12 Best Laptop For Pro Tools in March 2023

A laptop is essential if you want to use Pro Tools software, whether a professional musician or just a hobbyist. Audio engineers, musicians, and producers use Pro Tools and DJing software.

It is a resource-intensive program, so it is important to choose a laptop that can handle it. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best laptop for Pro Tools:


The processor is the heart of any computer, especially true for laptops used for Pro Tools. Look for a laptop with a powerful processor, such as an Intel Core i7.


Another important factor to consider is the amount of RAM. Pro Tools can be a memory-intensive program, so you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of RAM. 16GB is typically the minimum you should go for, but 32GB or more is even better. 

Once you’ve considered these factors, you can start looking best laptop. Now time for the cursor to move down.

Buying Guide For Best Laptop for Pro Tools:

Buying Guide:

Buying a new laptop for music production can be a hard and challenging decision if you are on a budget. However, I will tell you the basic things that you should consider before buying the best laptop for the pro tool in 2023.

  • RAM

Read this, If you are a budget-minded person.

Internal Components:

Look at the laptop’s internal components until Pentium and Celeron processors are suitable for word processing.

But you’ll want a Core i5 core i7 or AMD Rison chip for smooth web browsing, video streaming, and multitasking as a rough rule of thumb.

If you’re looking at intel core chips the ones ending in you are low-power and therefore less powerful then ones that end in H or H cubed.

Intel Atom chips which you might see in some very inexpensive laptops are really only for the most basic tasks to hit the sweet spot between price and performance mainstream laptops should have at least eight gigabytes of memory.


Processors are one of the most important things you should consider before buying a laptop. The processor with dual-core is better if you want long battery life. But if you want ultra-performance you should consider a laptop with a quad-core processor.


Music producers have tons of files to save. If you are a pro tools user then consider a laptop with solid RAM. 2GB RAM is mostly used in a budget laptop but I think a 4GB RAMlaptop is perfect for using pro tools.

1. Apple 2023 MacBook Pro (Best Mac for Pro Tools)

Ever imagined why your laptop doesn’t run pro tools?

Because your system lacks a powerful processor and sufficient memory!
But don’t worry, I have got you covered. I was also sick of this problem but then I brought a marvelous and brilliant system to my table.

MacBook Pro is really an excellent deal for 3D modeling and high-resolution tasks. The screen is impressively fantastic with brightness, contrast, and color representation. 

The M2 Pro chip on this model is 40% faster and beats the performance of the M1 counterpart. And this makes it faster and more efficient than the previous version. 

Appleinsider.com mentions nothing can beat the MacBook’s 1080p FaceTime HD camera and six-speaker sound system.

Undoubtedly, MacBook Pro is the best laptop for Pro Tools and many other rich applications. 
The keyboard and trackpad are, as usual, excellent, and responsive enough. 

A satisfied Amazon reviewer loves how this model solves the 3D rendering projects and professional tasks of his daily routine.

  • Good CPU and GPU improvements
  • Great connectivity
  • Amazing design
  • Costly

2. Microsoft Surface Book 2. (Best Budget Laptop For Pro Tools)

Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 is well-designed and versatile. It is a laptop, tablet, and portable studio. The device’s design is attractive and user-friendly. These features make it ideal for students and professionals.

The Microsoft Surface Book 2’s 128GB storage is expandable, so users can store more files and apps. Windows 10 Pro makes the computer faster than its previous model. It handles any task.

Surface Book 2 is a top-of-the-line laptop with positive customer reviews.

It’s perfect for work and play with a large 13.5″ screen and backlit keyboard. The laptop’s Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM make it fast. Long battery life and a fast charger make the laptop travel-friendly.

Surface Book 2’s is ideal for video editing and gaming. The Surface Book 2 comes in black and silver, so you can choose your favourite. This is a well-rounded laptop that improves on the original.

  • Powerful and well-designed 2-in-1 laptop.
  • Well built and can be detached for use as a standalone device.
  • It doesn’t come with a stylus
  • The screen can be a bit reflective in direct sunlight.

3. Acer Spin 3 (Cheapest Laptop For Pro Tools)

The Acer Spin 3 is the best computer to run pro tools. Whether you are an engineer, IT expert, or designer, this laptop is perfect for you. The 10th generation intel core i5 processor and 8GB DDR4 memory give it all the computing power needed to run pro tools.

