What Is The Most Common Pointing Device on Laptops?

Laptops are equipped with various pointing devices, but the question is, What Is The Most Common Pointing Device on Laptops?

  • The most common is the touchpad. Touchpads are located in the middle of the laptop’s keyboard, and they work by sensing the movement of your finger across the surface. Some touchpads also support gestures, such as scrolling and zooming. 
  • Another standard pointing device is the TrackPoint, a small button protruding from the keyboard. Trackpoints are usually located in front of the spacebar, and they work by sensing the pressure of your finger.
  • Finally, some come with an external pointing device, such as a mouse or trackball. These devices are typically connected to the laptop via USB, and they offer more precision than the built-in pointing devices.

This post will explore some of its benefits and drawbacks compared to other pointing devices. So, if you’re curious about trackpads, read on.

1. Mouse

The Mouse works as the input device for the computer system. It works as one such pointing device where it can function on a flat surface.

Through a cursor’s movement, you will select items conveniently by clicking the mouse buttons.

Douglas Englebart invented the Mouse, and the reason why he named it to be a mouse is because of its cord wire, which was similar to was mouse tail.

It works entirely depending on the user, i.e., the item the user will select or click on.

It is overall designed so smoothly and beautifully. In the beginning, the Mouse was just meant for right-handed users, but now left-handed mouse models are also available.

It has two buttons, i.e., right-clicking and left-click. There is also a rolling ball which is between these two buttons.

The laser now replaces this ball. You can use right-click for opening any item, and the left button will give you an option of the drop-down menu.

The Mouse is available in both wired and wireless versions. You have to choose the one according to your requirements and needs.

Overview of Different Types of Mouse.

A mouse is divided into different types discussed below:

(1) Camera Mouse

What is the most common pointing device on laptops

Camera Mouse works as a free program where it controls your mouse pointer by the movement of your head.

If your head movement is in the right direction, the Mouse will move right, and if you move your head in the left path, the Mouse will carry the same. This is how this camera mouse will work.

It is also included with the hidden standard built-in best camera or USB webcam access to smoothly track your head.

All you have to do is move your head just according to your needs when sitting in front of your webcam.

Hence, this camera mouse is designed for people who are facing physical disabilities with hands.

For using this Mouse, you need a Windows system as well as a working webcam.

(2) Finger Mouse

Finger Mouse is shaped like a small mouse that you can easily fit into your index finger.

You can operate this Mouse with the help of a button on its top. Plus, this Mouse can be used on any flat surface.

For using this Mouse, you have to connect it with your laptop’s Bluetooth connection.

This finger mouse can work from a distance of around 30 feet.

To quickly move the pointer, move your hands. You can feasibly use it during the travelling time.

(3) Foot Mouse

Next, we have a foot mouse, which is clear enough that this Mouse works with the foot movement.

It is based on two parts in which one part is used to select any item by clicking on it, and the second part is used for the cursor movement.

This Mouse is best for those people who are having restricted hand movement or are disable from hands.

You will find it convenient to use as compared to other mouse types.

(4) Eye Eagle Mouse

Last we have the Eyeeagle mouse, which is clear enough that this Mouse works with eye movement.

This Mouse is best for those people who are having restricted eye movement or are blind.

With the help of this device, you can communicate with blind or disabled people.

Plus, this device has electro-oculographic potential, which is utilized to measure your eye’s absolute position relative to your head.

2. What are the connectivity ports of Mouse?

The computer mouse has been overly augmented.

The time has arrived, when you can use your computer mouse not just with the computer but with your laptops as well. Connectivity ports of the Mouse are categorized below:

  • A USB Mouse
  • ISA Mouse Adapter
  • The Serial Port
  • The PS/2 Ports
  • The USB Ports

3. Other Pointing Devices

For us, the Mouse is the most common pointing device which you can use without any hassle.

But apart from Mouse, there are some more pointing devices as well, which you can equally use with greater feasibility. Let’s talk about all one by one:

(1) Touchscreen

What is the most common pointing device on laptops

The touchscreen is a pointing device that gives the input as soon as you touch the screen!

This can either work by connecting the main screen with your finger’s help or using a stylus pen.

You can find this feature in all the newest touchscreen models because the involvement of a touch screen will make the whole device extra convenient.

(2) Trackball

Next, we have trackball! As the name suggests, the trackball is in the shape of a small ball fitted into a holder. This holder will detect the rotation of your ball.

A trackball mouse features a ball that rotates 360 degrees on its upper side. The trackball resembles a regular mouse, but it features a trackball on the upper half of its body.

The major characteristic of a trackball mouse is the trackball, which the user moves by finger to control the pointer.

It is responsible for telling your trackball mouse to transmit a signal to your computer in order for it to move your pointer on the screen. Sensors detect when the trackball moves and send the data to your computer.

