How to Fix a Bent Laptop Charger

Are you concerned about How to Fix a Bent Laptop Charger? You’re not the only one who feels this way. Many people have noticed that their chargers have developed a permanent bend and are curious ‌why this is. We will explain this phenomenon in several ways. 

  • Chargers for laptops are typically thin, flexible materials. As a result, With heavier items in a bag or backpack, they may bend or deform. 
  • Frequent charging and discharging of laptops can cause the internal battery to swell, causing the charger to bend.
  • Last but not least, your charger may be faulty. If your charger bends abnormally or loses its capacity to hold a charge, replace it as soon as possible.

How to Fix a Bent Laptop Charger is fairly easy. So here are a few steps how to repair a charger

  • First, straighten out the charger. Holding both ends of the charger, gently bend it back into shape. 
  • If the charger is severely deformed, you may have to flatten it out with a book. 
  • Charge your laptop with the charger once it is straight. 

You must examine the laptop power jack after fixing the bent charger. In some cases, this can cause the laptop to not charge.

Use This Guide For How to Fix a Bent Laptop Charger

A laptop charger is an AC adaptor that powers a laptop computer. It transforms AC electricity from a wall outlet into DC power, which is then utilized to charge or power the laptop.

Chargers come in various sizes and types, so be sure you get the proper one for your laptop.

How to Fix a Bent Laptop Charger, follow these steps

  1. Find a sturdy surface to work on
  2. Unplug the laptop charger from the wall, and the computer
  3. If the plastic is broken, use electrical tape to hold it together
  4. If not, then remove the screws from the back of the charger using a Phillips head screwdriver
  5. Gently straighten out the bent wire using your hands or pliers, making sure not to kink it
  6. Replace the screws and reattach the laptop charger to the computer
  7. Plug in the laptop charger and test it by plugging it into an outlet
  8. If it still doesn’t work, try another outlet
  9. Contact the manufacturer if there are still problems

Replacement chargers are thankfully inexpensive and easy to come by. You can keep your laptop charger in good working order for many years with a little extra care.

How to Fix a Bent Charger Plug of Laptop

A bent charger plug can be frustrating for a laptop owner. It’s hard to insert and can damage the charging port. A bent laptop charger plug is easy to fix.

First, reposition the plug. If not, straighten the plug with pliers. Overpressure can damage the plug’s wires. If the first two steps fail, replace the plug. Online and in most electronics stores, replacement plugs are available.

You should be able to get your charger working like new again as soon as possible if you have a little patience. The Internet offers many cheap options.

How to Repair a Bending Laptop Charger Pin

Unplugging your laptop charger can frustrate you when you’re trying to work. It’s usually easy to fix.

Check your laptop’s charger port. Compressed air can remove debris or buildup around pins. Examine the charging cord. Straighten kinked or bent cords.

If your laptop’s charging port is bent or damaged, realign the pins with a toothpick. With patience and care, you can fix your charger.

How to Unbend Laptop Charger Cable

Many laptop users are frustrated by bent or damaged charging cables. Damaged cables can cause electrical shorts and fires. Repairing a bent laptop charger cable is easy.

First, straighten the cable. Next, reshape the metal connector with pliers. Tape the cable to prevent further damage. You can repair a bent laptop charger cable and avoid costly replacement fees.

How to Fix a Deformed Laptop Charger Tip

A laptop charger is essential but easily damaged. Dropping or stepping on a charger can bend its tip. A bent tip may not seem serious, but it can cause problems.

The most obvious problem is that it is difficult to insert the charger into the charging port on the laptop. Even if the charger fits, it may not connect properly and will not charge your laptop.

A bent tip can stress internal wires, causing a short circuit. Bent charger tips can be easily fixed.

Straighten the metal prongs with needle-nose pliers. Then file any rough edges. Finally, tape or shrink the tip. A bent laptop charger tip is easy to fix.

How to Correct a Damaged Laptop Charger Port

A broken or bent laptop charger port can be highly inconvenient. It not only makes charging your laptop difficult, but it can also cause permanent damage to the device if not fixed properly. Fortunately, you can set a bent charger port with a few simple steps:

  1. Make the port as straight as possible.
  2. Gently pull on any loose wires with a pair of pliers.
  3. Secure the port in place with superglue.

How to Set a Curled Laptop Charger Wire

You’ve probably experienced this: while working on your laptop, the charger wire yanks out of the socket, yanking your laptop with it.

This doesn’t necessarily mean your charger is broken. You can often fix a bent laptop charger wire yourself.

  • First, unplug the laptop and wall charger. Examine the cord for damage. 
  • If the wire is kinked or bent slightly, you can straighten it by hand. 
  • If wrinkled more, use needle-nose pliers to reshape it gently.
  • After straightening the wire, plug the charger into the wall and your laptop. If everything works, you can skip the electronics store. 
  • If your laptop’s charging light doesn’t come on or the charge doesn’t last as long, it’s time to upgrade

How to Update a Bent Laptop Charger Prong

Charger prongs can bend or break. If this happens, update the charger to prevent computer damage. With a few tools, it’s feasible.

Start with a screwdriver and needle-nose pliers. Disassemble the charger to remove the damaged prong. Insert the new prong in the old hole. Finish by screwing it in. In a few minutes, you can fix your charger.

How to Restore a Bent Laptop Charger Block

The charger block bends when you step on it or get caught on something. While it may not appear to be a significant issue, a bent block can cause your charger to malfunction. Your charger can be restored to its

  • Straighten the cable first. 
  • If tangled, use pliers. 
  • Once the cable is straight, gently press the block until it’s flush.
  • File or sand any sharp edges. 

Finally, check your charger’s connections. After these steps, your charger will be like new.

What to Do If Bent Laptop Charger Not Working

When your laptop charger stops working, it can be very frustrating. You can fix a bent charger in a few ways.

Straighten the cord. Try plugging it into another outlet. If not, you may need a new charger. In the meantime, you can try working with your laptop’s battery power.

Just remember to save your work frequently in case your battery runs out.

How to Fix Laptop Charger

Your laptop is essential for home and mobile work. What if your laptop charger breaks? Here are some charger repair tips.

Check the charger’s port. 
Your charger may be loose or broken. 
Wiggle the port to test the connection. If not, replace the port.
Check the charger’s AC adapter. 
Check the prongs and connections in the outlet. 
If not, re-plug the adapter. If that doesn’t work, switch outlets.
If your charger doesn’t work, check the cord. 
Verify kinks, damage, and loose connections. Damaged cords must be replaced. 
Wiggling or twisting the cord may help.

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