The pricing is reasonable compared to other laptops with similar capacity and features, making it the cheapest laptop for pro tools. Best of all, it comes with a wide range of features such as long battery life, lightweight design, and more memory.

The i7 processor is designed to handle all the latest pro tools. Whether you are looking for something to run heavy software or you want a tablet that you can carry around for gaming, this laptop will suffice all your needs.

If you don’t like the larger 15.6-inch model and prefer something more reasonable, then this option is the best. With a 14-inch touchscreen, it is easier to handle as compared to larger models.

What makes this laptop perfect is its ability to be used for multiple purposes. For example, you could choose to use it for regular gaming. The rechargeable stylus allows you to draw, take notes and perform multiple other tasks on the laptop.

It also comes with a stylish design, an excellent chiclet keyboard, and the option to log in through either pin or fingerprint detector.

Product features:

If you are looking for a laptop to run pro tools, then this one has everything you need.

  • High computing power to run pro tools
  • Long lasting battery
  • Thin and lightweight frame
  • Stylus not as good for drawing and sketching
  • Less USB external ports

4. ASUS TUF (Best Laptop To Run Pro Tools)

Are you looking for a laptop with a high processing speed at an affordable price? If this is the case, the ASUS TUF Laptop is the ideal option for you.

It rapidly opens web pages and other programs on the system. It saves your time and ensures uninterrupted service.

The ASUS TUF’s screen is crisp and in high contrast, providing you with a beautiful and clear display when watching movies or playing games.

Additionally, its touchpad is really smooth. If you work as a data entry operator, the backlight and touchpad will assist you in swiftly typing any document.

Its audio speakers are of exceptional quality, providing pleasant and clear sound when viewing Netflix shows.

This device is really lightweight; you can take it anywhere, and its weight will make you feel calm and comfortable. You’re surely going to like its sleek design.

This would be an excellent laptop for somebody who just needs a simple computer for surfing the web or working with spreadsheets.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Purchase it online at a reasonable price and continue working efficiently with this system.

  • Rapidly opens web pages
  • Device is really lightweight
  • Clear sound

    5: ASUS ROG (Best Laptops For Pro Tools)

    This is the rog strix. It’s the fourth edition but this in particular is the electro punk version.

    It comes in a few variants. But what makes these things special is the lighting. Like the RGB at the bottom is something that is very unique and you do not normally get this at this kind of price point.

    It’s actually one of its coolest features. It’s very bright fully customizable and I got to be honest I really like these LEDs.

    When it comes to rgbs on laptops and any kind of electronics.Once you’ve seen it once you’ve seen them all but on this device.

    It’s a little bit different because it’s just so unique. Normally you have to pay a lot more money to get something that is as brightly lit as this particular machine.

    Now the second thing that’s unique on this device is the screen. It’s a 144hz panel and for music production laptop that cost under a thousand bucks.

    This is not common normally with base models. You have to get 60-hertz screens and then upgrade them to higher refresh rates this comes with a good screen at the base model.

    So the overall package is pretty solid. The performance is good. It’s running a six-core Intel processor and a gtx 1650 ti so it’s not amazing. Right there’s obviously devices that push out a better frame rate. But considering the overall package, it’s very respectable.

    Now in terms of thermal performance,
    The machine has a ton of thermal headroom like this is the base model right. So it doesn’t have a particularly super hot graphics card. You can configure this up to an RTX 2070 max q so something that runs a lot hotter.

    It doesn’t get crazy loud or anything and you have nice control of those fans in the software. This is equipped with a gtx1650 ti i can’t be like this is the fastest machine out there.

    If you want the best performance go for it. It is usually the best stuff but sometimes RGBS make your heart sing.

    • Excellent Performance
    • Customize LED lighting
    • Sturdy Build
    • Responsive display
    • Decent keyboard
    • No webcam
    • No G-sync

    6: Acer Predator Helios (Best Protools Laptop)

    This has been a very popular laptop because of the specs you get for its price point.

    The RGB on the Helios 300 so if that’s not dedication. The design itself overall the design is pretty great and it feels very futuristic and the otherworldly styling is striking. But yet not overdone like many other music production laptops out there.

    It is not heavy considering the amount of tech it packs in the body and also considering the fact that it has a metal chassis which actually feels great.

