internal circulatory and connecting points. The laptop will not function properly and may damage the components. It’s good to avoid any water or wet problems with the computer.


If your best laptop suddenly gets wet it’s not the time to panic. Take the action immediately otherwise the reaction will be horrible.

Spilled water can damage the laptop but not more than sugary drinks. If you are facing water damages then this post is especially for you.

I have tried to write a detailed note but I’d love to hear your queries. I have written all the things on what to do if laptop gets wet?

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