How Much Does The Average Laptop Weigh? (5 Brands Checked)

How much does the average laptop weigh? It’s a question that asked a lot. And it’s an important one because the weight of a laptop can make a difference in terms of portability and comfort.

Laptops have come a long way since they were first introduced in the early 1980s. They are now thinner, light laptops, and more powerful than ever before. 

However, the average laptop weighs between 3lbs to 5lbs. In general, professional laptops weigh less than gaming laptops and finance analysis laptops, but this is changing rapidly.

How much does a laptop weight depends on number of factors, including the size of the laptop and the materials used in its construction. For example, a larger laptop with a metal chassis is likely to weigh more than a smaller one made from plastic.

Interestingly, the weight of laptops has been on the decline in recent years. This is thanks to advances in technology that have resulted in thinner and lighter laptops.

For example, the MacBook Air was first introduced in 2008. Let’s move to a list of average laptop weight.

How Much Does The Average Laptop Weigh

How Much Does The Average Laptop Weigh

Let’s briefly discover the laptops’ weight according to their size; a Small laptop of 14 inches weighs about 1.5kg to 2kg. A medium laptop of 16 inches weighs about 2kg to 2.5kg. And lastly, a Large laptop of about 17 inches weighs about 3kg!

What is a Good Weight For a Laptop?

What is a Good Weight For a Laptop

It is advisable to know how much does average laptop weights while looking for a laptop.

13-Inch Laptop:

Let’s Jump into comparing the actual sizes the laptops I used for the most years have definitely been MacBook Pro and the MacBook Pro 13 inch.

An example here is one of the older generations back in the days when I used a MacBook Pro for work I would always go for the 13-inch because I didn’t think that the 15-inch with the larger vessels Was adequately little to really have the option to heft it around.

14-Inch Laptop:

14-Inch Laptop

Before you jump to finding how much pounds does the average laptop weighs. Let’s have a little roller coaster ride to past.

Fast-forward a few years and the size of vessels have shrunk a lot and now we can insert a 14-inch laptop. The Lenovo x1 carbon and it’s actually smaller in size than the MacBook pro 13 inches.

Of course, if you shrink the Bessel’s on a 13-inch laptop the machine will be even a bit smaller but with this Lenovo x1 carbon weighing about 1.1 kilos and being roughly the same size as a 13-inch notebook.

15-Inch Laptop:

15-Inch Laptop

A few years ago I think that there’s no real reason to go for 13 an inch today now let’s compare the 13 inch laptop of a newer model of a 15 inch to see how the sizes compare last.

But not least let’s put all of them side-by-side as a beautiful piece of laptop art the laptops in this example are the following and really old.

The 15 inch is a little bit thicker than the 14 inches. On the 14-inch laptop you don’t have space to add a numerical keyboard.

There’s only space for a regular keyboard setup on the 15-inch laptop you actually have space for a full keyboard with a numerical keypad on the right-hand side for me that makes a really big difference when you’re working a lot with numbers.

Some ideal Weight of different Laptops:

Some ideal Weight of different Laptops
No Laptop Brand Weight
01Acer Swift 52.13 lbs / 0.96 kg
02Dell Inspiron 15 70003.74 lbs / 1.69 kg
03Asus Laptop L2102.30 lbs / 1.05 kg
04Microsoft Surface Pro X2.32 lbs / 1.06 kg
05HP EliteBook x360 10202.45 lbs / 1.11 kg

Ideal Weight Of Laptops:

When it comes to weight is pretty significant. Before buying a laptop it is essential to know the average weight of a new laptop.

Once you know how much do laptops weights in general. You will be able to get the ideal laptop with an appropriate weight range.

In this case, I have really lightweight laptops in the respective 14 and 15-inch category

The Acer Swift 5 waste 970 grams but the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 weighs about one point seven kilos.

Although for its performance it’s one of the lighter 15-inch models that you can find even though you can actually get a 15-inch Acer Swift file from the 2018 generation and get that at less than one kilogram.

Acer Swift 5 15-inch is a really unique product and most of the 15-inch laptop on the market are going to be very different both.

When it comes to weight and performance, so the weight you obviously want to look out for but what I said last there with performance is actually really important as well since ⅕ laptop is larger.

There’s room for more cooling and more powerful components to be put into the chassis while a 14 inch laptop has usually got a weaker u processor and a weaker MX 150 or MX 250.

graphics card and usually one fan to cool the system a 15-inch version can have both an H CPU which means it’s a 45-watt chip instead of 15 watts and a more powerful GPU like the GTX 16 50 layers.