    The touch and surprisingly the thermal efficiency is also pretty good and does not really heat up all that much In terms of the body temperatures itself.

    I love the chamfered accent as well as the slashed edges on the corners and the backlit logo and overall corners and the backlit logo.

    The overall build quality is really good and the hinge, in particular, deserves a special mention considering that it has little to no play at all.

    Especially if you’re using this on your lap this is something that you would extremely

    It has a very understated look but with the right amount of rgb lighting which means that this can look understated when you want.b But it can also light up a room and grab attention when you want the opposite coming to the keyboard experience.

    There is little to no deck flex which means that you can type fast, especially thanks to the short key travel and the spacing is also good.

    Although I would like to have little less machiners in terms of the feedback from the keys itself. As for the backlighting, I find it a bit on the dimmer side as well as the arrow keys and the predator keys which have special accents.

    In terms of the touchpad which is there below the keyboard, it is offset to the left side.

    But the overall experience is somewhat decent but not all that great. Considering that it has a bit of friction when you’re trying to move it and while it’s alright for editing use you can definitely use it for music production.

    The overall performance itself is good enough to make up for the few shortcomings.

    • Excellent 1080p performance
    • Super smooth screen
    • Space for Three storages
    • Cleaner Design
    • Chassis get toasty under load
    • So-so CPU performance
    • Sharp Corners

    7: Lenovo ThinkPad (Budget Laptops For Music Production)

    Thinkpad p1 gen 3 has a clean professional design. It’s the exact same design as gen 2 and I like it. It’s minimal but perhaps a bit conservative it’s got a pretty small trackpad by modern standards which is okay but it could be a bit smoother.

    It’s also got the trademark red pointing stick on everything pad. Along with three yes three mouse buttons.
    But if you’re doing the kind of work that needs three mouse buttons then what are you doing with a pointing stick. I honestly want to know to leave a comment.

    The keyboard on the p1 gen 3 is solid. Most Thinkpad keyboards are with the exception of the p1 gen 2 which had the worst keyboard I’ve ever used on a laptop.

    Our review unit also has a 4k OLED touchscreen display which to my eye is exceptional. But it does add an extra 600 bucks or so to the base model which has a 2k IPS display. There’s also which has a 2k IPS display. There’s also keeping big brother off your back.

    The weight of the p1 remains an impressively light 3.75 pounds. So make sure you hang on to it on a windy day perhaps best of all there’s a whole.

    This is an easy recommendation that’s our overview of the Lenovo ThinkPad p1
    gen 3.

    • Good performance for the price
    • Deep keyboard
    • Style-free zone
    • Low-quality screen
    • Lacks “all day” battery life

    8: Acer Aspire (Best Budget Laptop For Producing Music)

    It is a really good performer for not that much money. It starts at $800, but the $1,000 configuration gives you, in my opinion, the best bang for your buck.

    The cheaper loadouts will have less RAM, smaller storage, and a weaker CPU, It’s still playable, but you’ll need to drop you graphics quality or lower the resolution.

    Now, with good performance like this, you need to have a good cooling system, And to get inside to take a look, there are a bunch of screws. you have to pop off the bottom panel with a little force, nothing too bad.

    Inside, we’re looking at 2 heat pipes and 2 fans. They’re quiet on idle and are relatively quiet on load as well, but they do a good job cooling the components.

    There’s no real thermal throttling going on, even when running benchmarks and the temperatures in the keyboard area are comfortable.

    You also have space for a 2.5-inch drive, there’s no cabling or mounting hardware included.

    So the battery life isn’t long enough to bring this device out for the day without a charger and it takes around two hours to charge it up.

    As for the external aesthetic, The build quality is decent, The bottom panel is plastic, the keyboard area is plastic but very rigid. The hinge design is okay, it looks cool, and it helps give the laptop a cleaner aesthetic.

    But from my experience, laptops that use this kind of central hinge design, tend to wear it quicker. Overall, this laptop is great for music production.

    • Portable
    • Perfect. Looks
    • Mic is high quality
    • Not good for high-end games

    9: ASUS VivoBook (Best Laptop For Pro Tools 2023)

    The laptop has a silver brushed metallic look to it, both on the outside of the lid and on the inside. After dealing with a bunch of black laptops lately, I admit it was a nice change,

    The physical dimensions of the laptop are 38cm in width, 25.6cm in-depth, and 1.92cm in height.

