How To Turn Off Airplane Mode On Dell Laptop in 2023

Have you accidentally activated airplane mode on your Dell laptop? And you don’t know how to turn off airplane mode on Dell laptop?

Laptops, unlike computers, are a lot of different digital devices. They come with so many excellent features.

One of them is airplane mode. However, there may be times when you want to turn Airplane Mode icon off even though your computer is still in Windows 10.

In airplane mode, a laptop cannot connect to the internet wireless connections (Wi-Fi or hotspot and mobile broadband), Bluetooth, or perform any wireless network activity.

If you find yourself surrounded by such issues, no need to panic because we are here to rescue you.

This airplane mode can be turned on by fiddling with the windows settings and keyboard shortcut keys. As you lose internet connection, the answer is obvious right now.

In this blog post, we will show you how to turn off Airplane Mode button on Dell laptop running Windows 10. 

How do you turn on Asus laptop? There are simple steps by which you can easily turn on without power button. Once the laptop is on, you can click the airplane mode on any laptop like dell laptop or asus laptop to turn it off.

Here I Will Show You 8 Easy Methods To How To Turn Off Airplane Mode On Dell Laptop:

How To Turn Off Airplane Mode On Dell Laptop

Take A Look Around.

Some of the operations may cause your laptop to become stuck in airplane mode. Wireless Network issues or software errors are most often to blame.

Faulty writing switches are sometimes responsible as well. Your laptop needs to be restarted. In most cases, the solution will become apparent once the problem’s root is revealed.

1. Windows 10 Action Center:

When the dell laptop airplane mode is on, you will see an airplane icon in a taskbar instead of the network icon. In the windows ten action center, you will find a separate button whose sole purpose is to turn on or off the airplane mode.

To access the action center, just look for its icon on the taskbar and click on it. There is also a shortcut key for this. Use the shortcut Windows key + A, and there click on the airplane mode option to turn it off.

2. From The Wifi Settings:

The second method that can teach you how to turn off airplane mode on a Dell laptop is yet another easy one. It is like the first one, which is also done through the taskbar.

The second place where you can find your airplane mode is Wi-Fi settings. Click on the wifi settings on the toolbar. After that, you will find three options: Wi-Fi , troubleshoot Airplane Mode, and Hotspot. Just simply click on the airplane mode to disable it.

3. From The Settings:

The dell laptop airplane mode is present under settings as well. To find this, you must follow the below easy steps.

Step #1: First, click on the start menu icon to access the internet settings on your laptop. The settings icon will be visible on your screen in the form of a gear-shaped icon. Or, if this is too tiring for you, go with the alternative shortcut. Just press the Windows key + I shortcut to launch Settings.

Step #2: Select Network & Internet from the Settings menu.

Step #3: From the left sidebar, select Airplane mode and turn the toggle off.

That’s how to turn off airplane mode on Dell laptop windows 10 from settings quickly.

4. From Keyboard:

Many manufacturers add a button primarily dedicated to airplane mode on your laptop. You can look for it on the top row of your keyboard; if you want to enable this mode, press it once. If you’re going to turn it off, then press twice.

5. By Using A Physical Button.

Some Dell laptops come with a switch for enabling or disabling wireless connectivity. It present mainly at the right edge of the keyboard. But this location is not particular.

Honestly, it could be anywhere. Either below your mousepad or on any side of the laptop. You must look for it, and it will bear an airplane symbol on it. Slide it towards the off position to disable the airplane mode.

6. By Using a Keyboard Key Combination:

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t find a switch to turn off the dell laptop airplane mode. There are other easy ways as well. One of them is using a hidden combination of keyboard keys using the Fn key.

Fn, short for Function, allows a keyboard to be more functional without increasing the number of keys. This key is present between the Ctrl and Alt keys of your keyboard. All the F keys are present in the top row.

Each one of them has two functionalities. They will either perform their function with or without pressing the Fn key. Try the following combinations to turn off airplane mode.

After pressing these keys, you will come along with an ‘ Airplane mode turned off or ‘Airplane mode disabled’ message on the screen.

  • Look for the key in the top row with an airplane or radio tower symbol. Press the Fn key with this key to disable the airplane mode.
  • Press the Fn key with the F2 key.
  • A third way is to Press Fn and prt sc (Print Screen) keys together.

7. From The Login Screen:

2nd last method on our list if you are unsure how to turn off airplane mode on a Dell laptop. This method is not at all different from the wifi settings one.

Windows also allow you to disable airplane mode from the login screen (where you enter your password or PIN). Click on the wifi icon present at the bottom right corner. Click on airplane mode to disable it.

8. What To Do If You Are Unable To Turn Off The Airplane:

If the methods mentioned above don’t solve your issue or your airplane mode is greyed out, we can also fix that for you. Windows possesses a native troubleshooter for all such kinds of problems.

In case you encounter your laptop stuck in airplane mode, use a troubleshooter. For this, you must,

  • Go to settings and then go to update and security.
  • Look for the troubleshooting option on the left side and click on it.
  • After that, click on Internet Connections followed by Run the troubleshooter. Next, hit the Network Adapter and press the Run the troubleshooter button. Follow the onscreen instruction and complete the whole process.


How do I turn off the airplane mode on my laptop keyboard?

Try to use the function and aeroplane keys to turn the aeroplane mode off.

Why can’t I turn off Airplane mode on my Dell laptop?

Firstly, turn on the setting option for airplane mode. Then keyboard for make it turn off.

Is there a way to enable or disable airplane mode on the desktop?

On Windows 10, select Network from the taskbar and then select Airplane mode to activate or deactivate airplane mode.

What is the best way to permanently disable airplane mode in Windows 10?

You can change the plan settings by going to Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Power Options. Go to the Advanced Power Settings section.

There are options under “Wireless Adapter Settings -> Power Saving Mode” that may include turning on airplane mode and disabling wireless.

What’s wrong with my computer when it stays in airplane mode?

“Windows 10 stuck in airplane mode”, as well as turning off the feature. Turn off airplane mode by pressing the function key ‘fn’ and the print screen key ‘PrtSc’ while holding them down until you see the message “Airplane mode disabled.”.

What is the Airplane Mode on Dell Laptop?

The airplane mode is available on every Dell laptop. If the airplane mode dell key is unavailable, go to the keyboard short keys. The short key lets the user get the laptop airplane mode on or off. The shortcut key is Windows +A for the action center and click on airplane mode to enable or disable.

Bottom Line:

So now you have learned how to turn off airplane mode on dell laptop windows 10; we hope it doesn’t create further problems in your laptops.

Airplane mode is quite irritating when it activates automatically or accidentally. That’s not a surprise because no one likes their digital devices without the internet.

But fortunately, the windows and DELL manufacturers have provided tons of easy options to eliminate the issue.

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