How To Use Firestick on Laptop In 2023?

How to Use Firestick on Laptop? if this is your Question, So you are in the exact place.

Entertainment is something that grabs our attention most of the time. We prefer to have every possible thing around us that makes entertainment possible for us.

Thankfully, technology has made it easier for us to access the best entertainment options. Other than just TV, cinema and movies now we have OTT platforms and entertainment options.

These over the top content options are simply amazing. The products like Amazon firestick and other streaming devices are a great help to watch the content of choice. Video on Demand is possible with the help of such gadgets. If you wonder, what is firestick and to use a firestick on a laptop then keep reading.

Fire Stick

Firestick is the latest device used on TVs and monitors to catch up on favorite TV shows. It helps to get live streaming of various TV shows. The use of Firestick is also getting popular on laptops and computers. Initially, Amazon introduced its Fire TV stick for Televisions, LED, and LCD. Now it has become viral for nearly all types of display devices.

This article is going to introduce you to the usage and features of a firestick. You will come to know how to connect a firestick to a computer, laptop, or monitor. Let us explore different usages dimensions of firestick in detail:

Use of Firestick on Laptop

You can use a firestick on computer or laptop but the usage of a firestick on laptop is a complicated one. It is the reason people ask how to use firestick on computer?

For monitors without built-in speakers and HDMI adapters without audio output, Serato DJ software is a must. There are now sound options available

Talking technically, firestick uses an HDMI port to plug into the TV. As you plug the HDMI port of the firestick into the TV’s HDMI receiver port, it will start responding. The same is true for the notebook.

Try to connect the HDMI ports of the laptop with the firestick. Did you get signals?

No, Why? Because the HDMI port of the laptop is built-in as output hardware. Similarly, the firestick device acts as a smart computer and its HDMI port is also developed for giving output. When you connect the two output ports, you can never get signals.

But you can connect a firestick with a laptop by using an HDMI splitter or such devices that can turn your laptop’s HDMI signals sending into the signals receiving.

1. How to use an Amazon firestick on a laptop?

How to use an Amazon firestick on a laptop

Amazon firestick is developed to run a multitude of devices. The purpose is to grab the forecasting of TV channels you desire. Amazon’s firestick can convert a TV into smart or digital TV. The digital firestick looks just like a CD drive. This streaming media player device is the family media player. You can get it at reasonable prices from the dealers.

What is Amazon Firestick?

Firestick is a media streaming device that was built specifically for televisions. The goal was to catch up with numerous TV channels and shows, people like. With the advancement in technology, people shifted the use of Amazon firesticks from TV to LED and LCD. Nowadays, laptops and other portable media devices frequently use Firesticks to get streaming of family media.

Travelers and office workers frequently use laptops or Mac books to watch news and programs. Amazon firestick is travel – friendly and anyone can carry it anywhere. It is so convenient that you can keep it in your pocket easily.

Specifications of Amazon Firestick

Amazon’s firestick comes with a Bluetooth remote, a portable firestick device, an adapter, and a connecting cable. Firestick features with:

  • Memory: 1GB
  • Internal Storage: 8GB
  • Processor: A video Core4GPU
  • Connectivity: A dual-band and dual antenna Wifi system
  • Speakers: Optional

How does Amazon’s firestick work?

Its operating is simple. Firestick is connected with Wifi and HDMI TV or HDMI screen. Plug your firestick and you will have media player procedure. Go to amazon’s account and run the setup process.

When you are logged in, you may have access to thousands of soundtracks, videos, and movies. You can get access only those media content that is purchased through your Amazon account. You can see photos and save them in your Amazon Cloud service.

Hold on a minute. Are you considering it just a family media player?

You are wrong. The firestick will surprise you through its functioning. You can get access to hundreds of games and apps through your Amazon account.

If you do not know how to connect Amazon Fire Stick to laptop Windows 8, follow the instructions given below:

  • Search for the HDMI input in your laptop or device

If you want to connect an amazon fire stick on computer, it requires HDMI input. The majority of laptops or computers come with HDMI output. If your device has the desired input, installing the firestick on your device is the easiest one. The majority of the laptops and computers come with an HDMI out-port. To connect a fire stick on pc requires an HDMI input port.

How do I connect my Firestick to my laptop with HDMI?

The procedure is simple. If your laptop does not have an HDMI receiving input, you need to get a video capture device. For this purpose, you need to use an HDMI splitter and a video capture device.

  • Take HDMI splitter, video capture device, and the firestick.
  • Firstly, you will connect your firestick with an HDMI splitter and then with the video capturing device.

The actual procedure is to install the external video capture device on your laptop. It will help to broadcast the firestick network on your laptop or computer. initially, you need to plug it into the firestick with the external video card. Later on, that video card is connected to your laptop through a Laptop USB port.

  • Connect the whole set of Firestick

Firesticks, HDMI laptop, and Wi-Fi connection need to be run simultaneously. Plugin firestick and go to the setup. Log in to the Amazon account. Here you can get access to your favorite media content. You can download media in the Amazon Cloud as well.

2. How to connect Firestick to laptop USB?

Some video capture device needs certain software to run over the PC or laptop. If your laptop lack HDMI input, you can connect firestick to the laptop USB 3.0. it depends upon the functioning of the Video capture devices. Do not worry about How to use Firestick on pc or laptop. All you need to do is:

  • Plugin the video capture device with a firestick.
  • Then, connect the firestick to the USB port of the laptop or PC.