    The total weight of the laptop is advertised at 1,990g, and when testing mine it weighed. It weighed very close to this. When including the power brick and power cable for charging.

    The total increases to around 2.5kg, so it’s fairly lightweight and portable for a 15 inch laptop.

    The screen here is a 15.6 inch 60Hz 1080p TN matte panel. The panel looks alright front on, but once you start looking from another angle the colours shift a little. and it doesn’t look as good. As long as you’re looking at it directly front on it looks fine.

    I don’t think I’d want to use it for content creation or design work, which is fine as that doesn’t seem to be where it’s targeted at anyway.

    I’ve also performed my usual backlight bleed test on the display, which involves having the laptop show a completely black screen in a dark room to help emphasize any bleeding around the edges.

    Underneath there are some air intakes to keep everything cool, as well as some rubber feet which both help prevent the laptop from moving around on flat surfaces when in use.

    Overall I thought it was a nice little laptop, it feels pretty solid, has decent battery life and is lightweight making it great for traveling with. The 1050 graphics make gaming even with more resources.

    • Classic Design
    • Convenient Keyboard
    • Very affordable price
    • Poor performance
    • Poor wide-screen image quality

    10: Alienware (Best Cheap Laptop For Hacking)

    This is their flagship model. It’s their biggest, it’s their baddest, it’s their most expensive.

    Just a quick hardware overview, it’s got an overclockable i7, GTX 1080, Tobii eye-tracking, that’s not something I would use very often, but it is there, it’s got four drive bays, it’s a beast.

    Before I get into the things that I do like about it, I want to talk about a few things that I don’t love about it. First, are the RAM slots, there are only two slots, so you can get up to 32 gigs of RAM.

    The second thing is the ports. It has a decent number of ports, but for a 17″ laptop, I feel like there could have been more USB ports.

    The third thing is the overclocking software. Like I mentioned before, it has an overclockable CPU, but there’s no “Alienware easy mode software”.

    There’s obviously a bunch of things that I do like,but I’m going to focus on three things that kinda really separate this laptop from the others in this space.

    First is build quality, of all the 17″ laptops in this price range, Alienware does it the best. They aren’t super thin or super light, but this thing is a tank.

    It’s got steel and magnesium on the inside, carbon fiber composite for the exterior, it just feels really durable.

    The Alienware lighting is also cool, light-up trackpads are always fun,the light strips on the side are especially cool. Now, I don’t think that this is a design for everyone, but I do think they’re made really well.

    The second thing I like is the performance. It’s running the Kaby Lake i7 7820 HK and a GTX 1080. The performance on this machine is obviously really nice,

    but any laptop with there components are going to deliver something similar. What make this laptop special is the thermal management. I don’t know if I got lucky with a really good thermal paste job,

    but I was ready to open it up, re-paste, and re-pad it, but looking at these temperatures, I’m not even going to bother.

    The fan noise on this system is good, I expected it to be loud because of the video card, it’s definitely not silent, and the fan often runs on idle, but under load, it’s quieter than most GTX 1080 laptops I’ve used.

    Overall, it’s a really good laptop, obviously, it’s super powerful, obviously, it’s very expensive, but if you’re in the market for something like this, like a really high-end, top-tier gaming laptop that you can competitively game with, take a look at this one, it’s pretty awesome.

    • Strong performance
    • Long battery life
    • High quality metal Chassis
    • Beautiful 4K display
    • Big bezels
    • Lackluster Speakers
    • Not as light as it’s competitors

    11. Dell G5 (Best Computer For Pro Tools)

    This is a budget pro tool system and the SE stands for the special edition of this laptop which in this case gives you this nice shiny lid.

    As well as an all AMD configuration that means there’s both an AMD GPU and CPU. In this model which is a pretty rare thing though becoming a little bit more common these days as a budget pro tool user system.

    The build quality is good, not amazing. It’s all plastic. The next shiny lid is good but otherwise. It’s pretty basic you’ve great an on the bottom and black plastic.

    Everywhere else the quality of the keyboard and touchpad is again good but not amazing. It feels satisfying enough to use and type on gives you everything you need.

