6 Easy Ways How To Connect Laptop To Vizio Tv? in 2023

Have you ever considered How to connect laptop to Vizio TV?

Watching your favorite shows is always better on a wider and bigger screen. Smart TVs have made this process easy and you can stream anything on them.

However, they are still pretty expensive and not everyone has a pocket to afford them. If you are also running on a low budget, you should buy a Vizio tv. It has a great picture quality.

You can connect it to your laptop to stream your favorite on it. Now the question arises how to connect laptop to Vizio tv?

You can get your laptop connected to Vizio Tv for enjoying music. The music sound can be more enhanced by connecting power beats to a laptop. There are multiple ways that you can use to achieve this purpose. You can do it through a wire and can also use methods that are completely wireless.

We are going to discuss this most asked question: how to connect laptop to Vizio smart tv wirelessly. Let’s go through the wireless methods so you do not have to deal with a mess of chords.

What is Smart TV Casting or Mirroring?

A Smart TV allows you to enjoy all the added features that can not be acknowledged on a regular TV. On a Smart TV, you can access features such as

  • A strong internet connection
  • Internet browser
  • Voice-guided navigation and recognition
  • Apps so you can enjoy unlimited shows, movies, games, videos, and much more exciting things.

Another exciting feature of Smart TV is casting or mirroring. By using this feature of Smart TV you can easily watch your shows and movies on Smart TV’s display by connecting it to a smaller device such as a laptop or a mobile.

However, are you wondering how to cast to Vizio TV from a laptop? Here are some methods through which you can easily learn how to cast to Vizio TV from a laptop.

1. Wireless HDMI

This is the most asked question of consumers who want to Vizio cast from laptop. HDMI has always been the most reliable way of connecting devices. The difference is that now nobody wants to deal with a bunch of wires.

You will be amazed to know that now we have the answer to this question: how to connect laptop to Vizio tv wirelessly using HDMI.

Wireless HDMI systems are easily available in the market and you should invest your money in it. It is still the most reliable way to cast to Vizio smart tv from pc.

Here is your step-by-step guide to Vizio smart cast from laptop.

  • You will have transmitters that you have to attach to the laptop with the help of a USB port. Double check the connection to guarantee that it is properly attached.
  • Now you have to check on the receiver and connect the laptop to Vizio smart tv. Now you can stream the laptop on Vizio tv.

It is easy as a cake as you do not have to install anything. Simply connect computer to Vizio tv wirelessly using HDMI. you can always count on it to enjoy your laptop content on your Vizio tv.

2. Chromecast


If you are not a fan of HDMI and want another solution of how to connect my laptop to my Vizio smart tv then we have that too.

Chromecast is another very popular and secure method to connect Vizio tv to computer wireless. You can use it to have the experience of the great shows on the bugger screen of Vizio tv.

Chromecast gives you some extra features too. You can use it to cast more than two thousand services and apps. Here is how you can Vizio smart tv stream from pc using Chromecast.

  • As we are using Chromecast to stream, the first step is to have a chrome browser on your PC.
  • You have to make sure that your chrome browser is updated. The freshest version is the best to use.
  • To achieve Vizio smartcast from laptop, you have to attach both the devices to the same WiFi connection. Two different connections would not let you stream the PC on your Vizio tv.
  • Open your chrome and click on the three button menu on the top right section of your screen. You will see dropdown options. Find the option of the cast and click on it.
  • The selection of cast will allow you to go into the options of selecting devices. You have to choose the option of casting the desktop.
  • This will lead you to the next step where you have to pick Vizio tv and your laptop will be connected to Vizio tv wirelessly.

If you are finding this question hard, How to make Vizio TV discoverable then check to make sure your tv is connected to the WiFi. You can easily disconnect your laptop by going into the same menu and selecting the stop casting button.

3. Steam Link

Steam Link

This one is for gamers who love to play their online games but the computer and laptop screen is not good enough to give the full experience. This is the reason everyone wants to connect their Vizio tv with the laptop.

You can use the Vizio SmartCast app for PC and then use it with the steam link. Steam Link is a great buy to fulfill all your dreams to play games on a bug screen. Steam Link allows you to add as many games as you want to play.

Here is How to connect laptop to Vizio TV using Steam Link.

  • Open Steam Link on your PC and make an account or log in to the previous account.
  • Once you have logged in to your Steam Link account, you can connect your Vizio smart tv to the Steam Link device.
  • After making the connection, pair the system with your laptop.
  • Now find the USB port in the Steam Link Device and plug the controller in it.
  • Your laptop is ready to stream on Vizio Smart tv via Steam Link device.

Steam Link can also Vizio smart TV screen mirroring without wifi. If your Laptop can’t find Vizio TV, you can repeat the whole process carefully and most probably it will work.

4. Miracast


As we said earlier that there are so many wireless options available to stream your laptop on Vizio smart tv, Miracast is one of them. Miracast is one of the very dependable sources to do this action.

You can easily watch your favorite shows on Vizio smart tv using Miracast. Miracast comes by default in the 10 and 8.1 versions of windows. On other versions, you can opt to upgrade the drivers. Another option is to buy adapters for Miracast.

If you wonder that Does my Vizio TV have SmartCast then first look into this matter. After confirmation, we can start the process. You have to follow these steps to get the casting done on your Vizio smart tv.

