How to Make A Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max in 2023| 8 Ways

Do you think that maximum of your laptop screen brightness is the final limit you have for that function? Or How to make a laptop screen brighter than max?

Most laptops come with a pre-set brightness level that the user can adjust. However, there are times when you may want your screen to be brighter than the maximum setting.

There are a few different ways to make your laptop screen brighter than the max setting. The laptop screen is more colorful than the max, depending on your laptop type.

Keep reading for step-by-step instructions to make your laptop screen brighter.

  • One way is to adjust your power plan settings. 
  • Another way is to change some of your computer’s registry values.  
  • A third method, which works for Windows 10 users, is to use the God Mode tool.  
  • Finally, you could also try using an external monitor.

For more tips and tricks in detail, move the cursor down. Hopefully, you will get the brightness you need on your laptop screen using the above and the following methods.

8 Easy Methods of How to Make A Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max

End your struggle of making the screen brighter and get some effective ways to do it. If you are not satisfied with the built-in screen brightness option on your laptop, then here are some quick methods to advance your techniques.

Remember, each device has its basic and advanced settings. In laptops or mobile phones, everything is not just about hardware.

Sometimes, with some software changes and using the features differently, you will end up with some effective outcomes.

Let’s roll out a few methods about how to make your screen brighter than max, here:

1. Change Your Power Plan To High Performance:

To change your power plan to High-Performance mode:

  1. Right-click the Battery icon in the Notification Area, and then click Power Options.
  2. In Power Options, click the High-performance battery settings link.
  3. In Pick, a power plan, click the High-performance plan.
  4. Click Change plan settings next to the plan you just selected.
  5. Under Additional plan settings, click Change advanced power settings.
  6. Click the + sign next to the Hard disk to expand it.
  7. Click the + sign next to Turn off the hard disk after, and set the number of minutes you want the system to be idle before turning the hard disk off.

2. Download And Install a Program That Will Make The Laptop Screen Brighter:

If you’re struggling to find the perfect lighting for working on your laptop, you’re not alone. In fact, this issue plagues many laptop users, and one of the main reasons is the lack of brightness. Sure, your screen is bright enough, but it’s not as bright as you’d like.

Why is this?

Well, it could be because the laptop’s screen has been set to a lower brightness setting than you’d like. If this is the case, you can solve the problem by downloading a tool that will increase the amount of light emitted from your laptop’s display.

For Android, there are a number of apps that can be used to adjust display brightness.


CF. lumen adapts the colors on your device based on the position of the sun, or your custom configuration.

MX Player:

MX Player is an app that offers you the best display you require for easy usage.

Dim screen:

A Dim screen is a laptop that is used to adjust the display of a laptop.

3. Create a Task To Make The Brightness Level Higher Than Maximum:

To create a task that can make the brightness level higher than the maximum, use the following method.

  • Tasker must be installed.
  • Create a profile “Brightness Level” with the state “Display”.
  • Add an entry task by clicking on the “plus” button, then tap “State”, then “Display”.
  • Now tap the “Level” entry, then “Value” and type in “50”.
  • Now add an exit task by tapping the “plus” button again and then tap “Task”, then “End”, then “OK”.

That’s all. Try and see.

Though creating a task can be a little tricky but you can be in ninja mode to do it. It only requires you to know where to put the codes and how to create the task. Eventually, it works for all the laptops for Serato DJ software as well.

4. Add a Scheduled Task To Turn The Brightness Back Down in The Morning:

First, you’ll need to download Brightness Controller, a free application that will turn the brightness up or down depending on the time of day.

Then, you’ll need to change the configuration file so it will use your location to determine if it’s day or night. Once you’ve made that change, you can schedule the wake-up time in Task Scheduler.

5. How To Make a Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max On Windows 10?

Here I am gonna give you three methods to adjust brightness: By the usage of function keys:

To make your laptop screen brighter than the maximum on Windows 10, you can use the function keys. Press the “Fn” key and the following keys for the desired brightness:

Fn + F3 to make the screen dimmer.
Fn + F4 to make the screen darker.

To change the brightness, you can press the FN + F8 keys

6. By the usage of the power button:

On Windows 10, you can adjust the brightness of your display by using the power button on your device.

To increase the brightness, tap the button to turn up the brightness of the screen. To decrease the brightness, tap the button to turn down the brightness of the screen.

7. By making a change in settings:

You can change the brightness of your laptop screen by using the steps below.

Step1: Open the control panel in your Windows 10 laptop.
Step2: Locate and click on the “Power Options” option in the control panel.
Step3: Click on the “Change plan settings” option for the selected plan.
Step4: Click on the “Change advanced power settings” option.
Step5: Change the “Laptop brightness” option for display output.
Step6: Select and click on the option “On battery” and change the brightness to maximum using the slider button.
Step7: Click on the “Screen saver” option and uncheck the “Turn off the display” option.

8. How To Make A Laptop Screen Brighter Using Calibration?

You can make your laptop screen brighter by calibrating the screen. Calibrating the screen alters your screen’s color on your monitor, and it can help you see better on the bright screen.

