Is Asus a Good Company ? (Review 2023)

There is very fast competition between technology-making companies nowadays. Asus has a huge name in this industry. But due to many more big names in the industry. People are confused about: Is Asus a good company?

If you are looking for the answer is Asus a good desktop brand, then continue reading this article. It is a detailed Asus brand review, that covers almost all the aspect about the brand.

ASUS is Taiwan’s global technology state that focuses on computer technology, telephone, and electronics.

They are established in the Beitou District of Taipei and amassed an incredible annual USD 12.06 Billion in 2018. ASUS has strived to become the 5th largest PC merchandiser in unit sales in 2017. Asus is a good company.

What is Asus?

T.H. Tung founded the firm Wayne Hsieh, on April 2, 1989, in Taiwan. The commodities produced mainly by ASUS are desktop computers, mobile phones, netbooks, laptops, social media, monitors, graphics cards, motherboards, gaming devices/borders, and more.

It has also appeared in lid IT corporations worldwide and earned being the overseeing technology company driven by new impressions and technologies.

Moreover, in introduction of ASUS has deputies that adhere to the circuit formation market called ASMedia Technology Inc and the ASUSTOR database and cloud storage explanations.

With all things considered it is worth asking ‘is asus a good computer’ for your office or college work?

Is Asus Laptop Good?

When you enter the laptop market to look out for the devices there are a few names comes up instantly on board. Among them, you will get the top three of Asus, HP, and Dell.

These are the three-laptop manufacturers in the market with the most selling and promising products.

All of this is not because these are famous, because they are providing quality and competitive technology in the market.

A lot like its competitors, ASUS has been providing the best laptop technology to customers like Network Engineers and Financial Modelers over the years. It has all the software and ample storage you need to use it on all models.

If you are confused and want to know is Asus laptop good then here is a checklist for you to mark.


Before asking about what is ASUS you should know, it is the company that provides you some of the durable laptops in the market. The company invests in the laptop’s body, its internal packing and overall feel at the same time.


When you get a laptop, you have to be considerate about its weather compatibility. Not all laptops can sustain extreme weather from hot to cold.

However, ASUS provides you the laptops that are sustainable in any environment and temperature. You can get these with you anywhere and enjoy seamless working.

Sleek design

However, you will not find a sleep design in all of ASUS laptops but the company does work for it. Based on the targets audience for each laptop, they offer you specific designs.

Eventually, you can have the sleep and smart laptop by ASUS as well. If you can see all the bulky and heavy designer machines by ASUS in the market, it does not lead to a specific pattern by the company.


Other manufacturers may provide a two-year guarantee in addition to the one-year warranty offered by ASUS. How it works is determined by the device models.

Asus also provides an extended guarantee for its batteries, which can be registered when the device is purchased. The guarantee also covers maintenance costs.


ASUS offers a diverse range of computing devices in a variety of sizes to meet the demands of consumers and deliver a better user experience. Asus makes both gaming and business-oriented laptops.

ASUS laptops are not only economical, but they also give excellent performance thanks to high-performance, highly tuned CPUs that can sustain long-term heavy loads.

It has built a name for itself as one of the most trustworthy computer manufacturers by providing consumers with customisable options.

ASUS is well-known for its environmentally friendly methods, which are uncommon among corporations in the electronics and computer industry.

Several ecologically friendly initiatives have been made feasible as a result of
the organisation’s GREEN ASUS project, which began in 2000.


ASUS never compromise on the quality of the product with its specifications. It is providing you the best of internal features starting from the processors to RAM, graphics cars, screen quality, audio experience, and much more. Everything turns out to be stable and specific that you enjoy working on machine.

Best Asus Laptops.

Do you also wonder how good are Asus laptops?

If yes, then you are not alone! But before jumping on that discussion, let’s take a look at some of the best Asus laptops available at reasonable prices.

The reasonable laptops Asus offers are:

  • Asus ROG Zephyrus G14
  • Asus VivoBook
  • Asus Zenbook S

None of the Asus laptops involved in this article obtained slighter than a 3.5-star rating, which implies all the commodities we reviewed accepted our opinions.