    These thin bezels on the side are appreciated. All the bottom and the top bezels are a little thicker than some of the more sleek premium laptops that we’ve seen. Lately with the slightly
    thicker five-and-a-half pound chassis.

    It weighs in at roughly 5 pounds and has a height of 24.5 millimetres the g5 hinges have a smooth and durable feel.

    The g5’s premium build while also staying budget-friendly. The dell g515 features a backlit keyboard with a wasd and chassis lighting controlled by aimingware command centre, along with the lighting the keyboard features.

    This beast cool in the thermal department the g5 features a dual-fan cooling system perfect to help spread out the heat and keep your system cool during those intense music production.

    • Design
    • Budget Friendly
    • Technical Support
    • Customized
    • Warranty
    • Better Security
    • Innovation
    • Build Quality
    • Screen

    12. Asus Zenbook Pro (Best Laptop For Protools)

    The first true innovative, laptop technology that I’ve seen.They’re nice upgrades and stuff like that, but this is different This is a screen that’s built into the touchpad.

    You can run it as a screen-pad-thing where you’re running basically Asus apps and an Asus interface,

    You can pull it down and you’ll see stuff like your calendar, a number pad, So this keyboard doesn’t actually have number pad, but you can use the number pad feature on the bottom thing,

    A calculator and you have your Spotify music player & you have other apps that Asus can develop and put onto this screen pad interface. Now you can also run as a secondary display, which is actually pretty cool,

    It essentially is a smaller, secondary screen that you can just kind of use to drag-and-drop your programs, They have that touch bar at the top and I said this in my original review,

    but the utility of that strip, like the actual functionality of that strip, is pretty limited, and it’s highly dependent on the developer, so you need Adobe or whatever app you’re using,

    You need those developers to create functionality in that strip for the user, which is cool, but it’s not nearly as functional, or even practical.

    If you’re loading a premiere you can have like different palettes down there, If you want to watch videos like Twitch or YouTube, you can pop that window down there, and it’s just in a position where you can kind of keep tabs of whatever’s going on on the screen, without actually having it take the real estate of your regular screen.

    It’s nice, and you can run whatever application you want in this, So if you have like a security camera footage or if you’re running a remote access program,

    like whatever you want, you can just make it work, and that’s the thing, This is the best laptop for music production and my personal favorite.

    • Impressive Design
    • High contrast IPS
    • Excellent Keyboard
    • Battery backup
    • Reflective Display
    • No fingerprint sensor.


    Which laptop works best with pro tools?

    The following three laptops work best with pro tools:
    MacBook pro
    Lenovo Thinkpad

    What computer do I need for pro tools?

    The following specs you must check in a computer:
    Windows: Window 8( minimum)
    Window 10( maximum)
    Processor: Intel core i5
    RAM: 4 GB( minimum) 8GB( maximum)

    Can my laptop run pro tools?

    Windows. Intel system running Windows 8.1 64-bit or higher. Note: Windows 7 isn’t tried or upheld. 4GB of RAM; 8GB or more is suggested.

    Is Macbook Pro good for Pro tools?

    So the arrival of the 6-center MacBook Pro with 32GB of RAM support in 2018 and the significantly more late arrival of a 8-center MacBook Pro makes the MacBook Pro a substantially more engaging alternative for Pro Tools clients, particularly for the individuals who need a PC arrangement either as their primary or optional Pro Tools PC.

    Which laptop works best for Pro Tools?

    Any laptop with the required software can work better with Pro tools. Do select the software that better works with your laptop.

    Can Mac work better with Pro Tools?

    Yes, Mac can work much better with Pro Tools. All is needed to have software designed for pro tools.

    What kind of laptop do I need for Pro Tools?

    To run pro tools the minimum requirements are:
    Windows 10 or 11
    Core i5 or i7 processor 
    4GB RAM minimum (8GB or more recommended)
    Internet connection for installation.
    1280 Horizontal Monitor Resolution.
    15GB disk space for installation.


    A music producer always requires a laptop that can handle pro tools. Nowadays there are a lot of options in the market to choose from. But the thing is you can’t buy the best laptop for pro tools without proper guidance.

    Here, I have mentioned the top 8 best pro tools laptops you can buy. If you want to buy an ultra-performance laptop read it.

    And don’t miss any point. Are you ready to buy a new laptop?

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