How To Use Lightning Headphones On A Laptop? 2 Easy Steps

Wondering how to use lightning headphones on a laptop? You can take a sigh of relief because we are here to solve this issue for you.

Apple has now been crowned as the king of technology. Each year they bring out new devices that are way cooler and more expensive than the previous one. Out of many impressive and lavish devices, they have developed, one of them is their lightning headphones.

One thing about these headphones is that you can only connect them with an iPhone or iPad. That’s just Apple being Apple, right?

Here you will learn how to use lightning headphones on pc with an adapter. So without wasting any more time, let’s begin.

How To Use Lightning Headphones On A Laptop

The first thing to use lightening headphones on a laptop is to see what port your laptop has( USB-A, USB-C). Then simply plug the USB connector into your system, plug one end in the other side, and here you go, insert your headphone jack into the cable.

How To Use Lightning Earpods With Pc

Connecting Lightning Headphones To A Laptop By 2 Different Steps.

A lightning adapter is required to use lightning headphones on a pc if you have the laptop for DJ Software.

You need a lightning adapter to use lightning headphones on a pc. A lightning adaptor is a device with dual ends. One end connects to the traditional headphone port, and the other to the lightning jack. This enables the machine to use your headphones.

USB ports:

The markets are flooded with many various kinds of adaptors. The type of adaptors you are looking for depends upon the USB port your device withholds. Or else you will be unable to connect the apple headphones to pc adapter.

So it is essential to know what USB port your laptop consists of before buying one. It can either be a USB-A port or a USB-C port.

Mostly the devices use a USB- A port, but now the newly manufactured ones are using USB-C ones. These ports allow you to connect with different things like hard disks, cables, and external players.

The most notable difference between these two parts is that of size. The USB A port is more extensive than the USB C port. They look like small rectangular holes within the laptop.

The latest Apple devices such as Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, and iMac use USB C ports. But you will be surprised to know that Apple’s lightning headphones still aren’t compatible with their USB-C ports.

USB-C Adapter:

USB-C Adapter

Apple has developed most of its products with a USB C port. Nowadays, many most demanded digital devices like Dell, Lenovo, and HP also use USB C ports. Because they are becoming an essential part of most laptops, the USB-C lightning adaptors are easy to find in markets.

The USB C ports are smaller than USB A ones. So for the USB C port, you will need a USB C adapter. They appear to be thin oval shapes thicker than micro USB ports.

You must configure some settings in your apple laptop so that the adaptor can work with your device. Follow the below 3 step process to connect the apple headphones to the pc adapter.

Step no 1: connect the adapter to your laptop.
Step no 2: After that, click on System Preferences and select Sound.
Step no 3: later, click on the Output label, there choose the device of your choice.

And this is how to use lightning headphones on a laptop with a USB-C port.

USB-A Adapter

USB-A ports are commonly used in most laptops. Because of their regular use in the past, they have also termed USB ports. They appear as rectangular holes on either side of the computer.

You will not encounter any problem finding a USB-C lightning adaptor. But looking for its sister USB-A lightning adapter is not a piece of cake at all.

The reason is their infrequent use. Newly manufactured devices no longer use a USB-A port. So they are slowly diminishing from the world of technology. There is no need to despair because you can find a USB-A lightning adapter in online stores.

However, they will cost a little more than usual. After finding it, connecting the headphones with the laptop is a no-brainer. To connect the Apple headphones to the PC adapter, simply link one end to the USB port and the other to your Lightning headphones. The headphones will start to work instantly.

Suppose you can not find a USB-A lightning adaptor for your USB port, then sadly, there are not many options left for you. You will need to buy new headphones if you encounter a problem like this. We suggest you buy a BlueTooth pair. The reason is their connectivity with the majority of laptops.

Isn’t hacking so dope? Hackers are geniuses, and their digital devices are not ordinary ones. Since we have gained your attention, don’t forget to check out what computers hackers use.

Types of USB Ports

There is one major consideration you must make before beginning to consider the adapter solution. The type of USB ports in your devices is an important consideration.

According to your device type, you need to choose the most appropriate Lightning-to-USB adapter. You’ll need to look into the different types of USB ports on your laptop.

Laptops generally have two types of USB ports:

  • USB-A
  • USB-C


The USB-A port is the most common type of USB port found in laptops. It’s larger than USB-C and is where people plug in their flash drives and USB charging cables.


The first thing you’ll undoubtedly notice about USB-C is that it’s not shaped like a
USB-A port. A USB-C connector is significantly smaller, more rounded, and symmetrical,
which means it works regardless of which way the connector is inserted into the port.

The USB-C connector is commonly found in some new laptops and in the majority of Apple’s
older devices. They’re also becoming a popular option in a growing number of new devices.

It is necessary to first determine what type of port your laptop has in order to be able to connect a lightning headphone to it.

Choosing the correct apple headphone adapter for laptop.

Once you go to the market, you will find yourself surrounded by many different adapters. How will you know which Apple headphone adapter for your laptop is compatible with your device?

We have answers to this query as well.

Before buying the Apple headphone adapter for your laptop, you must consider two facts. The first aspect to consider is if the lightning connector on your headphones is female. It means if you can insert the headphones in it or not. Second, if the USB end is male, it must be inserted into your laptop’s port.

Next, you must know if the adaptor can play audio or not. Many adaptors are only designed to charge the devices. If somehow, with utter luck, you come along with a USB-A adapter, you must take care of it.

For distribution of audio, whether for business or personal use, the Budget Laptops For Podcasting are recommended, along with lightning headphones.

The reason is that they are not readily available in the market. The chances are rare that you will find them a second time if you replace them. Also, they are expensive, so you don’t want to be cruel to your wallet.

Can I connect Lightning to a laptop?

By buying an adapter, you’ll be able to easily connect the lightning headphone to your laptop. When you get an adapter of USB-A port, plug the lightning connector into the adapter port & connect it to your system by the USB-C end of the adapter.

How do I connect my Apple headphones to my laptop?

The connection depends on the setup installed on your laptop. If you have an android device, go to the settings and check the Bluetooth button for the connection. While if you have the AirPods, open the lid and hold the setup button on the case until the status light flashes white.

Bottom line:

Our search on how to use lightning headphones on a laptop has now reached its end. Apple knows how to maintain its high five reputations, does it?

Making headphones that will only connect to your manufactured device is kind of very clever. No doubt, whoever came up with this idea deserves a raise. We hope that finding an Apple headphone adapter for a laptop is not a harrowing quest for you.

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