How To Track A Stolen Laptop With Serial Number 2023

Do you wanna know how to track a stolen laptop with serial number?

But Wait! Is it possible to track your laptop with the help of a serial number?

Quick Answer.

The answer is a big NO. There is a chip in the laptop activated with the help of Absolute CompuTrace. If your chip is activated. Then you should be able to track the unit.

Otherwise, there is no technology yet to track the laptop via serial number. I recommend you have it reported to the local authorities so that you claim the unit back once it’s recovered.

But don’t be disappointed. I have 2 Easy of the tested methods that are gonna find your stolen laptop. Let’s start. Never wait for the day you will lose your computer to start thinking of a way you can track it back.

Whether you are an aerospace engineer or a student of applied physics, the security of your laptop is the very first priority and you must pay attention to it.

2 Effective Ways Free and Easiest Methods of Tracking a Stolen Laptop:

Do this today! No I mean NOW! and save yourself in case such a mystery comes on your way in future. But if your laptop is stolen then this will definitely gonna work for you too.

1: Prey Security Prey security is a website with the help of it you can track your laptop. You can track almost every type of laptop using this method whether it is a window laptop, MacBook or Chromebook.

So first of all create a prey account. For this, you have to go on google and search prey laptop tracking software download. If you don’t find an option to login then search prey login. Now create the account if you don’t have any.

After that you will receive an activation email and here you go your problem is solved.You have to submit all of your device information. It will successfully help you to find your stolen laptop. This is a free and easy method so everyone can use it.

2: Use Microsoft Account to track your laptop: If any of your window devices are lost or stolen, you will be able to find MY DEVICE to locate your device remotely.

This setting works for any window device, such as a PC, laptop , Surface pro Surface Pen.It needs to be turned on before you can use it.

Turn on Find My Device:

You have to go to the search bar and type location.It is necessary if you wanna find your stolen laptop.

Now open location privacy settings beacuse this is the setting which is going to help us to track the stolen laptop.

Click on the home in the left side and go to the update and security.

Now finally click on Find MY DEVICE. Make sure that you have turned on to find my devices. These are the two settings that you have to perform on your computer. So if your laptop is missed place you can easily find your laptop.

Find Your Window Device:

So first of all you have to open Microsoft Account by using this URL. use this Microsoft link to find your device.

Select Sign In.

These are some of my devices which are linked with Microsoft Account so that’s why they all are visible.

Now select the device you wanna find and a complete map will appear and you will be able to find your laptop.This method is applicable only to a Window Device.

3. Use Gmail to track your laptop:

Gmail can help since it notifies you when there are new logins and where they happened if the behaviour is problematic. When this happens, you can start from the most recently known location.

To get the most out of Gmail, sign in to the online version. Click to see your account’s most recent activity. Tap Show Details again to see your account’s most recent activity and copy the appropriate link or IP address.

While it does not offer a precise location, you may establish the town, neighbourhood, or even road in which the device is located.

4. Use your IP address to track your laptop:

Your IP address serves as your online identification. You are identified online by your IP address. These addresses enable communication among billions of people.

IP addresses are perhaps the simplest way to trace down a stolen laptop. So, on another laptop or tablet, browse through the settings of your previously used site.

You may contact your internet service provider and have full access to the location of your misplaced device using this IP address.

The IP address of your laptop can be obtained if you are logged into any of your accounts, such as Dropbox or Facebook.

How do Experts find their laptops?

Losing your laptop usually means one thing panic where is it what files are gone and who knows too much.

But thankfully you’ve probably also heard stories of people recovering lost laptops. So a group in the USA tends to find out how a professional investigation team does it?

This particular group of experts uses absolute software LoJack for laptops.

The Head of the group of ex-police says they’ve used it to recover about 23,000 computers from hooded figures like this guy.

But how experts communicate secretly with the software via GSM Wi-Fi or any internet connection?

The software within the firmware so even if the hard drive is removed the software we
reinstall aside from that.

A member of team tells:

Facebook is a big help obviously people order things online eBay is the big one all these are pockets of information.

We can pull together and validate using
investigative tools that a police officer would use every day.

It’s important to note the team can’t start investigating until you file a report
with the police.

But if experts sound too expensive. You can always go the free route or at least that’s what Shawn Power did after his MacBook was swiped from a bar in New York.

He used prey a free tracking software and then tweeted for help and thanks to a Twitter vigilante he and his The laptop was reunited.

But by paying to an expert or asking for help in any way just as in your style you could always try this method.

You can try both the prey security method and Microsoft account. Microsoft account is reliable only for windows but you can find a laptop of any kind using the prey security app.


Can a stolen laptop be tracked?

To follow your PC go to the Microsoft site and sign in with your record. You’ll be given a rundown of your gadgets, so find the one you’re after and click on the Find my gadget choice under its name.

Presently Microsoft will look for the PC and let you know, generally, where it is, insofar as it’s on the web.

How can I track my lost laptop using IMEI number?

On the Start screen, type cmd to open the Search appeal, and afterward select CMD from the rundown of results.

In the order brief window, enter netsh mbn sh interface, and afterward press Enter. Figure: Command Prompt. Find the Device ID data. This is the IMEI number.

Can I trace my stolen laptop if it’s been factory reset?

In contrast to Apple’s answer, Android Device Manager will be cleaned after a production line reset — a hoodlum can reset your gadget and you will not have the option to find it.

Can a stolen computer be tracked?

An IP address can likewise recognize your PC in the event that somebody takes it. There are a few programming programs that distinguish when the hoodlum has utilized your PC to go on the web,

however, following the PC over the Internet is simpler than discovering the PC’s genuine area.

How to find a stolen laptop without a serial number?

You can’t track your stolen laptop without a serial number. Serial number is a must to find your laptop.

How to track a stolen laptop with a MAC address?

To discover the taken PC by the MAC address of the organization connector, you need to contact the law authorization specialists.

They will actually want to look after the accommodation of the utilization of the set up example determined gadget. Yet, as training shows, the MAC address is normally futile.

How to track a stolen laptop with IP address?

Contact your ISP to check whether the cheat has gotten to the Internet utilizing your administration. The ISP issues an area explicit IP address when a PC gets to the Internet.

On the off chance that the proprietor of a taken PC finds an IP address appointed to her PC since the burglary, at that point the police can follow its area.

Can the stolen laptop be tracked?

The Stolen laptops can be tracked by clicking on the My device feature available on the Windows 10 device. If your computer is stolen, you can click on this option and make a Microsoft account if you are an administrator. This feature is helpful in every case to solve the issues.


Imagine you have bought a laptop by saying goodbye to your lunch breaks or if you have to submit a file to your boss. Maybe you have to do a final term assignment.

And all of a sudden your laptop was stolen. What you have to do is to take a long breath.

Your friends might tell you to find the laptop with the help of a serial number and you are searching on google again and again how to track a stolen laptop with serial number? But can’t find a way to do so.

Then pay attention to this there is no technology yet to find a stolen computer with the help of a serial number but there are a lot of other methods. You can just use it to find your laptop.

I have explained all of the steps of the methods by step, consider trying them and you will recover your stolen laptop. Have you found your laptop?

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