Dual core vs quad core which is better

Dual Core vs Quad Core which is better? (Comparison Guide 2021)

Dual-Core and Quad-Core? Then, I am here to get to the bottom When it comes to buying a new laptop, you should always check its specifications. Dual core vs quad core which is better?

Although numerous everyday errands don’t need considerably more than a Dual Core, there are advantages of a Quad-Core processor that are somewhat more unmistakable. In addition to the fact that it is quicker, and all the more remarkable with regards to exceptionally escalated undertakings, the Quad Core processor may likewise give you all the more value for your money over the long haul.

If you are the one who is confused in choosing between the dual-core and Quad-Core. Then, you are in the right place.

What do Dual Core and Quad Core mean?

Dual Core stands for “two core processing information together”: which is dual channel. It is also known as the Short Version.

In Quad Core “four cores are processing the same information” at once, making your everyday use typically on a computer like opening up tasks and web browsing basically tabs it. It helps with overall performance and speed. Quad is the abbreviation of Quadruplet.

Sometimes it can help with gaming, especially when you record. A quad-core has more cores, so two cores will be extra for video recording software, and the other two cores will be for gameplay.

But when you are not recording you should be pretty much fair playing games with a dual-core it’s not kind of bottom that much maybe like five-ten frames, but it’s not a big deal. Quad-core is also known as Long Version.

What is Core?

A subpart of your processor is known as a core. Four cores are present in quad-core while two in dual Core. Instructions and other calculations are under the influence of these cores. The Core is also known as an old-time CPU.

The Core and performance are directly proportional to each other. More cores are equal to high performance. As the processor is your computer’s brain like it is, cores are sub-parts of your computer’s brain.

However, cores are of many types, but the most common are dual and quad cores.

Multi-core processors allow an individual to handle more than one application at a time. This will surely help to make a laptop quicker and brawny.

Dual-Core VS Quad-Core Clock Speed.

If you have ever built a gaming PC, you may know that GPU is the most crucial component for the best raw performance. But although this is true, the CPU plays a pretty important role because it does everything that GPU can’t do now like AI input, output, character and enemy statistics data, etc.

That is why you want a pretty snappy processor along with a powerful GPU if your CPU doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for whatever you are playing or using. You might experience things like bottlenecks, Laga, and glitches not fun.

You may know that IPC(inter-process communication) reigns kink. Core count is great, and all but only up to a certain point and after that IPC or the instructions the CPU can do per click makes a more significant impact.

Now we will compare the clock speed of Dual Core And Quad-Core. Say that, we had a dual-core clocked at 4 gigahertz and a quad-core at 2 gigahertz of CPUs with similar or identical architectures technically.

They are both doing 8 gigahertz worth of work over the same period correct.

So they should perform similarly, right?

This is the question that I had to myself.

So for this, what I did was I got on my Xeon X 3450 and My arcs 480. Then, I made a testbed. Now, the two performed almost the same on-screen. After it, the results I got is Dual-core actually beats the Quad-core with the most significant difference between the combined physics and GPU score a 7 per cent delta between the two.

In short, processors with more cores have low clock speeds than others.

Difference between Battery Life.

Difference between Battery Life.

The battery is a critical feature. That must be checked before you buy a new laptop. Most people are concerned with the battery because you mostly hear dual Core or quad-core when you go to a shop after knowing the difference between them. You must want to know about battery life.

Dual Core at the same clock speed would run longer than Quad-core. That is when there is a similarity in hardware. However, when dual Core comprises a hard drive and a Quad-core consist of SSD. Then, the battery might be the same.

On average, the battery of a laptop is between 1 to 10 hours, depending upon your laptop’s model and processor.

Dual-Core BatteryQuad-Core Battery
Wastes power

But Performs fast
Lower Battery Life


Price VS Performance Comparison.

The most important thing is the price. Dual-Core processors are less expensive than Quad-core. But the point is you don’t want to buy something that offers more power than your use. On the other hand, you also don’t want to spend on a laptop that doesn’t meet your criteria.

Before going to more depth, the balance between price and performance is necessary. If you want a laptop that can meet your small daily work, Dual is the best laptop. But if you want to work on multiple tasks at a time, then a Quad-Core processor is better. In the end, it mostly depends upon your needs.

On average, the Intel dual-core price is $467.On the other hand, dual-core processors are up to $900.


This is the problem with all of us that our laptop may heat faster when used for a long time. The processors play an essential role in this.

But the question raised: How?