But some video capture device requires HDMI splitter as well. It all depends upon the model and the company’s hardware you use. IT devices have different structures and functions. All media devices have different operating systems and connectivity operations. The general purpose is to get broadcast of favorite channels on the screen.

3. How to use Firestick on laptop without remote?

How to use Firestick on laptop without remote

Many people get lost the firestick remote. The mishap may happen due to negligence or during traveling. Do not worry. Let us learn how can firestick be used on laptop?

People may forget the remote and other devices but not the smartphone. True. Yeah! The smartphone is such a superb device that can handle your all issues. You try to search for the solution to every problem on Google. Similarly, you can use your smartphone to operate your Firestick. Ask how?

The smartphone media store has the option of a firestick app. Download the firestick app and handle the firestick without a remote. But there are some hurdles.

Firestick requires Wi-Fi to continue its operations. Firesticks can be handled through Wi-Fi connections only not from your smartphone’s internet. It can be resolved by connecting two smartphones. Let us see the procedure:

  • Switch on the hotspot of one smartphone and navigate the firestick from the other smartphone.
  • You cannot run firestick with a regular hotspot rather you need to use SSID. Be sure to use the same password that you use in your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Connect the hotspot of one smartphone with the second one.
  • Download the firestick app on the second smartphone. Enjoy the entertainment world of firestick media.
  • Further, you can change the wireless connection easily, if you want. From the second smartphone, you can navigate other devices to connect.

Another methodology is to enable the HDMI-CEC option of the firestick. Many online stores offer the downloading of digital remotes. You can navigate the firestick from those smart remotes. Further, you can switch to Universal TV remotes. Universal TV remotes are built-in to work efficiently with nearly all types of TVs.

The Universal remotes are developed on the basic principle of Customer Electronic Control (CEC). You can connect the remote via the HDMI port of the firestick.

4. How to use Firestick on laptop with HDMI Video Capture?

Let’s have a look at another way to utilize a Firestick on a laptop with an HDMI Video Capture. If your laptop lacks an HDMI-in port, you’ll need to use an HDMI video capture device to connect your Fire Stick.

To use this gadget, just connect USB to your laptop’s USB port and then connect Firestick to the HMDI connector on the backside. After that, you may boot your Firestick using the Remote, and you will see the boot screen. You are now ready to go.

Other Video Capture capabilities include the ability to utilise your DSLR as a WebCam, record videos, and so on.

5. How to connect Amazon Fire Stick Using A VGA Adapter?

VGA connections on older monitors allow you to connect them to your computer monitor. You may avoid this problem by connecting your Amazon Fire Stick with a VGA adapter. This gadget also includes an Audio Output for connecting an external speaker. This is especially useful if your monitor lacks built-in speakers.


What if I can’t connect to my Firestick?

Firestick is sometimes not available for connection. In this case, you must restart the PC and your streaming device. Once done with the restart, you can add the device to the device list for the connection. This may happen due to some connection issues.

How to use the firestick on a laptop?

It is easiest to use a firestick on the computer. Usually, computers have an HDMI out port while firestick requires HDMI receiving port. You can develop your computer or PC into HDMI in-port. For this purpose, you need to install an HDMI splitter and video capture device.

Can I use firestick without remote?

Yes, you can use many hacks to use firesticks without a remote. Bluetooth remote of the firestick may get lost or damaged. In this situation, you can operate it on your smartphone. For this purpose, you need to build a local home network of two or more smartphones. Firestick features mobile-friendly options. Its mobile app helps to use the firestick from your smartphone.

Connect the hotspot of one device and run the firestick on the other one. Enjoy the world of entertainment. Be cautious to operate the firestick from your phone. Data breaches may occur more frequently. To run firesticks from your phone, it is necessary to keep the two smartphones and the firestick on the same network.

The most convenient option is to use the universal remotes available online. However, the firestick does not come with any buttons. It can be operated remotely only.

Can I use firestick on my computer?

Using a firestick on monitor is not difficult now. You can consult many tutorials and firestick guides to run it on your computer. The above-mentioned guide is the best option to acquire step-by-step guidance.

Is there free content on firestick?

Yes, Amazon firestick have some of the free content options available for the viewers. You can use the free content filter to access the free content. Some of the channels offer you specific free trials as well so you can take them as well.

Does firestick have all the channels?

It is not right to say that fire stick have all the channels but most of channels for sure. you can find a limitless range of content to watch. It will not let you bore.

Is the Netflix free with firestick?

No, you can definitely download it free but the subscription cost you the same. Firestick coming with Netflix is about pre-installation of the app. There is no offer of giving you a year or so free subscription to the platform.

Do I need subscription to watch Amazon Prime on firestick?

Yes, Firestick offers you to watch out the content on the apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix but do not come up with a subscription. You need to get subscription for all these products from the services provider.

Bottom Line

Firestick is the latest way of getting entertainment on your home screen. Times have gone when people used to wait for their favorite shows or revolve the antenna in different axis to get channels. Firestick provides you all music, videos, and shows at just one click.

You cannot miss your favorite TV programs when you are on the go. Never forget to keep your laptop along with a firestick box.

Amazon firestick is exclusively an ideal home entertainment player. Once used, you will never miss it.

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