How Do I Find The Model of HP Laptop

Companies often release the latest models of tech devices like mobiles, tabs, laptops, etc. Have you ever considered, “what is my laptop model HP?”

When you purchase an HP laptop, the HP laptop model number is usually the first thing you search for. The latest model laptop means that you will experience the latest technology. The majority of the tech users are fond of acquiring the latest model of HP laptops.

If you are looking for how do I find the model of HP laptop then this article is going to throw light on “how to find the model of HP laptop?”

What is the model number?

The model number is the combination of letters and numbers. It is marked over every tech device. It is often written on the back of the laptop. Most probably, the label of the model number is often found beneath the battery. Some laptop manufacturers print this label in the RAM or HDD door.

Be careful while recognizing the model number. Many innocent laptop users mix the serial number or laptop tags with the model number. The model numbers are mentioned in specific places on the laptop. Let us explore how you can find the model of your laptop.

Why model number is necessary?

If you are a regular user of a Laptop, you might have faced many issues in the functioning of the laptop. The frequent usage may wear the device. Office workers, students, and travelers are often the continuous users of laptops. Frequent usage of the laptop may lead you to the hardware repairing center.

When any hardware of your laptop goes out of order or needs replacement, the mechanic or engineer often asks the model of the laptop.

The model of the laptop is necessary to know. The hardware of every model has certain fitting sizes and shapes. When you know the model, it is easy to replace any part of the laptop like battery, RAM, or keyboard.

In the repairing center, the workers know how old a model is. A model can indicate the launching year of the laptop as well as the specifications of the device in a certain model.

HP laptops.

Are you looking for a new laptop? Or want to operate it for podcasting on a laptop specifically? If so, you’ll probably want to check out HP laptops. But what model should you choose? and….

How to find what kind of HP laptop I have?

Before getting an answer, you should visit the official website of HP laptops. Hewlett Packard model number is available in different categories. All models feature exclusive specifications and functioning.

Here is the list of HP laptops:

  • HP Chromebook x360
  • HP laptop
  • HP Pavilion 15
  • HP Chromebook Clamshell
  • HP Envy x360
  • HP Spectre x 360 13
  • HP Pavilion 14
  • HP Pavilion gaming

You can check out pricing plans. While choosing a laptop, you should not only see your budget but you need to compare the specifications of different models also.

How do I find the model number of my HP laptop?

How do I find out the model of my HP laptop? What model is my hp laptop?

These are common questions. But it is easy to find the hp laptop’s model numbers. Here are the top successful ways are given:

Making Use of System Data.

The System Information page may also be used to determine the model of your HP laptop. Launch the HP System Information window by clicking on the HP System Information button.

  • Launch the HP System Information window by clicking on the HP System Information button.
  • In the header, look for “Product Number”.
  • In addition to the “#” symbol, the number will include all the necessary information for the manufacturer or repair service.

Below is the laptop’s casing.

On the bottom of most HP laptops is a label with the model number of the laptop. It’s possible that you will have to remove the shell if the model number cannot be found on the battery or the bottom.

  • Remove the battery from the laptop and make sure it is turned off.
  • Make sure that your screwdriver is tinier than a screw thread so it is easy to get all the screws out.
  • Keeping the screws in a safe position, take the case up gently by pulling up the screws.
  • In the left corner of the laptop you will be able to find information and specifications displayed in a square.
  • Write down the number following the “P/N” prefix.
  • Screw the screws back in place and replace the case.
  • Use BIOS to locate the HP laptop model

BIOS refers to the basic input/output system. BIOS is the best way to know the information of your PC or laptop. Follow these simple steps:

  • To locate the model of your HP laptop, save and close all opened applications.
  • Go to the Start Menu of your laptop, and restart it.
  • When the computer gets the power to restart, you should press the F2 or Esc button. It will instantly switch the laptop screen to the BIOS menu instead of the desktop screen.
  • Once the BIOS menu is opened, you can see the system summary. The system summary also includes the product number and model number of the laptop.

In case, you could not open the BIOS menu, do not disappoint. Restart again and follow the same steps. Yet confused! Here are some other ways also to see the model.

  • Use Command Prompt to check out the laptop model

It is the universal method. You can apply it on every type of PC, laptop, or other windows system.

  • Go to the start menu and click on the “Run” app.
  • You can directly go to the “Command prompt.” If it does not show in the Start menu. Click on the start menu and in the search column write “command prompt”. It will be shown.
  • By clicking on it, a notepad like a window will open in front of you with a black background.
  • Type this command “wmic baseboard get product, manufacturer, version, serial number” and press enter.
  • Thus, all system information related to your HP laptop will be shown. You can note down the model and product number from there.

For future usage, you should save this command in your drive or email. It is the quickest and easiest method to know about the model of your laptop or PC.

  • Use Product Label to know the model of the laptop

HP model number is often mentioned in the product label. In some of the laptops, the product label is mentioned beneath the laptop. Others may carry the product label within the battery, RAM, or any other system.

Follow the instructions below to know the method:

  • To check out the product label or model number, reverse the laptop. Let the screen down and bottom part of the laptop or battery side upward.
  • You can see the HP laptop’s logo on the backside of the laptop. Here you can search for the product label.
  • With the manufacturer’s tag, you can see the product number and model number imprinted there.
  • Do not forget to keep the laptop at a safer place before checking out the model number.
  • If you could not know how do I find the model number of my HP pavilion laptop, see the next possible solution.
  • Search in the “System information app” to know the model of your laptop

What will you do if the product label gets fade out or torn out?

It will not show you the product number clearly. This case often happens with older laptops or second-hand laptops. In such a case, you can consult a system information app to know the model of your laptop or PC. Let us know how:

  • Go to the start menu and search for the system information app. You can type the “system information” or “msinfo” keyword.
  • Click on the system information app. A window showing complete information on your HP laptop will open.
  • The information list includes version, system name, OS manufacturer, BIOS mode, SMBIOS version, system type, system model, system version, etc.

Model number facilitates the hardware mechanic in repairing. Moreover, if you know the model of your laptop, you can search for the replacement of hardware like battery, keyboard, and others. A Hardware engineer can offer you the best solution for your laptop if you know the model number.

The product label may fade out or be torn off over time. People often enter wrong commands or do mistakes while entering commands. So, the professionals and computer literate persons can only use the command prompt method. The system information app is the best source to know the model of the HP laptop.

System information summary not only reveals the model, version, brand name, rather you can know the windows error reporting, system drivers, system type, baseboard type, Manufacturer, select boot state, etc.


What HP laptop do I have?

It is easy to know by using different methods. The most convenient one is to access system information. Go to the start menu and type “system information”, and you will get the app.

As the system information window will get opened, you can know valid system information instantly like version, manufacturer, model number, baseboard type, and much more.

How do I find the model of my HP laptop windows 10?

What is my HP laptop model? Whatever the windows version you are using, you can get access to the model information instantly.

The above-mentioned article has described 4 possible and the best methods to know the model information of your HP laptop. Follow any of these as per your comfort.

How to find the model number of the HP laptop using the command prompt?

The command prompt is available in all systems to check out more rigorous and sensitive information about the system. Using the Command prompt, you can get accurate information about your laptop system.

Go to the start menu and search for the command prompt app. Click on the app, a note-pad like a window will be opened. You need to type or copy/paste the given command:

“Wmic baseboard get product, manufacturer, version, serial number”

You will get a summary of system information. The command prompt can be used for all Windows versions, laptops, and PCs.

All possible solutions are given to locate the model of laptop or PC. The purpose is to cover all dimensions of the topic. I hope your queries might have been cleared out after reading this article.

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