How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually | 7 Best Ways| 2023

You’ll need to charge your laptop battery without a power outlet one day. What do you do? No worries, we will explain how to charge laptop battery manually in this post. Keep reading for all the details.

Laptop batteries typically come with a one-time use-only charging system. As a result, it has to be recharged when the battery runs out. 

Charge your laptop battery externally by purchasing a portable charger. Simply connect the charger to the laptop and follow the instructions that come with it.

You can also charge your laptop battery without the AC adapter. Use a USB port. Using a USB port for charging your laptop is universally compatible.

A 12-volt car charger or an external battery pack. A 12-volt car charger is a great way to charge your laptop when you are on the go. Each of these methods has its own set of pros and cons.

7 Best Ways Of How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually In 2023

Basically, there are quite interesting ways to charge your battery manually, like; using a Universal power adapter, type B and C USB ports, a power bank, an external battery charger, and a solar charging kit. and others

The following are the 7 methods which are great in regarding to charge a battery manually:

1. USB Charging Method.

Entire stock of laptops has USB ports.

A laptop user can at most use the USB cord to impose small devices like Mobile Phones.But there are three sorts of USB.
⦁ A Port
⦁ B Port
⦁ C Port

Port A may just convey capacity to supplementary gadgets. They are inefficacious to sustain.

However, Port B can force power to Laptop.

Port C is more reliable as it abolishes the complication of proxy procedure of giving powers to Dell Laptop in absence of charge.

USB C or Port C comprises an oviform formation. It can furnish dynamic strength to your laptop.

You can make use of a cell phone as a temporary charger for desperate chore.By using a power supplier wire, you can charge your laptop by donating capacity to the laptop.

Now you are thinking of its harms, so it doesn’t have any because the modern world has grown a lot. It is finding convenient methods to give people all the comfort.

This is a well-researched and checked method. It’s suitable for almost many laptops.

2. External Source to Charge Battery

The exterior power supplier is a strapping commodity to tariff a tactic in the absence of a genuine platter. An external charger is not straightly headed into the laptop.

For charging the laptop, disconnect the accumulator of your laptop and link it to the exterior power supplier.

When your battery is charged remove it, don’t overcharge it as it will harm your battery life.

It will help to manually charge your battery. This charger is available in distinct sets and designs according to your laptop. So, it is very safe to charge your Dell laptop.

But before buying, read its buying guide because not all laptops can be charged by using a single external charger.

The Bottom Line is that if you are pondering whether this is the best choice for your laptop or not. I got you it will not debar your battery because it comes according to the laptop’s model.

3. Superior Palmtop Batteries

Superior or super laptop batteries are available in the market to purchase. If you want to use them; You have to remove of aboriginal battery.

Easy to use by putting it instead of the real battery. It will give you at least 7 hours of power supply.

If your laptop offers you a choice to disconnect its battery. You must contemplate it, by putting a super battery instead of your genuine battery. It’s an easy method to make a dead battery worthwhile.

, you don’t need to charge or face dead battery problems anymore. You can keep it even though your battery is active.

The Bottom Line is that battery problems are a common issue we veneer nowadays. Imagine you have to go to an important meeting and at the last moment, your battery is dead.

You just want anything that charges your battery as necromancy. If you are one of them, then superior or super batteries are the best option for you.

4. AC Accoutrement

If you own any disturbance in charging your LapTop with the welshing charger. I have the solution to your problem

.The AC adapter or Accoutrement is one of the most uncouth gadgets you can buy from any technical shop.

But there is a problem, AC adapters are not suitable for many laptops, so make sure that it suits your device and can help you charge it manually.

For utilizing this one, your laptop should hold on to one of the AC adaptor affiliations. Some accumulators have this precious option.

Now for using it, what you have to do is to link your battery to the AC adaptor.

Your battery doesn’t have an AC adapter port, right?

No need to worry, go to a technical store and buy an adaptor port. It doesn’t have any effects on your battery because in the future we are expecting many laptops which will have AC adapter options in their settings.

You can also use a universal adapter.

Universal adaptors are useful if you are unaware of the problem in your laptop. If you believe the problem is occurring because of the loader this adapter is your best option.

Universal adapters are available several loading pins so you can connect the one suitable for your laptop. A travel adaptor used in cars, trains, or aircraft can also be considered to charge your laptop.

5. Humongous Batteries

These are the substitutes for a genuine charger. These cells are giving exceptional battery storage of almost 7 hours.

For using humongous or mega batteries, all you have to do is replace it with your original battery.

We consider mega batteries as the safest way to charge a dead or functioning battery. By the word, humongous, you understand that this is like a small power bank storing a lot of power in it.

They come in pocket shapes and you can carry them along with you anywhere you want. They can keep your laptop working for at least up to 2 days.

I have heard from many people that it destroys their batteries. This is not a drawback because the thing is that their using method might not be appropriate or it is not compatible with their device.

6. Solar Panels

Yes, you have apprehended right. Solar Panels are used to charge laptops. This distinct technique has been used by the wide laptop community.

You can buy a kit map out to charge the battery of your laptop.

Solar panels neophyte sunlight into galvanic.Current, Solar outline panels fabricate compact, systemic solar cells which can charge your laptop’s battery manually.

It is an energy-efficient procedure the fact is that you have to use a legitimate expedient which sounds good.

The method of usage of energy from the Sun is very beneficial in charging batteries or all the other things. The fact is that it is a very cheap method.