The heat generated by a processor is affected by more things than that of the Core. But in general, more cores lead to more chances of heating.

The bottom line is that it is noticed that the Quad-core heats faster than Dual-core due to more number cores.

The bottom line is that it is noticed that the Quad-core heats faster than Dual-core due to more number cores.

Significant Differences between Dual Core and Quad Core.

ProblemsDual CoreQuad-Core
Cores2 processing cores4 Cores
WorkingIt is not multitaskingMultitasking
VideoIt lacks graphics.It offers high-quality graphics.
HeatDon’t heat faster.Heat faster
SpecificationFast performerMulti-Tasker

Which Software Takes Advantage of the Extra Cores?

Not all products exploit numerous cores, indeed, incredibly few do, and on the off chance that they do as you will see they just do as such in certain examples.

It isn’t so much that their modest or awful programming, making a product that exploits all the quantity of centers you have on your PC is very troublesome and in some instances, it just isn’t possible.

  • Basic Tasks
  • Animation & 3D Modeling
  • Video Editing
  • Image Editing
  • Music Production
  • Programming
  • Gaming

Basic Tasks.

As referenced previously, essential assignments, for example, word altering, web perusing, video watching, visiting, and video conferencing don’t take advantage of multi-center CPUs.

In any case in the event that you plan on utilizing these applications simultaneously: skype, web perusing, messing around, youtube watching, and then some ( who does that? well me).

At that point, you would profit by a quad-center processor yet the expansion in execution isn’t unreasonably incredible. I’m doing the entirety of that fine and dandy with a double.

Animation and 3D Modeling.

Your work process, applying impacts, and displaying (continuously) with such software will not profit much from having numerous centers or an excessive number of centers. The main thing you ought to be worried about is the clock speed. Out of this rundown, to the extent I am mindful just Revit and Inventor exploit more cores.

  • Autocad 3D
  • Revit
  • Designer
  • Common 3D
  • SolidWorks
  • Maya
  • 3DS Max
  • Blender
  • Film 4D
  • Rhinoceros

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Video Editing.

  • Finished product Pro
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Lightworks
  • sony vegas Pro
  • Corel VideoStudio
  • iMovie
  • AVS Video Editor

Altering overall has consistently been a solitary strung assignment. There will not be a tremendous lift in your work process with any of the products appearing above in the event that you choose a double center or a quad-center or higher centers, it’s really the clock speed that will accelerate applying those impacts and altering your recordings.

In any case, delivering, encoding and reviews do create from a quad-center processor and surprisingly a processor with 6 centers yet close to that (there’s practically no expansion in execution past 6 centers). On the off chance that you’d prefer to see an expansion in delivering, encoding and reviews pick a quad-center in a PC.

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Gaming is most popular all over the world. When you plan to buy a new laptop, especially for gaming, you must know the difference between cores.

If you wonder how a game works on 2 cores laptops and 4 cores laptops, then I am here to solve your problem.

The most important is the graphics. Dual-core laptops offer fewer quality graphics. The quad-core laptop offers you high-quality graphics. But now it comes to battery life because when you are streaming it may take a longer time.

A Quad-core processor offers high-quality graphics but also consumes more power than a dual-core laptop. In the end, you can choose what you need: high-quality graphics or longer battery life.

Dual-Core VS Quad-core CPU comparison.

The processor inside your computer, your tablet, or phone is a little chip or the CPU or central processing unit as we have often heard it to be called.

It handles all of the data for your device. When we talk about processors, we often hear the word dual Core or quad-core. However, when we talk about cores, we are talking about processors’ capacity to handle multiple tasks at once, and thus its speed.

So, a dual-core processor is going to deliver a really great general experience for most basic users. Especially if you are checking your email, browsing the internet, listening to music, watching a video, those are all the simple tasks that a dual-core processor can handle.

When you get into a Quad-core CPU, you are getting into a processor that handles more tasks and more and more demanding tasks faster.

If you are going to be a more demanding user because you are running really complex applications like video editing or photo editing, playing graphic-intensive games a quad-core processor will handle those applications more swiftly.

Dual-Core Pros and Cons.

