5 Pro Tips How to Remove Laptop Stickers Without Damaging them

Want to know how to remove laptop stickers without damaging them? No matter what is the size or material of your sticker. We’ll share our favorite sticker removal techniques to remove it from your laptop safely.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The best tools and methods for removing even the most stubborn stickers
  • Common mistakes to avoid when removing stickers

One method is to use a low-heat hairdryer. Heat the sticker for 30 seconds with the hairdryer a few inches away. Then scrape the sticker off with a credit card or other thin object.

Use olive or coconut oil instead. Rub a little oil on the sticker, wait a few minutes, then scrape it off with a credit card. 

Work slowly and carefully to avoid tearing the sticker. Patience will allow you to remove your laptop stickers without damaging them.

To find more methods, tips, and tricks, Read on.

5 Methods of How To Remove Laptop Stickers Without Damaging Them:

1: By Using Alcohol

To remove those annoying stickers or price labels that simply just don’t come off clean when you peel them. There is a couple of products out there on market.

What I found really effective is actually isopropyl alcohol and you can find that just about anywhere.

First I recommend putting on gloves because one alcohol can get your hands really dry and to never know the long-term effects of these chemicals in your body.

Simply apply the alcohol on the sticker directly. Leave it for 3 minutes or can be increased depending upon your needs. After three minutes, use your thumb to pull it out and that’s it, your sticker is removed.

Be careful, when using Alcohol don’t overuse it because in addition to your skin damage it will also damage the surface of your laptop.

2: By Using Baking Soda

Baking Soda works really well for cleaning these stickers.If you do a lot of baking you probably already have this in your house. So, save your trip to the store and also save your money.

So what you’re gonna do is just use a mixture of baking soda and cooking oil.

Take a bowl. Add one spoon of baking soda or according to your need and pour cooking oil. Mix it well. Apply it to the area where the sticker is. Leave for a few minutes. Rub it gently.

Or use an edged thing to remove it. So here is your sticker removed easily.

3: BY Using Warm Water

This one is the most surprising method. One of my friends told me to remove the sticker by using warm water.

I was a little bit scared because water can also damage my laptop’s screen.

But after trying this the results were incredible.

First, boil the water. Shift it into a spraying bottle and sprinkle it on the area where your sticker is present. Wait for at least 3 to 5 minutes.

When I wanna remove it doesn’t work. But Wait. Apply a layer of peanut butter on it now. Then, try to rub it out. Your sticker will be easily removed without leaving any residue.

In short, Immediately apply the peanut butter on the sticker after spraying water on it.

4: By Using A Hairdryer

Yeah, you can remove the laptop stickers with a simple hairdryer.

First take a hairdryer and use it one the area where the sticker is. After it, rub the sticker gently.

But, it is not that much effective as the above but I have removed the sticker of my laptop with it.

Here is a bonus tip please don’t heat up your laptop more than an extent because it will damage your hardware and battery.

5: By Using Oil-Based Products.

If your laptop and/or sticker are both fresh, you should be able to quickly remove them by simply peeling them away.

Use your fingernail to scrape off a small amount of one corner, then gently pull it to one side until it is fully gone.

This will remove your sticker from the laptop without causing any harm to the sticker itself, but without causing any damage to the laptop and leaving no adhesive residue on it.

If you want to remove stickers from your laptop in a more natural way, you may start with oil and oil-based solutions.

Anything containing oil is okay, from lotions l and petroleum jelly.

Take your preferred oil and apply some of the liquid to a sponge, allowing some of it to sink into the cloth.Then, carefully moisten the sticker’s target region.

Allow the stickers to soak for about 15 minutes before attempting to take them off, beginning with your fingernails and tugging gently.

If you encounter resistance, remove the stickers and reapply the oil-based treatment before attempting again after 15 minutes.

An Effortless and Effective Method to remove laptop stickers:

This is the most effective method.


Here are the materials required for this easiest method:
⦁ A hairdryer
⦁ An Alcohol or surfactant like soapy water
⦁ A sharp-edged object
⦁ Piping cloth-like microfiber cloth or tissue.


So first of all what we’re gonna do is heat up the stickers. But don’t heat it up too much since you may affect the battery may damage it and maybe something that will happen to your battery to put away the hardware from time to time.

Don’t continuously heat up your computer as it may damage the battery. But so fast-forward first find a corner and try to lift it off then after lifting the corner keep applying the heat by using a hairdryer.

Then pull it slowly and surely make sure that no residue will be left behind and don’t
try to pull it too fast because putting it too fast will leave the sticker residue behind.

It will require you to use alcohol or soapy water which we don’t want because you may damage the surface of the laptop.

After removing it, use a tissue to clean it thoroughly.

You can also remove the Intel stickers by using this method but be more careful because it is the most sensitive area.

How to remove the stickers residue effectively?

Have you removed your sticker but still the residues remaining which make it look worse? Don’t worry. I am gonna tell you the methods to remove the residue effectively.

⦁ You can use a liniment to remove the stickers residue.

⦁ Cooking Oil also plays a great role in removing the residues.

⦁ If they don’t work for you use an insecticide spray.

⦁ Use sunscreen to remove the laptop’s stickers. Yes, your beauty item will play an effective role.

⦁ Using baby oil can also be a great option.


How do you get stickers off without ruining them?

Plunge cotton balls in scouring liquor and spot them on the sticker. Supplement the tip of a razor underneath the edge of the sticker; ensure the sticker and encompassing cardboard are as yet immersed. Cautiously lift the side of the sticker until it’s totally eliminated.

How do I remove stickers from my laptop?

You can remove stickers from your laptop effectively by following the mentioned steps.

Do stickers ruin laptops?

However long you apply the correct stickers to the proper spots, their evacuation shouldn’t be an over the top trouble. Yet, be cautioned that the manner in which you endeavor to eliminate the stickers could harm your PC with an excessive amount of energy.

How do you remove a sticker and reuse it?

Utilizing the razor, tenderly attempt to slide the sharp edge under the edges of the sticker, lifting them from the base.

Rehash until you can get your thumb and pointer fingers immovably on the edges. Utilize your warm firearm with one hand and start gradually lifting the sticker with the other.

Should I remove intel stickers from the laptop?

No, except if they are abnormal (which sometimes occurs). I eliminate it, there was at first the apparition of the sticker, yet after around 2 months of utilization, it has disappeared.

Should I throw away the brand stickers after taking out form laptop?

Well removing the brand stickers from laptop is not too harmful but do not throw them away. Just know how to remove stickers from laptop for reuse.

Store these stickers safely with the box. You can reuse them on the gadget whenever there is a need.

These stickers ensure the original seal of the laptop and make it valued. Just in case you are reselling the machine, the sticker will represent its originality.


So it’s time, to sum up, the discussion. Many people will suggest you remove stickers with the help of a knife.

But I won’t recommend it because it will damage your laptop’s surface and also you will need liquid to remove the residue.

If you are also annoyed by those fancy stickers on laptops used to represent the brands like me.

Then, you should try the above effective methods based on my personal experience and on the recommendations of my friends too.

If you have any questions related to or if it was helpful. Tell me about your precious opinion.

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