Two too prominent laptops are the Asus ROG Mothership, a lightweight gaming engine in mobile, and the Asus ROG Strix Scar III (G531G), an influential gaming laptop.

Asus moreover developed crucial characteristics for two-screen laptops, encompassing the ZenBook Duo UX481 and ZenBook Pro Duo UX581.

These vicious slabs have their actions, but the advantages of having two displays surpass the limitations.

Asus is the best laptop brand. The most surprising aspect about the Asus assortment is that it demonstrates how adequately the corporation can compel laptops in several classifications.

As shown by the ExpertBook B9450, a lightweight career laptop; ProArt StudioBook Pro, an extraordinary workspace; and the Chromebook Flip C436, our beloved Chromebook on the market.

Construction of Asus Laptop.

The first thing that decides whether a gadget or a company worths your hard-earned money is its quality, reliability, and construction.

So are Asus laptops reliable?

Speaking of the Asus laptop quality, the Asus company review has shown that the company takes its quality and construction very seriously.

The ROG and Zen-Book series have won prizes for their modern layouts. You can discover integrity products in your budget. The methods of this stock are distinct, and no one can refute it.

If you study the Asus brand reviews, you will discern all the gorgeous and contemporary structures. They invariably like the neat manner of a computer. Asus laptops are elegant and small.

ASUS is a trend cottage when it gets to edifice devices as it puts in enormous vigor on elegance. With current methods and new aim in its composition ideology,

ASUS is taking a further step in how each machine is built and what substances are used; it always monitors quality at each assembly line stage.

ASUS creates lovely, gorgeous, and popular devices that incorporate nicely with any municipal climate and are deemed small and compact.

This expands but standardized look throughout the property enrollment.

The Theme offered by Asus

To determine how good are Asus laptops, take a leap into the design or theme of Asus latest laptops!

Asus is not scared to take the escapism of morality in the spot of a youngster. ScreenPad 2.0, for instance, is one of
Asus’s acceptable forms for the verdict. Who felt you could turn your touchpad into an insignificant array? Asus performed!

The Taiwan-based laptop designer also accuses a full-featured front-end instrument with two meshes with luxurious appliances.

It also enhances ent equipment such as the dramatic Asus ZenBook Duo, with an instant display up half the keyboard patio.

The two Asus laptops we examined this year – the ZenBook Duo and the ZenBook Pro Duo – attained a four-star mark with our Editor’s Choice seal.

Composing, in fact, not only concentrates on strange elements, which are extraneous of this realm.

It also influences the infringement of new surfaces in operation, which Asus has shown for its gaming cadences.

The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is the longest-running laptop we have ever exercised.

It lingered more than 11 hours on our Laptop Mag battery test, which is vastly longer than supreme non-playing laptops.

If uncovering the enigma of prolonged artillery vitality on power-hungry athletics gears is frivolity recent, I don’t know what.

The computer is also the first to inaugurate the Asus’ AniMe Matrix display, allowing you to alter the hood with your tariff LED techniques.

Price of Asus Laptops

Asus prototypes are accessible in all cost roams, banking on an allowance. If you have an exclusive account, your desires are met continuously.

Here is the favorable announcement. Asus does not enable unrest in the pot. As spoken of, these laptops have very affordable quad-core strategies.

So you can get a complete pad for the same price. No matter how much you spend, accomplishment will increase.

Their rates commence with bad tariffs and go up shortly with something as elegant as the prices. Their assortment is so prosperous that anyone can have a laptop that satisfies their demands.

When you distinguish commodities from other products that have similar facets, it can be seen that prices are very different. With ASUS, you can compensate at any time.

Asus Laptop’s Support

If you purchase from Asus, some categories have a one-year verification, while others retain a two-year agreement. It relies on the norm.

For all classifications, ASUS gives the choice of recruiting an extended ordnance confirmation.

ASUS warranty ailments are uncertain and blanket for mistakes associated to:

  • Natural disaster
  • From accidents.
  • Third infections.
  • Manufacturer error

The downside is that disseminating with buyer assistance via the Internet or by phone will curtail the service’s personality. By mythology, you expect to be eligible to talk to a market.

