How to Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering | 4 Easy Fixes

You’ll soon realize how important your laptop power jack is if it fails. If your laptop’s power jack breaks, it will not turn on and turn off at random.

Luckily, there’s are way to fix this problem without having to solder anything. Here we’ll show you how to Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering?.

In most cases, you tighten the power jack without soldering. Remove the battery and unplug the laptop. Unscrew the access panel on the laptop’s bottom. Remove the cover to gain access to the power jack. If so, tighten the jack clockwise.

It’s possible to replace a severely damaged jack. Whether you’re tightening a loose power jack or replacing a damaged one, follow these steps carefully to avoid damaging your laptop.

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What is a power jack and how does it work?

Apparently, a power jack is just like another slot for you in the laptop. However, technically it is the source of power supply to the whole system.

You must be considering the battery as the power source but the jack actually makes the battery work efficiently and charge to its full power. It is even responsible to make a laptop run without battery.

A power supply or PSU is an electronic device that supplies electrical energy to an electrical load. The primary function of a power supply is to convert one form of electrical energy to another. As a result, the power supplies are sometimes referred to as electric power converters. Currents come is a few forms such as

⦁ Pulsating
⦁ Direct
⦁ Variable
⦁ Alternating

The current coming through your wall are alternating meaning they reverse the direction many times a second at regular intervals.

A computer power supply takes the electrical current and converts it into a direct current that flows in one direction only.

Modular or non-modular
You may have heard the terms modular or non-modular at some point or other. When it comes to building a PC these are pretty important.

A power supply that is non-modular comes with a specific set of chords and attached directly to the power supply meaning not only are less in options for you but if you wanted more VGA chords or SATA chords this is going to restrict you and there is nothing you can do about it.

Sometimes there are certain damages to it so for this purpose we have to repair it. This is how you can fix a laptop power jack without soldering.

Factors Contributing to DC Power Jack damage.

There are some parts of a laptop that begin to loosen as time goes by. Normally, it happens after two to two and a half years of normal usage, though it can happen sooner if you use it for a long period of time.

It may loosen the jack if the power plug is jerked. For example, if you pull or drop the charger cord. Dogs, vacuum cleaners, or even humans may create such circumstances.

There is a lack of strength within the shell and motherboard construction is the most common cause. In other words, a plug cannot properly withstand stress when inserted.

The power jack on some laptop models is not adequately soldered.

How to check the voltage of your power jack?

The easy method to find if your power supply is working or not is to test it with a paper clip. Using a paperclip to find if your power supply is working is a very simple and easy test.

Your power jack is where your charger cable actually plugs into.

All you need to do is open up the paperclip. Tear up the plastic coating on both ends exposing the metal. From there you wanna disconnect your power supply from your motherboard and other peripherals within your computer.

So once you disconnect the power supply you have to take the 24 pin connector that connects to your motherboard.

From there you are gonna take one end of your paper clip. Plug it into the pin that is connected to a green wire. And then connect the next end into a pin that’s connected to any of the black wire.

You might be thinking that I have one of those fancy, modular power supplies and all of my wires are black.

This is not a problem though. Only this is a standard. All you have to do is to take the 24 pin connector. Flip it to the side where the clip that connects to the motherboard is facing you. Then from the right, you have to count 4 pins.

At four, that’s your life, that’s where the green usually is and the third one right before it, that’s the black ground.

Put your paperclip side-by-side in pin 4 and pin 3 on the connector. That’s it once you have your power supply connected to an electrical outlet. You should hear and see your power supply fans are spinning.

If you have a really silent one, maybe you might need to at least connect one of your case fans just to see some activity. And if you do see that then you know that your power supply is working.

How To Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering

Once you have checked the power supply jack and you know there is a problem with it. Then, it is time to get hands on to something unusual. You might think it is not a good idea to fix it yourself.

However, if you are good enough to work with wires, circuits and tools, it is not a big deal at all. Just follow the instructions and be keen to details so you will be done soon with it.

Remember, it is always good to be ready with some hacks for emergency timing. Just in case, you spill water on the laptop, now if you know what to do when spill water on laptop, then you can take appropriate action. It reduces the impact of problem.

How Can I Repair The Power Jack On My Laptop Without Soldering?

If you work in investment banking, then your laptop should have 24/7 power. The following guide can help you fix the power issue without going to a repair center for immediate assistance.

To be honest, you don’t have to be a skilled electrician to conduct soldering. There are simple soldering techniques that everyone may learn!

It is only possible to repair a power jack if it is connected to the motherboard by a wire.

Directly soldering it into the motherboard is not feasible. A fully loose or broken power connector needs to be repaired by soldering.

Here is the complete method to fix a power jack without taking it apart.

Fixing laptop power jack
Check what caused the power failure.
Test Power Adapter /Charger
Test DC-in jack

4 Ways to fix laptop power jack without soldering

1. Causes of Power Jack Failure

When your computer does not get the power that it needs the result can be erratic behavior,irregular shutdown or spectacular failures. Learning to spot the sign of a bad power supply can allow you to replace the failing parts before it causes damage to its hardware.

One sign of power problems is system instability under load. This can be a tricky symptom to diagnose since many different things can cause random errors and crashes.

Even if you can rule out the software problems but a hard drive sector and a write is continuing, unexplained crashes could point to power supply failures.

You should take special notice if the crashes seem to happen more frequently when running CP or graphic investing program.