In this Dell laptop on top of that, there’s also space to put more storage and usually more slots for RAM. So In In this case the 14-inch version only has one Ram slot and it’s not upgradable but the 15-inch one has two RAM slots and both of them are upgradable.

So I can myself purchase ram up to 32 gigabytes and put in there, therefore, make it a lot cheaper to get a super-powerful computer then if I would have to spec it out that way from.

Let’s take a look at the average weight of laptops according to their laptop categories.

⦁ Portable/ ultra-thin laptops
⦁ Notebook laptops
⦁ Desktop replacement laptops (DTR)

Portable/ultra-thin laptops.

Potable or ultra-thin laptops are slightly different from notebooks. Typically, most laptops have short battery life and small power adapters.

The price of ultraportable laptops is generally high. The average weight of a portable or ultra-thin laptop is 2 to 2.8lbs.

Notebook Laptops.

A notebook laptop not only fulfills all the necessary PC functions but is also portable. However, do you know how much does a notebook weigh?

The typical weight of a notebook laptop is mostly 5lbs and is a good option for students and workers as well.

Desktop Replacement Laptops (DTR)

A desktop replacement laptop is a personal laptop that provides all the added features. In order to tolerate heavy activities, a desktop laptop is designed to have a larger battery and a developed motherboard.

The weight of desktop replacements laptop is mostly around 5 to 6lbs.

Battery Life:

You are gonna need a large battery in the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 as well as in the Dell XPS 15 is the more popular version of Dell’s 15-inch lineup.

There is a 97 watt-hour battery is a really big battery and is good for using with those powerful components and run the computer for a pretty long time when it comes to ports in both of these laptops.


  1. What Is The Normal Size For a Laptop?

    The most common and ideal size of laptop is a 13 inches laptop but some companies have invented more versatile,3D laptops with aesthetic screens.

    So, people also go up to a 17 inches laptop. The ideal screen size ranges from 11 to 17 inches mostly depending upon your needs.

  2. How Much Do The Average Old Dell Laptops Weight in Kg?

    This is one of the most frequently asked questions by our customers. So the Dell laptop weight in kg is somewhere between 2 to 2.5 kg.

  3. How Much Does An HP Laptop Weigh?

    The most ideal laptop weight HP spectre folio is also somewhere between 2 to 2,5 kgs.

  4. Is a 5LB Laptop Heavy?

    Anything that is under 13 inches is ultra-portable . A laptop somewhere between 14 inches is also normal. But a 15-inch laptop is quite heavy as compared to the modern, lighter systems, and ultra-portable notebooks nowadays.

  5. Is a 2 Kg Laptop Heavy?

    No, according to our research the ultra weight of the best laptop ranges somewhere between 2 to 2.5 kgs. So a 2kg laptop is considered fairly light enough to use.

  6. How Much Does A 17-inch Laptop Weigh?

    The 17-inch laptop weighs between 2 to 3 kg because it is large enough.

  7. How Heavy Is A 15.6-inch Laptop?

    The average weight of a 15.6-inch laptop is about 2.4 to 4.4 pounds. It depends on the laptop manufacturer and the laptop specifications.

  8. Is 4 Lbs Heavy For A Laptop?

    For the people who love lightweight laptops, 4lbs can be a big deal. But, as per technology and specifications it is not too heavy for a high-tech heavy working machine.

  9. Do Laptops Get Heavier Over Time?

    This is actually why PC hard drives are more modest than work area hard drives – to secure against this very issue. So no, don’t stress over it, it will get somewhat heavier yet we’re talking like, picograms or something small.

    Drives store information as 1’s and 0’s. In certain drives, a 1 contains electrons while 0s don’t.

  10. What is The Heaviest Laptop?

    The heaviest laptop introduced by the technology is Acer Predator 21X.

  11. What Is The Lightest Most Powerful Laptop?

    The best lightest and most powerful laptops are above: also, I wrote a detailed massive guide to read it. Click here.
    Acer Aspire 5 Slim
    LG Gram 17
    HP Elite Dragonfly
    Lenovo IdeaPad S130
    Samsung Galaxy Book S
    HP Spectre x360 14

  12. Which Windows Laptop Is Lightest?

    According to Digital Trends: Asus Zenbook 3 Deluxe is one of the thin and light laptops available in the market.