The Pros and cons of dual Core are the following:

  • ✔️ Two Programs at the same time.
  • It is evident from the name that Dual-core can process only two Programs at a time. However, the point is that it can’t handle complex tasks.
  • ✔️ Greater Efficiency.
  • Powers mostly depend upon the number of cores offered by a processor. The dual CoreCore can divide its task among them its cores and can do its work more efficiently.
  • ✔️ Multithreaded Programs.
  • In addition to doing work more efficiently, two dual cores can also make a system more effective. This will effectively speed up progress. You can also handle your multiplex task.
  • Price.
  • The price is higher than its performance as it is not multitasking. Still, it’s nearly equal to them, undoubtedly a drawback.
  • Performance.
  • As compared to its price, its performance is not that much convenient. Its price must be decreased, or it’s performance should be increased.

Quad-Core pros and Cons.

  • ✔️ Multitasking.
  • The first benefit of the quad-core is increased speed. You can also operate your complex task by using a quad-core processor. It is best for a person who is a video editor, graphic designer, etc.
  • ✔️ Performance.
  • It’s a prevalent thing that four core processors will consume more power. However, this will increase the speed of your task.
  • Cooling.
  • Quad-core processors use more energy than dual cores. It leads the laptop to heat very fast. This may not be enjoyed by most users.
  • Cache.
  • The increased capacity of the Quad-core is always not matched with other parts. They all are connected into a single bus. A sound processor stores 8 MB of Cache( everyday used data). A quad-core only can bare 2 MB cache per click. That will cause problems.

Should you go higher than Quad-core?

Besides, Dual Core and Quad-core, there are very high-performance cores available in the market. Like hex-core(six) and Octa-core( eight). They offer lofty execution than dual Core and Quad-core.

As they are very multitaskers and can give you exceptionally excellent conduction. Their price also depends on performance. I haven’t seen any Hexa or Octa-core in the market at the dual Core or quad-core rate.

For an average person, dual-core and Quad-core are best to choose from. However, if you have the bulk of work and can also afford it, you can consider Hexa core or Octa-core.

Number of Cores

Single Core

How much faster is quad-core VS dual-core?

A quad-core comprises four processors and is viewed as quick and capable. Dual-core processors are viewed as not as fast since they can’t play out different errands immediately. Quad-core processors are quicker since they can play out different undertakings which thus improves the speed of activities.

Octa Core VS Quad core.

Octa-core should be quicker than Quad-core because of the number of centers. Be that as it may, it’s not. … If there should be an occurrence of quad-core chips, each center can be given something to do all the while empowering quick and smooth performing multiple tasks. In the event of Modern Octa-core chips, they have 2 arrangements of 4 cores which is given something to do contingent on the errand trouble.

Quad Core VS i5.

On the work area market, Core i5s are quad-core processors. On the PC/netbook market, a portion of the i5 marked chips is quad-core while others are hyperthreading double center units. … An i5 is less expensive than a quad-center since it just has 2 centers. A quad-center is more costly yet gives you a superior encounter.

Quad Core VS Intel Core.

Most Intel Core i5 processors are quad-center processors. “Quad center” signifies having four processor units. Center i5 is the brand name of Intel’s medium-reach processors. Work area Core i5-brand processors are quad-center; versatile (PC) Core i5-brand processors are double center or quad center.

Dual Core VS Quad core i5.

Most Intel Core i5 processors are quad-focus processors. “Quad focus” means having four processor units. Focus i5 is the brand name of Intel’s medium-arrival processors. Work territory Core i5-brand processors are the quad focus; flexible (PC) Core i5-brand processors are twofold focus or quad focus.


Is a quad core better than a dual core?

By and large, a quad-center processor will perform quicker than a double-center processor for general registering. Each program you open will deal with its own center, so if the undertakings are shared, the velocities are better.

Is a slower quad core better than a faster dual core?

Indeed, quad-center CPUs are by and large a lot quicker than single-center CPUs – regardless of whether the single-center CPU has a quicker clock speed. … A quad-center CPU is really built of four separate processors crushed on to a solitary chip.

Is i5 Quad Core better than i7 Dual Core?

Intel Core i7 processors for the most part have quicker base clock speeds, or at the end of the day, they have more GHz. …

Is a dual core processor good?

As a rule, a double center processor is adequate to complete most things at a sensible speed. Just when you’re altering recordings, delivering 3D stuff, arranging houses, planning complex designing stuff, or working with Matlab you may truly require a quad-center processor.


My philosophy is to get the best you can afford. As an essential user dual core is going to be plenty. But if you are sharpening for a more demanding user. You might want to consider spinning the little extra for a quad-core processor.

Luckily all that technology is becoming more and more affordable. So, chances are you might be able to find a quad-core at a pretty good price. Because the quad-core is much faster than the Dual Core. If you have any queries, you must comment down. I will love to assist you.

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