  • On the low right section of your screen, you will find the devices option. Open these options.
  • Find the option of projects and click on it.
  • In the projects go to the addition of wireless display.
  • This will lead you to further two options. Here you can make a choice of paying for the content on both devices or single.
  • If you only want a display on your Vizio smart tv, you have to select the option of only a second screen.
  • To be able to watch on both screens you have to select the option of duplicate.

So, casting your laptop screen on Vizio smart tv is that simple with the help of Miracast. Miracast is built in some versions of Windows, so there is a possibility that you might not even have to pay for it. So if you have those versions on your PC and you do not want to spend money on the casting devices then this is the way to go.

5. Plex


Plex is very similar to Chromecast. There is no need for external hardware and you can directly connect. All you need is the Plex application on your PC to be able to do the process. The only restriction is that the application can not do Vizio smart TV screen mirroring without wifi.

However, the application is free and comes with plenty of other options you can enjoy. To be able to enjoy the full version, you can buy the premium subscription of Plex.

Before you start the connecting process, you have to make registration on the software. Once you are done with it, here are the other steps you have to perform.

  • Your Vizio smart tv needs to be installed with the Plex application.
  • Make an account and log into it.
  • That is all, after you are logged in, both your devices are connected with each other.

Using the Plex app might be the easiest way to stream your favorite shows on Vizio smart tv from the laptop. Just do everything the proper way and you can have fun with the big and wide screen of Vizio smart tv.

6. Vizio smart tv from Android

If you are looking for an answer to a different question such as How to cast to Vizio TV from Android, we have got you covered. Vizio smart tv has a smart cast application. This app is your facilitator in casting your android phone on the Vizio smart tv.

So if you do not have a laptop but own a Vizio smart tv, you are good to go and enjoy your favorite online shows on the big screen of the tv. Vizio smart t is extremely external device friendly and gives you a very smooth experience of casting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should select Vizio Smart TV?

Vizio Smart TV offers high definition image and display. The Smart TV is available in different models and the models are also easily available. It also offers high sound quality.

Is Smart Link app supported on Vizio TV?

Unfortunately, Vizio TV does not have Android OS, so the device does not support the Stream Link app.

How do I cast from my laptop to my Vizio TV?

The options of casting your laptop to Vizio smart tv are as many as you want. You just need to narrow them down to your choices. You can use these resources to cast your laptop screen on your Vizio smart tv.

  • The easiest and used way is wireless HDMI. It saves from the hassle of dealing with wires. Also, the experience is super smooth.
  • If you do not care about the wires and cords lying around then you can use the VGA cable option too to connect and cast your laptop to Vizio tv.
  • Besides HDMI, you can choose any options from above-discussed methods. All the options are safe and designed to give users a seamless experience of enjoying their devices on the tv.

    How do I use my Vizio TV as a monitor for my laptop?

    You can use a lot of wired and wireless ways. You Can simply use a VGA cable to use Vizio tv as a monitor screen.
    However, if you want to have a wireless connection, you can tend to good old wireless HDMI options.

    There are a lot of other options such as Plex App and Miracast. You just need to have a little information and you can use them to make your Vizio tv a monitor.

    The laptop is the most casted device so most of the apps and external devices do this job very well. You can also mirror the screen in a few methods.

    How do I screen mirror my Vizio TV?

    Out of all the above discussed options, Plex is the only one that would not allow you to mirror your Vizio tv. You can use all other methods to create the mirror.

    A lot of people like to screen mirror their Vizio tv. This is the reason most of the options cater to this matter. All you have to do is pick the option of the second screen only or Duplicate.

    The duplicate option will lead you to the mirror screen. The process of screen mirroring is not complicated at all.

    How do I hook up my computer to my Vizio TV?

    There are a plethora of options available for you to hook up your computer to the Vizio tv.

    Some options need hardware and some are completely app-based. It depends on your convenience and preference on what you want to use.

    Here are the options.
    Steam Link

    All of these methods are reliable and popular among Vizio tv users. Some are apps and some require a device.

    There are free and paid options. Free options are basic and paid options have more access to different features.

    Can I connect the laptop to Vizio Tv?

    Yes, you can connect your laptop with Vizio TV. All you need is to do a connection setup.

    How do I use my TV as a monitor for my laptop?

    All you need is to connect your laptop to a TV with a wireless connection.

    Can I cast from the laptop to Vizio Smart TV?

    Yes, you can connect with the applications and Google chrome extensions. You can easily cast anything from your laptop. While you can still have other options like wireless HDMI to connect the laptop. There are different other wireless options for connection.

    Final verdict

    We have discussed pretty much all the most efficient options that you can use to cast your laptop on Vizio smart tv. Everything is quite simple and can be done by anyone who doesn’t know much about computers. This quality of Vizio smart tv makes it distinct in the bigger brands.

    Though there are a lot of bigger brands available, Vizio provides an amazing service without poking a hole in your budget.

    Students who do not earn big bucks can easily afford a Vizio smart tv and enjoy their free time by casting their laptop or even phone screen on the tv screen.

    If you are one of the students looking for something economical but with a reasonably good screen and picture quality then Vizio should be the choice.

    It will be a great enhancer in your gaming experience and you can host movie nights at your place too.

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