What you have to do is to only buy a small solar panel and without the usage of electricity or another system, you are charging your battery.

7. Using Power Bank

For distant operations, you ensure that you have a laptop whose capacity lives longer.

Using Power Bank is an attainable method of charging a laptop’s battery manually. Their many ports present in the charger may help you to select the right wire for charging the laptop battery.

There was a time when power banks were used only to supply batteries to small devices like Mobile phones, etc.

With the growth of technology, the power of banks has also been changed, and can now charge a LapTop battery manually.

You all know that there is no side effect of power banks on your laptop. But yeah, overcharging may cause the problem. Because when you do something too much, it’s harmful to you.

Recommendation Buy a New Battery

If not a single thing is worth supplying power to your depleted battery, buying a new battery is the only and more convenient option for you.

We are unable to highlight that buy a battery which suits most to your device because it is obvious.

Consider it as your last option, because 80 percent of laptop issues are resolved by using the above-mentioned techniques.

However, if you have tried all the things so it is an additional option for you to place your battery inside a freezer. Sounds crazy, but it works as it is a self tried method.

Battery Care: How to Make Your Batteries Last Longer.

There are a few things you can do to care for your battery to maintain it in good operating order.

Best Charge and Safety Methods

If you want to get the most out of your laptop, you should use it when it is between 40 and 50% charged. Many people believe that they must totally drain their battery before charging it.

However, this can actually shorten the longevity of your battery and make it more prone to harm.

Avoid sunlight.

If possible, avoid opening or using your device in direct sunlight. Even if you have a glare-free screen, a few hours in direct sunlight might harm your laptop.

Laptops are not made to endure UV radiation or direct heat. However, many individuals use laptop computers outside café sitting areas or parks.

Battery Care.

Heat may shorten the life of your battery and cause fires. Never attempt to overcharge your laptop battery, particularly if it is an older model.

When the power supply hits 100 percent, most modern models automatically shut down. As a result, even though it will not harm the battery, leaving the charger on is pointless.


Before learning how to recharge laptop batteries, it is a good idea to consider all the risks.

While charging externally, your battery may get hot, and surely your battery life can be damaged so keep it at its near temperature in order to avoid all the types of difficulties you may face.

If you are the one who is willing to try the methods mentioned above, remember one thing: don’t overcharge your battery as it will be the worst thing for it to vanish not by any external material and not by your charger.

The one thing more have you ever thought of is when there are a lot of chargers plugged in the same board and you have plugged it in your friend’s similar model. It can also cause your battery to run down.

Now you are thinking about how to avoid it, the following are the points that help to charge the battery with no damage.

How to accurately and cautiously charge your battery

How to charge your battery with no hazards? You are the one who is worried about this thing, so you don’t need to worry at all.

Following are the things you must consider in order to charge your battery manually Not for a moment allow battery heating

Almost all currently designed laptops have lithium batteries. it requires you to grasp your lithium batteries.

Particularly, when batteries are not in your laptop. avert the battery from warming up. Fend off Sunlight Subjection

Most of you have heard from your mother or father not to place your battery directly in sunlight. Have you ever thought it’s the reason? If not, then here is the answer.

It is not only risky but also administers irreversible destruction to your battery. It will also influence your laptop’s function. Avoid to Jumle charging cables

Take mandatory defence to avoid wire cables jumble while setting different methods for charging the battery. The sequel of mixed chargers can have a massive effect on your laptop.

Aligning Macbook’s Battery

You can align Macbook Batteries to experience.MacBook battery act peculiarly after a few years. Comparably, it has lessened its capacity and can run the laptop like before.

You are facing this difficulty. No need to worry here I am to sort out your problem, follow the written guidelines and your problem will be solved by magic.

⦁ Attach the capacity supplier and have patience. Hang on fire, while your supplier light doesn’t change form to orange or green colour.

⦁ Keep your charger connected for 2 hours even if it is fully charged.

⦁ Finally, the moment comes when you have to detach your charger

⦁ But it doesn’t stop here. Now play music video games and all the things until your battery turns off by itself.

⦁ It will put your computer to rest mode.

⦁ Leave it in this state after completely consuming the battery for 5 hours.

That’s it, your issue is fully resolved by magic now enjoy your previous new laptop.


Can I charge my dead laptop battery without a charger?

Uncharged laptop batteries can be recharged without charger. Using a USB power source is one way. Remove the laptop’s battery for external power. Attaching your laptop to another battery-powered device is “reverse charging” (such as a smartphone).

My laptop is not charging when plugged in?

Several things could prevent your laptop from charging. First, plug the laptop in. Reconnecting may fix it. Switch power cords. If not, it could be the laptop.

How do I charge my HP laptop battery manually?

See if your laptop has a USB-C port; if yes, then you can charge it with a USB-C cable. Ensure that your cable does’ve got a plug adapter. Many laptops use a USB-C cable like a primary charger.


A laptop is a machine that is transferable and modest. For an executive individual, it is very important. As it scurry on a battery, lodging an excellent battery life is our priority.

Special care for batteries is very important as they are very tactful. Overtime usage can cause a battery run-down. It is preferable to keep it going as it is without overloading its usage.

As it is essential to complete all the work in time without delaying it just because of your battery issues.

With the increase in usage of technological devices, their issues regarding their capacity have also been increased. For resolving these issues we have put a lot of effort and found the most reliable methods.

By using these methods, you will enjoy a longer life of your battery. So, was it helpful?

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