A cursor’s movement on the screen is possible by rotating the ball with your finger or thumb.

This device is beneficial for the up-side and down-pointing.

(3) TrackPoint

Talking about Trackpoint, it is shaped like a knob or a little pad positioned in the middle of the keyboard.

It works as a pointing device where it controls the movement of your cursor on the main screen.

It is not available on all keyboard models. You can even call it a small isometric joystick.

(4) Touchpad

This pointing device is featuring a pad positioned on the keyboard and has a tactile sensor.

As you will touch the place with your finger, you can quickly move the cursor on your laptop or computer screen.

(5) Leap Motion

This is an advanced version of the Mouse, which allows you to move into a virtual reality with your bare hands.

Very few people know about it, but it has some fantastic features that you would love about it.

(6) Light pen

As the name suggests, it is shaped like a pen. You will find a light pen on most of the laptops and with tablets as well.

You have to point your lightweight pen device on the main screen and click on a specific option as you wish it to be.

You can also connect it with your laptop with the help of a wire. It is lightweight and small, which will allow you to take it to any place with you.

(7) Stylus

Next, we have a stylus that is shaped like a pen. It is another most ordinary pointing device you can use to draw, write, and sketch anything.

This device is commonly used by artists, architects, and a few graphic designers.

Using it with your new laptop is just too fantastic. With time, it is gaining high popularity.

(8) Keyboard

You can also avail of the keyboard as the pointing device by changing your keyboard’s main settings.

This will let your laptop keyboard work precisely like the Mouse.

So it would not be wrong to mention the keyboard as a pointing device.

(9) Joystick

The reason why we call this device joystick because it is shaped in a similar structure! The joystick is made up of two spherical balls, one of which is controlled by the user and the other which moves in a socket.

People do not usually use it as a pointing device, but it is the most popular as a gaming device. There are several varieties of joysticks, including finger-operated and hand-operated joysticks.

The throttle is another often used joystick that allows users to easily scroll up and down the screen. Additionally, there are joysticks for laptops that operate with the Adobe CC suite, however, they are less common.

It is rotated at its one end, with which it sends messages to a laptop system. Therefore, we call it a pointing device.


What is the most commonly used pointing device?

The mouse is the most commonly used pointing device. It is used to control the cursor on the screen.

Is the keyboard a pointing device?

The keyboard is another pointing device beside the mouse. It’s an input device for entering the data and commands on the laptop.

What is the most commonly used pointing device?

For PCs, the most well-known pointing gadget is the PC mouse. For PCs, most regular pointing gadget is the touchpad. At long last, for cell phones and tablets, the most well-known pointing gadgets is your finger on a touch screen.

What is the default pointing device of a laptop?

For Desktop PC the most well-known utilized pointing input gadget is mouse. For PC touchpad is utilized normally. For cell phones and tablets, your finger on touchpad is most basic pointing gadget.

What are computer pointing devices?

A pointing gadget is a kind of information gadget that permits a client to interface with a PC by moving a cursor on a screen to choose symbols and trigger wanted activities. The true pointing gadget for personal computers is a mouse, which was developed by Douglas England in 1967.

Which is example of pointing device?

The major pointing gadget is the mouse for the PC and the touchpad for the PC, albeit numerous street heroes bring along a mouse. Pointing sticks are accessible on certain workstations, and few clients lean toward trackballs over the mouse. See mouse, touchpad, trackball and pointing stick.

Is light pen a pointing device?

Light Pen (like the pen) is a pointing gadget which is utilized to choose a showed menu thing or draw pictures on the screen.

Is trackball a pointing device?

A trackball is a pointing gadget comprising of a ball held by an attachment containing sensors to recognize a pivot of the ball around two tomahawks like a topsy turvy mouse with an uncovered projecting ball

Which type of pointing device does an do artist use?

The stylus is an artist’s preferred pointing tool. A stylus controls the cursor on a computer screen. When using a computer without a mouse, artists often use styluses.

Can light pens be used as pointing devices?

Yes, you can use light pens as pointing devices. However, they are not as common or popular as mice and trackballs.

Which pointing device is used in a laptop?

The common pointing device in the laptop is a touchpad or trackpad. The device is like a flat surface with a single finger touch. A touchpad is a stationary pointing device with one physical button for the user. The user can use a touchpad and a physical button to make the selection on the laptop.


This was the end of Quizlet, the most common pointing device on laptops that you can use to control your cursor movement!

Out of so many choices, you should look for the one which is easy and comfortable to use for long hours.

As the technology is improving, so many devices are being introduced to bring a remarkable change in laptop usage.

Try all pointing devices to increase your overall work efficiency & productivity.

Leave a comment below for any questions, and stay tuned with us for the latest updates. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.
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