Since these actions would require more current from the power supply and would be a good indicator of the problem.

Video Issues
Another symptom of power jack failure is video issues. Two videos error while typical video cards for the business computers are low ended modules. Some are more foul.

If you demand more power from the system and in some cases have their own dedicated power system.If your company works with 3D modelling programs and gracious occurs frequently.

When switching to the 3D mode or when performing graphic-intensive tasks it could be a power supply problem.

Noise and Odour
Major failures can lead to hardware problems. If you notice an office computer suddenly making different noises.

Listen to the machine and see if you can isolate the component that the noise is coming from. If the power supply suddenly begins making louder noises. The hardware may be on its doubt way.

If you detect accurately over-burning order you should switch off the computer immediately because in rare cases a poorly maintained power supply koukos and electrical fire.

Complete Failure
The ultimate symptom of a bell power supply is the inability to turn on your computer. If pressing the power switch on the front of the case does nothing. Check the switch on the power supply itself to make sure that it is in position.

Some suppliers have external circuit breakers that may trip. And if manipulating the outside control does not help crack. Open the case to see if any in the interest component seems to have power.

2. Test power adapter

The power adapter is basically what you plug into a wall and change into a suitable voltage and current for your laptop. Let’s say your laptop is not charging fast. For this purpose you need a multimeter.

Take your multimeter and set it for the V 4 voltage and the symbol (the large line on top three small lines on bottom). Now first look at the connectors. So there are two connectors:

⦁ The wire plugs into the outlet.
⦁ The wire inside.

Remember one thing you see the bends in the plug. A lot of people bend and pulley about over the course of time and this sometimes breaks. Connects the pings on the multimeter.

Now, remember one thing there are two wires of the multimeter the red one is positive and the back one is negative. Make sure that you have set the multimeter right. After setting it out. Put the red and black pings into the plug. This is how you can test it.

More than 1-amp voltage off indicates a problem. This solution is to buy a replacement adapter.

3. Test DC-in jack

DC stands for Direct Current.We will test two types of DC adaptor:
DC power supplies
⦁ Batteries (9-Volt)

First, you need to determine the voltage of the power supply- read this off the back of the power supply.

“Out” or “Output”=?

Now plug the power supply into an AC outlet. Now set the meter to DC volts. For example, you have a power supply that works on “20” volt. Then set your power supply to 20 volts.

Set the meter higher than the voltage on the power supply.

Place one meter lead on the sleeve of the Power Supply end,and the other inside the end.

Now take a measurement:

One the same power supplies you will get a measurement real close to the supplies stated voltage. But on some voltages, you will get a higher voltage (plus or minus 4 volts). The reading depends upon the type of power supply.

Now reverse the meter leads, and test the voltage again.

Now reverse the meter leads, and test the voltage again.
Notice that now a small(-) comes up next to the voltage reading- this indicates reverse polarity( the leads are on the wrong contact). This simple test will let you know how good your power supply is.

⦁ If the reading jumps a lot, it
means the motherboard is fired.
⦁ No reading means the jack may
be faulty.
⦁ Test the jack connector.There will
be no voltage if the connector is faulty.

4. Solution.

There are two types of problems:
⦁ Physical damage related problem
⦁ Wires, pins and Motherboard Tracks related problems.

Physical Damage Related Problem
If your power jack is damaged physically I mean you may notice any broken plug and other things like that. Then replacing it is the only safe solution.

I will strictly say to you that please don’t use any hot glue or any type because it may damage that whole hardware. The easiest way is to replace the DC- power jack.

Motherboard related Problem
You must have all the compulsory apparatus & devices earlier than you start working. Some of these gadgets needed are counted beneath.

⦁ An AC Adaptor that is all-inclusive and has all the extensions that are cooperative with your Notebook as concerned with the magnitudes and other accredits.
⦁ Adhesive tapes cable ties
⦁ Multimeter
⦁ Nails, Drills, hammer.

⦁ Join the two chords.
⦁ Fix the connector wire or jacks pin.
⦁ Fixing Wobbling jacks
⦁ Fixing burned motherboard or damaged pin.


How do I know if my DC jack is damaged?

The laptop will not charge properly, and the screen brightness will change repeatedly.

How do I know if my laptop power jack is bad?

The bad power jack signals will flick on and off. The good power jack always shows a constant power supply.

How can I charge my laptop if the charger port is broken?

Perhaps the most effortless approaches to accuse your PC is of a force bank. A force bank is fundamentally a compact battery for your PC. All you must do is associate the force bank to your PC. The best thing about power banks is that they shouldn’t be connected to an outlet while they’re charging your PC.

How do you fix a laptop power jack?

You will be able to fix the laptop power jack after reading this article.

How much does it cost to fix a laptop power jack?

Not much, you can fix your power jack in between $100 to $200.

How do I know if my laptop power jack is working?

You can do a test to know if your laptop power jack is working or not. To know the method of testing takes a look at the above section.


For a couple of years, soldering is the most reliable method to handle fluctuations in your laptop power jack. But with the development of the era, the people wanted to find shortcuts that are good but not more reliable.

However, getting back to the topic, iron soldering is necessary if your power jack is fixed with the laptop. If it is not then you can apply the above methods and can fix your laptop in a very easy way.

I have tried to tell you all the things in detail but if you still have questions then you can ask us by writing a comment section. Thanks for reading.

I assure you have got the answer to how to fix laptop power Jack without soldering

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