If you are renovating your laptop for improvement, be instructed on this difficulty. The buyer may have lost the computer, or Asus could not trace his area. It is nice to deliver it by registered mail so that you can prove that they received it.

Also, expenditure taxes will be charged and warranty scope.


Is Asus a reliable brand?

When it comes to the Asus laptop reliability, ASUS is a decent and respectable brand, the brand is notable for its improved presentation with the least PC determinations.

Are Asus brand laptop any good?

The best Asus workstations have become more friendly. Nowadays, past conveying execution at a more moderate cost than the contest, these portables currently brag excellent forms and first-rate plans that rival that of Dell’s or Apple’s.

No big surprise they’re among the best workstations of the year.

Is Asus good or bad?

ASUS is the WORST conceivable brand for purchasing a PC. Try not to GO for it. … ASUS wifi frameworks likewise have a couple of wrinkles, in spite of being extremely powerful.

Be that as it may, generally speaking, their dependability is high, their cost is acceptable, and their help is truly outstanding.

Is Asus better than Apple?

The 12.5-inch screen on the Asus ZenBook 3 is greater than the MacBook’s 12-inch board, yet it’s not as sharp.

It packs 1920 x 1080 pixels, contrasted with 2304 x 1440 pixels on the 12-inch MacBook’s showcase. … Champ: MacBook. While it’s less beautiful, the MacBook’s screen is more honed and more splendid.

Are Asus Laptops best for Gaming?

ASUS’s handy gaming computer is furnished with influential machines, a terrific show, and a fantastic body. No consequence which game you decide, ASUS gaming laptops continue in your employment.

Every Asus gaming laptop exercises full HD. Bright meshes and pigments make your game perform very well. The refreshing system for Asus gaming laptops has been enhanced.

Is Asus better than Dell?

Dell and Asus are very distinct companies, both of which offer us strong personalities. Asus laptop stocks are fulfilling, inexpensive, and expanded.

Dell is a famous name and older than Asus. Nonetheless, Asus competes with Dell. Dell is known for his consent. Dell requests laptops in several pigments. I can’t say which product is generous because it all relies on your needs.

If you recollect a unique derivative, make sure that others measure up to that particular product. Choose a product that meets your needs and price.

Is Asus better than Acer?

Acer is a commodity that has inaugurated many tools. However, in terms of accomplishment, they verge to depend on Asus more than Acer.

But after all, both of these products offer great laptops, and we have many alternatives.

Every merchandise has its objectives and flaws, including both. Both of these products provide enormous technique and functionality across all allowances, and only you choose the product that satisfies your needs.

Is Asus better than HP?

HP is a prominent variety, but both are highly robust in status. The truth is, Asus governs in numerous litigations. HP types are valuable and elegant. You can use any property, so be sure to check the elements.

The final decision is yours. While HP pads are credible and convey terrific achievement, Asus offers many aspects. I don’t know what your unique needs are, so I don’t know which one is reasonable.

Is Asus a Good Brand?

The brand is notable for its optimized execution with the softest computer specifications. In the fiercely athletic demand for enumerating and hand-held appliances, it is disputing for machine and gadget plants to halt the debris and stand out from the rivalry.

The likes of Apple and Samsung, which are increasingly outstanding amongst tech fanatics, often put-off other potential target markets because of astronomical rates of low performance; respectively Even though they furnish strength and excellence, a price bounty is accused of brand benevolence.

In comparison to that, ASUS also affects a large market share. ASUS offers stock variation and specifications at every price point and opiates finish no matter what the buyer’s budget is.

Over three decades of the accepted system and evaluating finesse, ASUS evolves an exact category that makes very durable devices. The company’s support towards its buyers is instrumental. ASUS has earned a total of 1796 awards for its layout, invention, and feat.

More known for its computer devices, ASUS has an expanse of different sizes to meet its users’ needs to bring about a more practical user experience. They elicit devices for gaming as well as business use.

ASUS has prestige for its OK but highly optimized and crucial creation sketches as these laptops can take massive load usage for fluctuating sizes of time. It has given rise to a name for itself globally as one of the more durable computer factories to offer its users customizable choices.

