How to Fix Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing?

Do you want to know how to fix cracked laptop screen without replacing? You can find a low-cost method for assisting you with laptop screen repair.

Laptop screens are the most sensitive and essential component of the system. If the screen is damaged, no operation in the system is visible to the user. The most common issue that laptop users have is a cracked computer screen.

Even if you take extraordinary precautions with your technology, problems such as a broken or damaged computer screen are unavoidable at times. If the screen is broken or damaged, then laptops need some cost to repair screen.

Let’s Take A Look On How to Fix Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing:

Personally, the only suggested way to fix the cracked screen is to get a good replacement for it. Be careful while detaching or attaching the screen.

Try to adjust the screen properly, and keep one thing in mind, try not to touch that inverted wire while performing this process!

What is The Laptop Screen Made Of?

What is The Laptop Screen Made Of

Liquid crystal display (LCD) is used to make laptop screens and is available in various forms. LCD’s do not emit light directly, so they use the reflective properties of light crystals.

However, recently some laptops are also manufactured with LED screens that provide much better picture quality than an LCD screen.

However, regardless of the external display, in this guide, you can find out how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing.

What Should You Do If You Find Your Laptop Screen Broken?

What Should You Do If You Find Your Laptop Screen Broken

If you open the lid of your laptop and find the screen broken the first thing to do is to stay calm and do not panic.

Check your broken laptop screen and analyze the damage. Calmly check if there is internal damage or not.

One simple way to check the internal damage is to connect your previous laptop screen to an external monitor by using an HDMI or video cable.

The hardware components including the motherboard and other cabling are working fine if your display is working on another device.

Reasons For A Cracked Laptop Screens:

When a new laptop screen cracks, you’ll notice a variety of visual faults depending on what exactly broke.

You may see bleeding colors or poorly colored pixels, portions of the screen appearing blank, stuck screens, color lines, or the screen not turning on at all.

A cracked screen may occur for various reasons, including pressure, but it can also happen when a laptop is kept in a bag or close location for an extended period.

The computer’s screen might be damaged when it is being carried or when we remove or insert it into the bag.

One of the device’s weakest points is the hinge from which the screen pivots. If you open and close the laptop quickly and violently, you risk breaking the hinge mechanism and damaging the laptop screen . It can cause one side of the screen to bend, resulting in a screen crack.

If you are working quickly and the laptop entire screen is pushed forcefully, then screen may be damaged.

Aside from physical damage, a laptop screen may immediately stop working for various reasons, such as an internal fault with the motherboard or video connections for the display or exposure to intense light.

How To Replace Broken Laptop Screen?

To replace the laptop screen, you will need to purchase a replacement screen that is completely matched to your laptop.

You may get it online or at your local market. Then, if any devices are connected to the laptop, you should disconnect them.

Don’t forget to unplug the charger and, if possible, remove the battery. Locate the screws holding that keep the laptop’s screen in place and release them using a magnet head screwdriver.

Your laptop’s screen is held in place by six to four screws. These are often found at the bottom of the plastic frame.

When you’ve completed unscrewing everything, take the screen away from the laptop’s plastic bezel.

Take care while detaching it and check whether there is no screw remaining to attach the screen and separate it. When you remove the plastic bezel, you’ll notice that a metal frame surrounds it. 

You must adjust the screen so that the metal frame can be seen. The screen of your laptop will slowly come out of its cover, revealing the connections that link the display and laptop.

The two significant wires are located here. The first is a TV cable, while the second is an inverter power cable. It will help if you unplug the laptop and the monitor’s connected wire.

Leave the inverter wire untouched. Please pick up the new screen and insert it inside the shell as you remove the previous one.

Repeat all the steps, tightening the screws, connecting the wires, and attaching the outer case tightly. Turn on the laptop and check that the display works correctly. Analyze it with various colors on a new screen.

How To Fix A Small Crack On A Laptop And Computer Screen

You must be thinking about how to fix a small crack on a laptop screen. It would be best if you used toothpaste to repair a cracked screen on a laptop.

The method may not be as successful depending on the depth of the crack, but it can help extend the life of an LED display and avoid the need for rapid replacement screen.

To try the repair, apply toothpaste – again, a flavorless paste type – to cloth after wiping and clearing the screen replaced with a can of compressed air.

Apply the paste to the position of the crack and the area immediately surrounding it in a circular motion, but be careful not to get toothpaste into the gap between the screen and the rim of the laptop lid.

To avoid residue, wipe the screen with a clean cloth in an up and down motion once the paste has been rubbed in.

You must be wondering how to fix a small crack in the computer screen—no need to worry. There is a solution for that too.

You probably should attempt to seal the cracks, as the flexing it can allow could damage other components.

Therefore, solutions could include baking soda, a plastic bag, and sandpaper to the damaged panel, but these will only provide a temporary solution.


Can Toothpaste Fix a Cracked Screen?

Fixing a cracked laptop screen with toothpaste is probably not the best idea. Toothpaste will not in any way fix your cracked screen.

How can I fix the cracked laptop screen?

Follow the steps.

Power off the laptop and remove the power supply
Carefully remove the bezel
Remove the broken screen damage
Install the new LCD screen and test it.
Apply the protective layer on new laptop screen.

Can laptop screen cracks be repaired?

Yes, the cracks can be repaired using toothpaste on the cracked areas.

How much does it cost to replace the broken screen without replacing?

The costs range from $200 to $400 . The replacement screen firslty can be done by the trained laptop technicians in dedicated working area. The repair costs vary at various authorized repair shop center due to different parts and manpower.

Is a cracked computer screen easy to replace?

Most laptop screens can be easy to replace as long as you follow the instructions provided and use the essential tools in proper manner.

The use of high quality materials can be done for replacement screens

Can cracked laptop screens be repaired?

The cracked screens can be repaired at home. Home repair can be easily done if the crack is not much deep. However, if the screen has a defective issue, you need to consult the repair expertise. If the repair is not acceptable for the screen, you must move to the replacement option.

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