Here I am gonna discuss 11 steps to make a laptop screen brighter than max:

Step 1: Calibrate the screen brightness on your computer to the brightness setting you want.
Step 2: Turn off your laptop.
Step 3: Press and hold the power button until the system turns off.
Step 4: Press and hold the power button again to turn on the laptop.
Step 5: Press F2 so the computer enters the BIOS.
Step 6: Navigate to the Power Management section.
Step 7: Change the Minimum Brightness to the lowest possible setting.
Step 8: Change the Maximum Brightness to the highest possible setting.
Step 9: Save and exit the BIOS.
Step 10: Restart your computer.
Step 11: Move the slider from the lowest.

The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge- Here are some frequently asked questions by the public:

How Do I Make My Screen Brighter?

To adjust the brightness on your computer, go to Start -> Control Panel -> Display.

For Windows: Press Ctrl + F11 keys on the keyboard.
For Mac: Press Command + F11 keys on the keyboard.

Wondering how to make your laptop screen brighter than max? There are some apps you can use for this purpose.

Most Android devices allow you to access several options to increase your screen brightness. You can use the Lux app to change your screen brightness from minimum to maximum.

A bright display app called brightness slider is good if you own a Mac computer. All you have to do is just install the app and easily control the brightness if your screen from the menu bar.

Higher environment light

Screen brightness works differently than the concept of average lightening. Normally, in the dark, you have to use high beam lights and make things visible. Whereas in the day, you can use dim lights and make it work.

With the device screen, things are opposite. When you are in dark, the low screen brightness will work great for you. It makes the screen visible and comfortable for the eyes. However, in broad daylight, you have to deal with the issues.

Screen facing a major light source requires more brightness to sustain its visibility. Otherwise, the larger light source will affect the screen brightness and cause it to appear dull.

Highlight colors or graphics

People who are in the creative business and work with colors and graphics require more brightness on the screen. Low brightness changes the colors and feel of the graphic normally.

Therefore, designers have to come up with tricks on how to make your screen brighter than max.

Whenever you are dealing with some graphics, whether in creation or just watching it, you need more brightness. It will help you observe the patterns and colors better to praise or inspire.
Gets into details of the image

Image details are more visible when you make screen brighter. It highlights the image from all dimensions to ensure you will end up looking at a high-quality image.

If your screen brightness is lower and you are watching the ultra-high quality mage on your laptop or phone screen, it will not look that good.

Increasing screen brightness will glorify your image and make it look much better than ever. You can even highlight some of the drawbacks of the image as well.


How can you deactivate automatic brightness?

Open your windows start menu and then start your control panel. Click on hardware and then on sound. Open power options.

Now open the change plan settings that are next to the display plan. Now adjust the brightness according to your liking.

How do I make my laptop screen brighter on Windows 10?

You can adjust the brightness of your screen in your laptop by changing the brightness level or by pressing the keyboard shortcuts.

Windows 10 has a feature that can automatically adjust your display’s brightness. Go to System > Display > Change brightness. Press the arrow next to ‘Change brightness’ and click ‘Next’.

Why is my laptop screen so dark?

If you are experiencing a dark screen, check to make sure that the laptop is not in a power save mode and that the screen brightness is at its highest level.

Why is my HP laptop screen so dim?

Laptop screen dimness is typically due to the laptop’s automatic brightness adjustment which often adjusts to the dimmest setting. The dimness may be due to graphic card settings or operating system settings.

To adjust brightness, open the Settings app on your Hp screen laptop and click Brightness & Lock.

Why you need more brightness on screen?

When learning laptop screen brightness, you should also know why you need more brightness on the screen.

There is no doubt that screen brightness is one of the exceptional features you can use on your devices. It is not just your laptop screen but also any other gadget from your smart watch to the tablet, smartphone and more.

You make screen brighter occasionally while using the devices and it is common. Have you ever wonder why you need more brightness on screen?

The device screen is designed to give you a comfortable and exceptional screen usage experience. In its normal position, the devices gives you a nice view on screen but you are still search for how to make your screen brighter than max then here are a few reasons.

How do I make my laptop screen brighter than Max’s?

Click on the power option in settings and change the plan set. Use the brightness plan to change the brightness accordingly.

Why is my HP laptop not bright enough?

Use the brightness control in your settings to change the brightness settings.

How do I change the brightness on my laptop above the maximum?

1. Firstly, open the window setting by pressing Windows Key + I.
Choose the Display section by going to the System menu from the left-hand side menu.
2. Under the color section & brightness, you will find the brightness slider right.

What function key for brightness?

The keyboard keys can be used to control the brightness of the laptop. Press the button to control the LCD brightness of the screen. Fn+F5 can decrease the screen brightness.
The Fn+F6 keys can control the intensity of the light. The keyboard can be used to control the overall screen brightness


The laptop screen is no doubt one of the most important parts of your laptop and it’s also the most used part. The laptop screen is what you see and what you do.

It’s very important to make sure that the screen is bright enough so that you can see what you’re doing and what is important to you or your work.

For the complex jobs of graphic designers and professionals, it is essential to have maximum brightness. It shows the colors better and gives you nice coverage.

Changing your laptop screen is impossible without measuring the laptop dimensions. But, changing it will not impact the brightness at all. You have to crack the ways to changing brightness in system.

I did a bit of research on how you can make your own screen brighter than max, and what you can do to make it more enjoyable to work and play with.

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