Are Asus computers good?

Asus stayed firm in the best and worst laptop brands contest (the contest of whom device companies reign most), and it’s not difficult to comprehend why. Asus’ majestic changes (we prefer their dual-screen display devices) and reasonably valued notebooks retain this machine creator leading in the industry’s regard.

How good are Asus laptops?

Across 3 decades of global development and computing ability, ASUS has got to be known as no doubt a great brand that offers very strong machines, and the company’s care towards its clients is notably handy. ASUS has received a total of 1796 prizes for its design, modification, and performance.

How good is Asus?

An agreement of devices consumers states that ASUS plays great, particularly amongst other brands in the device industry. Highlighting a great build feature, optimized parts, and reasonable and cheap costs, you know what you spend for in ASUS machines, and further!

Who makes Asus laptops?

ASUS is a Taiwan-based, computer hardware and customer electronics firm that was organized in 1989. Devoted to designing goods for nowadays and tomorrow’s bright life, ASUS is the world’s No 1 brand.

Is Asus a good computer brand?

This Taiwanese maker has been about since 1989. And notwithstanding any niggly motherboard and Wi-Fi problems in history, the safety of an Asus device is great. Their rates are great and buyer support is one of the greatest. These are numerous objects why we believe Asus is a great laptop brand.

Does Asus make good laptops?

Is Asus a Quality device? yeah, their machines are of magnificent feature and can fight with nearly any other popular laptop brand in the business. Asus’s main focus has been to present budget device customers with benefits that provide them that performance they’re studying for at a cheap rate.

Are Asus laptops good?

Is Asus a Quality machine? Yeah, their machines are of fabulous quality and can face practically any other leading machines company in the business. Asus’s principal center has been to present affordable machines to consumers choices that provide them that act they’re resembling at an cheap price.

Is Asus a Good Laptop for Business?

Asus laptop persuade all business desires. They possess laptops for freshers and intermediate business owners. These laptops are inexpensive and influential. Their mortar life is always there to endorse you. You can use their laptops for structure, engineering and it is very desirable for enormous burden stoners.

They are only constructed for exact achievements. These business laptops enable you to disseminate, stake and endeavor all day towering.

For example, you can choose Chromebooks, ROG laptops, textbooks from ASUS for business.

Is Asus a leading company?

Asus is a most valuable brand with its fixed position in the market. It’s the most valuable leading company of laptop.

Is Asus better than Samsung?

Both are better at their specifications. The screen size and storage vary in both laptops, making them different in their features.

Is ASUS be trusted?

Both laptops are their own best in different aspects. It’s always right with the high manufacturing brand. In terms of pure performance and efficiency, ASUS can be better trusted than Dell. But Dell has other aspects like gaming, which make Dell better than ASUS.

Asus’s Key Strengths

High Rating: Asus achieved 36 out of 40 in our review marking sector. It also won a 5 star, Editor’s mark of the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14.

Killing Creation:

Asus proceeds to boost its dual-screen show schedule with the ZenBook Duo UX481 and ZenBook Pro Duo UX581, expanding the occasion.
This year we also developed the Asus ROG Mothership, a new gaming appliance promising depicted as compact.

Remarkable Layout:

Almost all Asus laptops maintain feral composition selections, which we don’t get mainly from other adversaries. Like, any pigment tournament.

Asus’s Weaknesses

Warranty: Unfortunately, Asus yet requires to conform to it’s no technology authorization.

Conclusion of Is Asus a good company

At last, Is ASUS a Good Laptop Brand?

We keep all the validities, reasons, and shortcomings. It is no qualm; the ASUS gives ingenious elements with a stunning composition.

Unbelievably, ASUS empowers rugged gaming laptops. Primarily their ROG procession is best distinguished from other groups. What’s else?

The best thing is, you will bring what you expend.

Their manifestations are available from scant to great price so that you nominate which fits your necessities.

We hope ASUS’s laptop survey 2023 is beneficial for you. On the horizon, the choice is yours. You have to be confident about your demands.

Nevertheless, if you need any help, then you can remark below. Thank you for stopping by us!

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