How to Prevent Laptop Hinges From Breaking | 6 Easy Methods

The most important part of your laptop is its hinges. They allow you to open and close the case quickly, without which a computer is worthless. The average laptop user has replaced their hinge at least once. Damage or loose connector can impact the durability of your device.

You can end up with a broken screen if it’s not fixed the hinges in right away. This article will share some tips on how to Prevent Laptop Hinges from Breaking?

Here are some easy ways to follow by which you can keep your laptop hinges intact. Precautions and common sense are the focus of these methods. To maintain your hinges, you need to be careful with your computer like,

  • Don’t put a heavy load on the lid
  •  Hold your laptop from the bottom 
  • Never pick your laptop from the center of the screen

We will cover 6 methods of how to prevent laptop hinges from breaking in the next section.

6 Common and Easy Ways How to Prevent Laptop Hinges from Breaking

1. Don’t Open or Close the Laptop lid With too Much Force

Overusing your laptop’s lid can cause long-term damage. The hinges hold the display in place while opening and closing smoothly. Too much pressure can bend or break hinges.

The display’s casing can crack if opened or closed too forcefully. Be gentle when opening and closing your laptop; your future self will thank you.

2. Hold the Laptop Carefully How to Prevent Laptop Hinges From Breaking

Hold the Laptop Carefully How to Prevent Laptop Hinges From Breaking

The hinges of a laptop are its weakest point. They support the screen and allow 360-degree rotation. Plastic ones can break easily if not handled carefully.

Best to carry the laptop by the base. This will distribute the weight away from the hinges. Most hinge accidents occur when opening and closing the lid.

Use both hands, and don’t overpress the top. You can avoid breaking your laptop’s hinges with a bit of care.

3. Clean the Hinges Regularly Using a Soft Cloth and Some Rubbing Alcohol

Clean the Hinges Regularly Using a Soft Cloth and Some Rubbing Alcohol

Laptop hinges keep the screen in place while typing or moving it. As hinges loosen, it becomes harder to keep the screen in place.

If not cleaned regularly, dust and dirt can cause them to break. Regularly cleaning the hinges prevents this.

A soft cloth and some rubbing alcohol will do the trick. Excess moisture can cause hinges to rust. With care, laptop hinges can last for years.

4. Use a Good Quality Bag When Taking Your Laptop Outside

Use a Good Quality Bag When Taking Your Laptop Outside

When carrying your laptop outside, use a good bag to protect the hinges. When you open and close the laptop lid, you put stress on the hinges.

Over time, this can break the laptop’s hinges. A good bag has padding to protect the hinges and straps from securing the laptop. As a result, the hinges won’t break over time.

5. Use a Laptop Stand to Help Take The Pressure Off the Hinges.

Laptop stands are an essential accessory for computer users. They take pressure off the hinges and do typing and viewing easier. Laptop stands can also keep the keyboard and touchpad clean.

Laptop stands come in many sizes and styles, so you can find one that works. There’s a laptop stand for everyone, from simple to elaborate.

6. How to Properly Care for Your Laptop Hinges 

How to Properly Care for Your Laptop Hinges

Laptop hinges are crucial. Laptops are more portable because the screen can be rotated and folded. How to care for laptop hinges:

  • Hold your laptop by the base, not the screen, when opening or closing. This prevents hinge stress.
  • Don’t overheat or freeze your laptop. This can break hinges.
  • Use a soft, padded case to transport your laptop. Hard objects can damage hinges.

You can extend the life of your laptop hinges by following these tips.

What to Do If Your Laptop Hinge Breaks 

There are ways to fix a broken laptop hinge. 

  • First, if the break is small, try super glue or another adhesive. 
  • If the break is larger, use tape or wire to join the pieces. 
  • Neither option works, try a repair shop. 
  • If your laptop can’t be fixed, you may need to replace it.

Many affordable options exist under 400. You can find a new laptop that meets your needs and budget with some research.

How to Fix a Broken Laptop Hinge

You can easily fix a broken laptop hinge. 

  • First, unscrew the hinge. After removing the screws:
  • Remove the laptop hinge.
  • Replace the broken hinge.
  • Buy a replacement hinge online or at an electronics store.
  • Once the new hinge is in place, reinstall the screws. 

You can fix your laptop’s broken hinges if you patiently work at them.

Why Hinges Break?

  • Overuse breaks hinges.
  • The hinges may loosen due to loose hinge screws.
  • Poor-quality hinges can break over time.
  • The screen and keyboard may be too heavy for the hinges, causing them to break.
  • Too much pressure can break hinges.
  • Improper laptop care and maintenance can break hinges.

Take Away How to Prevent Laptop Hinges From Breaking:

Simple laptop hinge replacement can prevent breakage. If your hinges are broken, replace them. By following these simple steps, you can increase your laptop’s longevity.


How long is the life of the hinges laptop?

Laptops last three to five years on average. This depends on your laptop’s make, model, and care. Some laptops last two years, while others last longer. Proper laptop care can extend its life.

Broken hinges of the laptop can be repaired?

Yes, but repairing a laptop costs more than replacing it. If the damage is extensive, buy a new laptop.

How do I know if my laptop’s hinges are failing?

A: Laptop hinges can fail for several reasons. These include creaking or grinding noises when opening or closing the laptop, cracked or gapped hinges, and wobbling or shaking screens. Repair your laptop if you observe any of these symptoms.

What is the type of laptop hinges?

There are several types of laptop hinges, including:
Butterfly hinges
Barrel hinges 

What is the laptop hinge repair cost?

An average laptop hinge repair costs is about $200. Type of laptop and damage determine cost. Laptop manufacturers charge different prices for hinge repairs.

How long do laptop hinges last on average?

Laptop hinges can last years with proper care. They may become slack or worn, reducing the laptop’s functionality. If your laptop hinge is showing wear, get it fixed or replaced immediately.

How do I stop my laptop hinges from breaking?

You can prevent your laptop hinges from breaking by following this:
By avoiding Flawed Build Quality.
 By always closing the laptop properly.
Avoiding unsuitable carrying.

How long do laptop hinges last?

The laptop hinge must last for about 5-6 years. This time is the sign of a good hinge only if the laptop is maintained properly. Some hinges can have more time than this, depending on the maintenance. Some are long-lasting, depending on the custom machine and the relevant components.

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