  13. Is 1.6 KG Light For A Laptop?

    Once upon a time, PCs used to be thick, massive, and bulky. … Since a PC’s main role is to be a convenient workhorse for you, it should be light in weight.

    In the event that you need to deal with the proceed to need a decent PC that isn’t substantial, look at these gadgets which weigh under 1.6kg.

  14. Can We Put Weight On A Laptop?

    This will damage your laptop screen and Touchpad badly. Because if it is something heavy your laptop will be cracked. So be careful in doing such things. If you want to see your laptop safe then never try these experiments.

    Moreover, avoid putting the laptop in a stack as the average laptop’s weight is about how much does a laptop weight in grams. It does not refers to how much weight a laptop can take.

  15. What Is Considered A Lightweight Laptop?

    The ultra-portable laptops are at least 2 to 5 pounds. They have 9 to 3x pixels. However, a laptop with 6 pounds is considered to be heavy enough.

  16. Which Brand Of Laptop Is Most Reliable?

    The most reliable brands are: and for more details of the most reliable brand. Click here.

    Apple Macbook Pro 16
    Apple MacBook Air
    Acer Aspire 5
    Hp Pavilion 15
    Samsung Notebook 9 Pen.

  17. What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Laptop?

    According To Experts, a laptop can only meet your demands most effectively for 3 to 5 years. It can also have a longer lifespan but it mostly depends upon usage.

  18. Are Laptops Becoming Obsolete?

    PCs are rapidly being supplanted by tablets. … You can utilize tablets for business purposes, school ventures, video, photograph altering, and significantly more.

    Most processing needs, even those of numerous product designers, will probably progress to tablets, Lemon disclosed to Business Insider.

  19. Are Tablets Becoming Obsolete?

    Touchscreens will, at last, get out of date, because of the way that the material, uncommon metal utilized in their development, being exceptionally uncommon, so tablets and cell phones will probably get out of date, in any event as we probably are aware them, before workstations, do

  20. What Is The Average Weight Of lightweight Laptops in Kg

    The average laptop weight in kg is 1.5 to 2.5 kgs depending on the laptop’s sizes and features.

  21. How Much Does The Average Apple Laptop Weigh?

    We all know Apple for its amazing technical crafts. MacBook does not require any introduction in general. It is one of the perfect fits for all.

    Coming towards the weight of laptops by Apple then it depends on the size and model of the laptop. The average laptop weight by Apple is between 2.4 pounds to 3.0 pounds.

  22. How much does a 15-inch laptop weigh?

    The 15-inch laptop weighs almost 6 pounds. Always consider the weight of the laptop along with the screen size. The average size varies from 11-12 inches.

  23. What is the best weight of the laptop?

    The weight varies with every model of the laptop. The screen size varies from 11 to 12 inches, with a weight of around 2.5 to 3.5 pounds.

  24. Which laptop brand is best?

    Every laptop brand comes with its specifications. The laptop brand with fast processing power and significant memory can come in the best category.

  25. How much RAM is required for the laptop?

    The RAM of every laptop varies. The average RAM for a fast processor is about 4GB. The faster the processing power, the more memory is required.

  26. What is the weight of new model laptops?

    The new model laptops are very lightweight. This feature makes the laptop more compaq portable ii.

  27. Is 1.6 Kg too heavy for a laptop?

    The average weight of a laptop ranges around 1.5 kg, which is easy to carry. The weight of 1.6 kg is the weight of a bag, and it can make it easy to carry such a lightweight laptop anywhere. The portable laptop with a 1.6 kg weight is still easy and light.


Gladly, with the development of technology more and more laptops are available in stock nowadays. But the thing is that it is not really hard to find the best average-weight laptop.

Before looking around for a laptop you need to assess how much does a laptop weigh and what is your requirement. How much does my laptop weigh is the most common query these days. Many people ask is 5lb laptop heavy?

And many other questions pop up in mind. It is essential to look at their answers.

However, most people don’t have any idea about the ultra-portable laptops available in the market today. These laptops can easily meet the demands of a budget-minded person.

According to new research, the ideal weight of the laptop is considered as 2 to 25 kg. Nevertheless, up to 3 kg is safe up to a beyond level. And in LBS it is about 4lbs to 5.5lbs which is the average weight of a laptop in LBS.

So I hope now you are ready to choose your laptop weight and know fully about how much does the average laptop weigh?

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